Innovation Topics 2005 CA1 - CA40 center

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´╗┐Innovation Topics 2005 CA1 - CA40 center BWH Anesthesia Clinical Conference August 31, 2005 James H. Philip, MEE, MD, CCE ┬ę Copyright 2005, James H Philip, all rights saved

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Our New Anes Machines

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Three Ventilator sorts at BWH Old molded Bellows development control Fresh Gas Flow decoupling Exhaled tidal volume input More

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Compensation for Compliance More

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Four Gas Sensor Technologies at BWH Turbine Flow Sensor Hot wire Anemometer Flow Sensor Differential weight over a hole Flow Sensor Ultrasonic Flow Sensor - MR-perfect More

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Sample Gas Return (SGR) and Leaks Older Ohmeda Anes Machines (Ohmeda Modulus 2 and SE) have SGR associated with CO2 Absorber port particular port is on Absorber yet practically in Expired Ckt Limb association is stamped Expiratory Airway Pressure Ohmeda Aestiva and Draeger Fabius have included connectors for SGR connector is chrome and associated with CO2 Absorber Exp appendage SGR can some of the time be associated with Scavenger Interface More

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CHARCOAL ANESTHETIC AGENT ABSORBERS Charcoal Absorbers can expel unstable specialists from profluent gas Outlying Anesthetizing Locations require inventive searching Charcoal Absorbers assimilate 50 g sedative Charcoal Absorbers ingest practically same sum that vaporizer conveyed More

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ALTITUDE EFFECTS ON VAPORIZERS Concentration Delivery Vaporizers and Flowmeters Partial Pressure Delivery Vaporizers Approximate Partial Pressure Delivery Vaporizers More

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FABIUS REQUIRES PRESS ROTARY KNOB TO CONFIRM - be watchful! Draeger Fabius requires you squeeze Rotary Knob to affirm vent settings Ohmeda Smart-Vent permits you to affirm Rotary Knob or unique Select catch Beware, Beware, Beware This is a test to every one of us

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OXYGEN RATIO CONTROL DIFFERES AMONG MACHINES Ohmeda Anes Machines (Ohmeda Modulus 2 and SE) Hidden Chain joins O2 and N2O needle valves Draeger Anes Machines (Fabius, Tiro, Narkomed, Future) Flow changes without anyone else's input when other stream is balanced More

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Negative Pressure Leak Test (NPLT) More

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Draeger Fabius Alarms can befuddle More

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Pre-Use Check Documents are accessible Every machine has its machine-particular pre-utilize check list appended Pre-Use Check is as a rule on chain at right back corner of Anes Machine Pre-Use Checks fluctuate somewhat from model to show Draeger Fabius is altogether different and included programmed ventilator adjustment Documents (Microsoft Word) are accessible a few spots

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Just say "no" to 100% O2 Cal 21% is important and adequate More

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Fabius has a Water Trap Between Ventilator and Breathing Circuit Water gathers here Keep it purge More

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All this pre-utilize check and utilize data is on Anesthesia Department Web Site And explore to Education/Educational Resources/Technology Matters Or go specifically to Special on account of Anes IS Team Jamie Bell , Dan Holtzman, Fred Donovan, Athena Dimas, and new Director, Bob Gimlich

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