Innovation Implications on Pedagogy Learning Styles

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Learning 3.0 Technology Implications on Pedagogy & Learning Styles Education … "ought to be turned around to fit in with the learner, as opposed to the learner to the framework." UK based NESTA FutureLabs contemplate by Supra Manohar, Executive VP-GBD Emantras,

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Web 3.0 What does it mean? We have not characterized Web 2.0 and now there is discussion of 3.0… "The Dataweb", semantic web – consistent interoperability and substance perusing by programming operators (RDF, OWL) Collaboration and collective sifting – FaceBook, YouTube, and web labeling (Flickr,, and so on) THE BEST WE CAN DESCRIBE Ubiquitous network - PDA's, handheld amusements, Wii, and so forth. 3D Environments – Second Life, there is even a Web3D Consortium… Network registering – programming as an administration, "cloud" processing … and considerably more it has not all been characterized need to Google to see what happened today.

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Learning Strategies & Pedagogy Generally acknowledged learning modalities are ordered underneath. Behaviorism , input and fortification Constructivism , rich media, recreations and immersive situations Informal or Situated learning , utilizing instruction as a part of "setting mindful" situations (in the field) Note: A great article tending to learning styles is "From Learning Styles to Learning Skills: the official abilities profile", Journal of Managerial Psychology, Vol 10, Number 5, 1995. profile.pdf Collaborative learning , recording and sharing in a flash

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Learning 3.0 Technologies Learning 3.0 Technologies LEARNING DESIGN Social Technologies Blogs Shareable situations Peer systems IM Collaborative Tools Wikipedia Google Docs Tagging, Ubiquitous Devices PDAs Wii iPods Etc.. Reenactment, Visualization & Gaming Environments Wii for reproductions Educational gaming Second Life Gapminder Access Search apparatuses Desktop availability

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Learning 3.0 Implications of Technology Behaviorism & COLLABORATIVE LEARNING Ability to make cooperatively (understudy & instructor) wrote assets Reinforcement when learners are responsive and in modes they might be more open to (associate fortification) Collective support to tag and give assets that might be significant Allegheny College on MySpace, understudies and the school additionally has a MySpace page Mixxer is a website that permits dialect understudies to discover and interface with voice-accomplices on the net with VoIP ADOPTION

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Learning 3.0 Implications of Technology CONSTRUCTIVISM Mobile gadgets permit content convenientce into "setting mindful" situations Multimedia conveys 20 times more "minutes on the message" Expanding social and societal encounters University of Minnesota altered the amusement Neverwinter Nights to rehearse investigative reporting Play2Train is a Second Life environment for bio-fear based oppression preparing Bradley University has a course on Second Life on field look into techniques ADOPTION

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Learning 3.0 Implications of Technology INFORMAL & SITUATED LEARNING Mobile gadgets permit content versatility into "setting mindful" situations Access to educative material through numerous gadgets without boundaries to get to Capturing learning minutes and situations SF Museum of Modern Art permits guests to utilize their cell phones to listen to podcasts of the sound visit Montclair State University understudies with GPS and web-empowered telephones get different scholastic, social, health, and security administrations Adoption

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Learning 3.0 Implications of Technology UBIQUITOUS & LIFELONG (INFORMAL) LEARNING Driving substance to the desktop (learning gadgets) The capacity to pursuit and get to learning bits (the SCORM heavenly chalice) and content New types of distributed content (eBooks for get to and perception devices like Gapminder breath life into measurable information) Expanding the participatory situations (shared article devices like Google Docs and Wikis) Adoption HALO is a gadget stage driving figuring out how to the desktop GAM3R 7H3ORY is an organized book with online prepublication design where perusers can include remarks ADOPTION

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Web 3.0 What does it mean? ? HOW DOES ONE ADOPT AND IMPLEMENT Be mindful of the instruments being utilized it will help as a part of outlining your learning material Multimedia and imaginative learning substance is right around a prerequisite not an extravagance No compelling reason to embrace all devices however receive ones that are well known and get utilized a great deal Realize that the learning minutes are did not limit anymore, information request is woven into our way of life Access is critical, making it accessible guarantees utilization Make it accessible in various arrangements (we can today) and permit the learner to make the most proper and favorable environment

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Education "… limited open door in the midst of vast potential outcomes … "

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References & Resources "Are you prepared for Mobile Learning?" Joseph Rene Corbeil and Maria Elena Valdes-Corbeil, Educause Quarterly Number 2 2007 New Media Consortium, 2007 Horizon Report, January 23 2007 Web 3.0, Wikipedia article Derek Baird, Musings on Social Media, Gen Y, Education Technology, Community & other Stuff (at … and some more…

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