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Sai Baba. The Challenge of Immersing Students in Quality Learning Environment. Toward the end of a learning exertion, a Learner ought to have the capacity to say ...

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Innovation ENHANCED LEARNING AND HIGHER EDUCATION OVER EDUCATION GRID K.R. Srivathsan, IGNOU Haryana Secretariat, Chandigarh March 29, 2009

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Aug. 2008 at IIT Guwahati, Dr. Manmohan Singh said "We are one of the most youthful countries and, as indicated by onlookers, India can possibly make more than 500 million prepared individuals by 2022 which is over a fourth of the worldwide workforce. The enormous open door for India would originate from an instruction upset that we should attempt as our most vital national attempt." The World of Education is experiencing a fast and calm change: How would we in India exploit this and integrate another structure of giving  It is a great opportunity to move from converses with activity in sending and utilizing e-Learning. E-Learning – From converses with activity

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SAD STATE OF OUR Education (higher/tertiary) diminished to showing classes against Board/college exams. No nimbleness in syllabus and understudies are "customized" like Artificial Intelligence Systems to "reply" questions! College instruction no longer LEARNING CENTRIC . Understudies guided for "devised" college examinations. Go for securing high pass rates, not advancing learning and grant. Great educators have little say. "Instructing" to get ready studnts for exams expels educator from drawing in understudies in Learning Activities Education not associated with advancements – be they in the logical or financial sense.  India's Int'l Math Olympiad rank tumbled from 25 th in 2007 to 31 st in 2008. China is 1 st , South Korea 2 nd ��  Why?

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A Shared Vision for Education Bill Readings (Harvard) in his 'College in Ruins': "The question postured to the University is in this manner not how to transform the establishment into an asylum for Thought however how to think in an organization whose improvement tends to make Thought increasingly troublesome, less and less fundamental (p. 175)." We require a dream that is edifying, financially incorporated into advancement and enabling. " QUALITY EDUCATION TO ALL, INDEPENDENT OF GEOGRAPHY." "ENABLE, EDUCATE AND EMPOWER EVERY CITIZEN AND COMMUNITY THROUGH KNOWLEDGE."  Most critically associate training to group strengthening and improvements – financial and in addition advancing qualities and grant.

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Towards rehearsing e-learning For more than 10(20?) years we discuss e-learning. A lot of Technology: Laptops and Netbooks, High top thumb drives, IP-TV, iPods, iPhones, GPRS, 3G, Broadband, Satellite, Virtualization, Green IT, and so on. Entire universe of new Internet administrations/applications: Google & regularly enhancing web indexes, Open Source frameworks, LMS, SCIENTIFIC DATABASES , Open Content, Open Access Publishing, ebooks, … Google's Slogan: "My other PC is a Datacentre ". Expanding span and Affordability.  Time to push forward from CONNECTIVITY & CONTENT to formal frameworks of Tech Assisted Learning, Teaching And Evaluation (TELTE) ��  Quality Assured Instruction.

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Global Evolution in E-Learning 1970s: Tutored Video Instruction by James Gibbons, Stanford. Satellite Instructional Television EXpt. (SITE) in India by Vikram Sarabhai/ISRO. 80s: More Television, Computer Based Training (CBT), then CDs, Evolution of Internet. Mid 90s: WWW and subsequent to: Sharing and Collaboration. Library Automation, Digitization. Late 1990s: Three urgent improvements: Learning Management Systems – WebCT by M. Goldberg of UBC, Group Collaboration and Document Management Systems, Rapid development of sites. In India, expanding CD based substance generation.

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Growth of TV and Satellite IGNOU built up the TV communicate with telephone in connections from its studios since late 1990s. Prof. AK Ray (IIT Delhi, later IIT Kgp.) starts classroom video recording of addresses ��  Later prompted to NPTEL video content era. Utilization of Web-CT and Low-cost video with mixed media combination and offbeat exchange gatherings at IIT Kanpur Educational Tech Services Lab. Edusat propelled in 2003. IGNOU and few restricted colleges (Anna, VTU, AVV) received – yet little effect in nature of training ��  lessons to learn when contrasted with its esteem in Telemedicine.

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2001 and after Inflibnet, UGC Infonet, e-Journals memberships and Online substance for the most part from outside India. Some substance digitization ventures, IT education (wrongly coordinated) preparing. After 2004 – Growth of Mobile and now Mobile Applications. National Program on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL) – proposed and executed by the IITs/IISc, subsidized by MHRD – first significant activity in instructively usable organized substance. Scattered substance activities, acceptance of e-learning stages – Black Board, Web-CT, Acado, and so on. Some office mechanization/ERP arrangements.

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Education Grid over Regional Broadband/ERNET or Internet Education Grid from IITK to IIITM-K Education Grid is a suite of frameworks and collective procedures over a system of establishments Resource Center 3 Scientific Portals College 2 College 1 College 3 Communication Gateway & Resource Center National Education Grid over Broadband ERNET/Internet (& EDUSAT? ) Network Resource Center 2 Computational Servers VISTA Programs Coordination Center College n College 4 Resource Center 1 E-Learning

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Malcolm Baldridge Parameters for Performance Excellence in Education Visionary Leadership Learning-focused Education Organizational and individual learning Valuing workforce, staff and accomplices Agility Focus on the future Managing for advancement Management by truth Public duty and citizenship Focus on results and making esteem Systems viewpoint Where are our Institutions, Universities and Colleges ? How would we fabricate a TELT Framework to bolster greatness?

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Leverage on Core Strengths of IGNOU rehearses a hearty arrangement of producing printed Self Learning Materials (SLMs) for the learners. SLMs are instructively organized, composed by prominent specialists. IGNOU's SLMs in different courses are comprehensively regarded furthermore utilized as a part of a few open separation instruction programs keep running by the state open colleges and others. Provincial Centers of IGNOU give basic coordinations support to Study Centers and supporting them for directing the contact classes and examinations.  IGNOU now confronts the test of fitting the above framework and its best practices in the Internet period.

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Prof. Vijay Gupta's Observations The out of date connection college setup, wherein the individual planning the course is very not quite the same as individual showing it, who again is not the one inspecting the understudies. The connection college set-up has totally dissolved the poise of an instructor. An educator in a partnered school today is a standout amongst the most unfortunate figures possible. He doesn't have any control on what he instructs. He doesn't have any control on what an understudy realizes, on the grounds that what an understudy realizes is controlled absolutely by what he is analyzed on. An outside examination framework chokes out any activities by the educator in enhancing the course or its conveyance. An extensive segment of our designing instruction foundation is driven now by absolutely childish business contemplations. A practically total nonappearance of staff with any energy for instructing. Actually, most have never observed what a decent instructor can do to energize understudies. Today, instructing is viewed as the last selection of callings by graduating understudies.

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Global Developments 2001+ Mostly determined by North America and Europe. MIT Open Courseware – spreading to a few colleges;  NPTEL from India having worldwide effect in Engg. Training. Open Access Publishing Movement: Large number of refereed open diaries; visit Open J-Gate. College Profs posting their substance, significant activities like the SOS Maths, Scientific Databases – Genomic, Google Earth, Wikimapia, Google Sky, Atmospheric, GPS related, Different territory particular, and that's just the beginning. Substantial number of region particular Discussion Forums, blogging,.. Significant colleges building up e-Learning as standard Infrastructure, e.g., NUS Integrated Virtual Learning Environment, Stanford Center for Professional Development, and so forth ��  E-Learning backing is regular.

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Global Developments 2001+ Contd. Development of Linux and Open Solaris, MySQL, PostGre and PostGIS, Sun's Datagrid, Growing Open Source Movement. Administrations Oriented Architecture, Open Standards in numerous areas, especially Data Standards. Wikipedia, Wikiversity, Wikieducator, K-12 development,, ��  Open Source Movement; Open Knowledge Initiatives. Gaming,, Virtual Reality, International joint efforts in Supercomputing Applications Major colleges building up e-Learning as standard Infrastructure, e.g., NUS Integrated Virtual Learning Environment, Stanford Center for Professional Development, CMU's Online Learning Initiative; Mexico's Technologico de Monterrey ��  Successful as open specialized training.

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Recall Kerala Education Grid Network of Education Servers crosswise over universities Resource Centers in head organizations. Create and keep up instructively stable refereed courseware in recognized subjects. Convey courseware over subject particular Course Knowledge and Collaboration Space in every subject over the system of Servers. Present an IT help layer in the University/Higher Education System.  Governed by quality administration of Content Development and Teacher Training Processes.

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Leverage on Core Strengths of IGNOU hones a hearty arrangement of producing printed Self Learning Materials (SLMs) for the learners. SLMs are instructively organized, composed by specialists. IGNOU's SLMs in different courses are universally regarded furthermore utilized as a part of a few open separation instruction programs keep running by the