Innovation Enhanced Reading Comprehension

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Innovation Enhanced Reading Comprehension Rosa Parks Elementary January 25, 2006

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Technology Needs Responding to Your Needs Differentiated Needs Increased Hardware and Applications Connecting Issues, Resources, Solutions

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Focus on the Focus Reading Comprehension ELL Support Special Education Support Analysis of Student Work Observations of Students at Work

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Welcome to the Digital Age! 57% of understudies (ages 7-17) utilize a home PC to finish school assignments 53% of instructors utilize innovation in their classroom guideline Virtually all schools are associated with the Internet 88% of schools keep up a site

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Welcome to the Digital Age! 20% youthful grown-ups (18-25) utilize Internet for wellbeing related data 40% understudies (7-17) sharpen aptitudes utilizing word preparing/desktop distributed projects at home Students utilize the Internet to interface online with groups (clubs, bunches, groups) 77% understudies (ages 7-17) in higher-wage homes utilize a home PC 29% understudies in families winning less that $15,000 every year utilize a home PC

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Conclusions U.S. kids are profiting from innovation empowered open doors When low-salary kids have entry to innovation, they utilize it in ways that improve their chances (download consider guides, look for restorative care, more inclined to post suppositions on issues) Measuring Digital Opportunity for America's Children: Where We Stand and Where We Go From Here

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Additional Reports Internet: The Mainstreaming of Online Life ( ) Children, the Digital Divide, and Federal Policy ( ) Teachers Talk Tech 2005: Tools for Teachers versus Tolls for Learning ( )

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Additional Reports Tech Tonic: Towards a New Literacy of Technology ( ) Generation M: Media in the Lives of 8-18-Year-Olds ( )

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Connecting Evaluating Inferencing Monitoring & Clarifying Predicting Questioning Synthesizing Summarizing Visualizing Cause & Effect Sequencing Compare & Contrast Reading Comprehension

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WebQuests PowerPoints Inspiration Digital Images Web Builders Quicktime Servers Streaming Online I-Search Download Podcasts Wikis E-buddies Blog Tech-Enhanced Learning

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WWW World Wide Web? Whatever, Whenever, Wherever! The New WWW can help us move understudies from utilization to activity and CrEaTiViTy!!! Boundless media is accessible… Search for what's Real, Rich & Relevant… and strike an adjust…

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Schools are stuck in the twentieth century. Understudies have raced into the 21st. In what capacity can schools get up to speed and give understudies a pertinent training?

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Shifting Gears Filter Information Interpret & Analyze Evaluate Sources Program , make Problem Solve Make Decisions Knowledge Base Connections Master Tools

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I Have a Dream… I say to you today, despite the fact that we confront the challenges of today and tomorrow, regardless I have a fantasy. It is a fantasy profoundly established in the American dream.I have a fantasy that one day this country will ascend and experience the genuine significance of its ideology: "We hold these truths to act naturally apparent: that all men are made equal." I have a fantasy that one day on the red slopes of Georgia the children of previous slaves and the children of previous slaveholders will have the capacity to take a seat together at a table of fraternity…

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Welcome to Room 3 Differentiated Instruction Web Research Digital Video Capture iMovie Quicktime Web get to

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Reflective Evaluation How would I be able to utilize innovation to improve perusing appreciation and understudy accomplishment? What are my arrangements? (composed reaction because of Grade-level Chair taking after today's Grade-level exchange)