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Brisk Links. Promethean Board Hookup Basics Connecting/Reconnecting (Red X) Calibrating the Board Projector Shuts Down and Cleaning FiltersReplacing a BulbBlurry or Distorted ImageRegistering ActivotesCleaning the Board NetworkInternet AccessEmail GroupsOrganizing EmailsResource Links.

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Deadly Error Technology Troubleshooting Created by Chenelle Zoerb Knik Elementary

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Quick Links Promethean Board Hookup Basics Connecting/Reconnecting (Red X) Calibrating the Board Projector Shuts Down and Cleaning Filters Replacing a Bulb Blurry or Distorted Image Registering Activotes Cleaning the Board Network Internet Access Email Groups Organizing Emails Resource Links

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Promethean Board

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Proper Hookup of Board

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Power Cable USB Cable

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Projector Hookup S-Video Connection Power Connection Power Cable USB Cable VGA Connection

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Connecting/Reconnecting the Board Connected Icon Disconnected Icon Option 1: Right tap on the symbol and select Settings . Pick COM 1 and select Connect . Choice 2: Try control cycling the board by unplugging all USB and power lines, holding up 10 seconds, and after that connecting them all back to.

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Calibrating Promethean Board Hover pen over the fire symbol on the upper left hand side of the board for around 3 seconds. Make sure not to tap the catch on the pen amid this procedure. The fire will turn red, then the board will start its adjustment succession. Utilize the pen to click in the focal point of each cross. Control Cable VGA Connection

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Projector Shuts Down If the projector close down out of the blue, it is because of overheating. You most likely have filthy channels. Due for cleaning Not due for cleaning Power Cable VGA Connection Overdue for cleaning Blocked

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Cleaning the Projector Filters Clean once per month, or after each fire bore.  Filter #1 Filter #2 Power Cable VGA Connection

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Replacing a Bulb Do not expel the globule cover until 45 minutes after power off. HOT!!!! Globule Cover Loosen Remove Loosen

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Blurry or Distorted Image If the picture is foggy then the focal point may should be cleaned. Utilize a dry, build up free fabric (not a paper towel). A skewed or misshaped picture can be settled by: Gently repositioning the projector's bolster arm to focus the picture Using the remote to alter the cornerstone. Take note of: The anticipated picture never totally fills the board.

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Registering Activotes Open Activstudio Click on Configure Tab

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Registering Activotes Click on Register Devices under Setup Activote Click Here

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Registering Activotes The Device Registration screen will be shown. Select USA Then snap Register (may need to move the Device Registration screen up)

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Registering Activotes An Activote is enrolled by pushing down the fire catch until the green bolt illuminates. At the point when a gadget is enrolled, it will appear here Click Stop when finished.

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Cleaning the Board To clean the board utilize a delicate fabric and EXPO white board cleaner, promise, or a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. All cleaners ought to be splashed on a fabric, not specifically onto the board.

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Internet Access If you can't get to the Internet… Did you sign on to the system accurately? Is the T-1 line firmly embedded into the PC – demonstrating a green light? Have you had a go at expelling and reinserting the T-1 line? Are different PCs in the school having a similar issue? Have you reached the workplace or IT to inquire as to whether the system is down?

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Email Groups If you wind up sending messages to similar individuals, make email bunches. A few recommendations are: 3 rd grade, 4 th grade, or 5 th grade (your group) Specialists Parents

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Email Groups Open your address book Click on Add Group Give the gathering a name

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Email Groups Click individuals to add individuals to the gathering. Whenever done, click affirm. 6. Gatherings will be marked in your address book with this symbol

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Organizing Email You can utilize the bureau to sort out your messages. It permits you to make envelopes for better association. Try not to give messages a chance to remain in your inbox. Either move them to the bureau or erase them.

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Organizing Email To make envelopes, right tap on Cabinet and select New Folder . After wanted organizers have been made, extend the bureau so you can see them. Open your post box and drag messages into the proper organizers. Afterward, open the envelopes to see spared messages. Drag

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Resource Links innovation/Promethean_ACTIVboard_Troubleshooting_Guide.doc ...