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Innovation AND BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT GODISA TSHUMISANO Tshepo Motloung Manager: Technology Diffusion Department of Science & Technology

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Background Target – business and industry (different intercessions particularly intended to concentrate on occupation creation) Part of National SME system: reinforcing the economy by expanding the quantity of solid, fare situated little & medium measured endeavors Strong coordination with other government instruments in the SME field, eg DTI projects and great banding together so far with industry Challenges on the innovation front identify with limit of sending out firms to meet high specialized norms – not "advanced science" simply existing advances and capabilities that should be given something to do to empower SA organizations to partake on refined worldwide markets. Specialized guidelines could be wellbeing, security or item quality related. Openings exist for new organizations for items and administration not yet privately delivered or where there are still undiscovered markets or where our crude materials are being beneficiated abroad and we are bringing in the items back at high cost on account of the degree of the "outside" esteem include. DST

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Spectrum of SMEs Emerging, cutting edge end of range Biotechnology, ICT Mature, medium tech organizations Electronics, Performance chemicals, Minerals Metals & Textiles handling, Medical gadgets, Automotive segments – mechanical building Testing and related specialized administrations for fares Chemical examination and item details, material testing, security investigation DST

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Godisa is a Sotho word meaning development through supporting. The DST center in this program is on start-up innovation based organizations in the initial couple of years (0 to 3yrs) of operations The program was initially steered with DST profiting from the support of the European Commission DST

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Godisa focuses DST

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Godisa highlights SOFTSTART Fourteen business visionaries, ten inhabitant organizations (100% full) One completely dark possessed organization (2Big Mobile Solutions) – frameworks for information recovery/encouraged noteworthy contract with law implementation office (Jhb Metropolitan Police)/significant market advance in other SADC nations An all female organization (Columbiz) creating host to host interchanges programming focused at the correspondences business – guided by real retail bank in SA Two BEE organizations creating programming which underpins the coordination of office frameworks. DST

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Zenzela TDC has demonstrated the practicality of a model to illustrate, exchange and implant mining learning and innovation to little scale organizations and rustic groups. In spite of the fact that the area is not a simple one, with rather footloose organizations bouncing from dump to dump and never longer in one place than 5 years – there is plainly demonstrated interest for the administrations offered by the inside. DST

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Godisa highlights ZENZELE Supporting more than 900 little scale mineworkers on more than 70 ventures – making more than 300 new employments 65 – Copper mining – NC/expanded creation and offers of Nana Sun copper craftsmanship and inside decorations, bowls, containers, dishes and pots 200 – platinum recuperations – Springs/expanding yield by up to half New block making industry – EC/Ndwe Pilot to update mud - Ndwedwe DST

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Godisa highlights Chemin BM>3 100% BE undertaking Value-included Aloe Ferox Products (polysaccharide gel, alocin, aloin) Solicited outline of mechanical gadget to quickly separate squeeze and save Three brokers recognized (likewise does initial step focusing by bubbling until crystallization) Each go between can hold around 500 juice authorities Eastern Cape Analytical Center McClachlan and Lazar, PE Technikon, EnviroQuest (PDI staff to get introductory share alternative of 15%, develop to 60% dark claimed after some time) Offering complete scope of concoction logical administrations broadly and facilitate away from home [SA intensely ward of remote firms – Center can be created to benefit Africa] Other interests – CSIR BioChemTek, Aspen (pharmaceutical steadiness lab), Engen (petrochemicals lab), PE district (water examination lab). DST

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Tshumisano is a Venda/Northern Sotho word for organization. The DST center in this program is on utilizing an association relationship that advantages both technikons and existing little to medium measured innovation based busineses DST

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Tshumisano DST

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Tshumisano highlights PE Station – Automotive parts Feltex – advancement of a best in class motorcar seating dance/guaranteeing organization keeps flow send out contract - remained to lose 120 employments XMECO – improvement of new era welding firearm (coordinated weapon) to meet EU gauges/weapon 2kg lighter than some other comparative item – gathering time divided. Yenza – secured contract with VWSA/advancement of dance and apparatus for a sub-gathering Design and conceptualisation of an "innovative" mechanical autonomy station for utilization of against squeak paint to inside entryway boards for a nearby organization providing auto parts to BMW for fare purposes Khaya Engineering – contract readiness - supply of dunnage motor holders for VWSA/initial segment of agreement secured – 16 models to be sent to Brazil and Germany DST

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Left: Mr A Mtshwane (Khaya Engineering) Right: Dr D.G. Hattingh (Automotive Components Technology Station ACTS: PE)

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Tshumisano highlights Pretoria Station – Electronics Medi-tech Clothing/Messrs Benjamin Mamosebo, Lebo Mnguni, Mike Masil from Ga-rankuwa. Extraordinary outfit to facilitate the misery of people who have incapacities and others experiencing stroke, joint inflammation. Programmed porridge cooker/Mr Themedi Zwodangani from Orlando East – lessened assembling expense and plan of electronic control module. North West – Chemicals Phatsima Wax – Mrs Grace Kgomongwe/lack of M3M wax for fabricate of floor clean – reformulation and execution testing prompted to supplanting with blend of Sasol and Chinese wax. DST

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The Technology Station in Chemicals at Technikon North West TECHNOLOGY TODAY FOR A BETTER TOMMORROW IPHITHLELELE THEKENOLOJI GOMPIENO GORE O NNE LE BOKAMOSO JO BO EDILENG To be the main decision suppliers of the innovation and business needs of SMMEâs in the compound business PRODUCTS. Innovation Transfer by the station was as per the following: The venture group detailed a cleaning gel and a shower gel on a little glass measuring utencil scale. The items planned on an explanatory scale were then tried for pH, thickness, appearance and smell similarity. At that point similar items were fabricated on a vast scale in the customers producing vessel. The items made on a huge scale were likewise tried for pH, Viscosity, appearance and scent similarity.

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Knife Sharpener Aluminum throwing was made of the lodging. The last items will be made at the Technikon and the client will offer it. A harsh thought was taken and upgraded to have the capacity to duplicate this gadget in vast amounts. The first outline was a plate twisted and welded packaging in which a jewel belt keep running more than 3 pulleys. The pulleys was driven by method for a standard seat processor. The Technology Station in Metals & Manufacturing at Technikon Free State UNLOCKING HUMAN POTENTIAL THROUGH TECHNOLOGY AND CAPACITY BUILDING Improving the aggressiveness of innovation based organizations PRODUCTS. Sta Soft Bottle The client needed a dribble free jug. This implied an aggregate outline change on the top and neck of the current shape. A curved state of the top was outlined on the SLS.

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The Technology Station in Chemicals at Mangosuthu Technikon CHEMICAL TECHNOLOGY WITHIN REACH Accessible Technological Support to SMMEs fabricating Chemicals and Related Products to give and advance development methodologies and improve intensity. A more extensive scope of a portion of the beauty care products, family unit & modern cleaning items created by the station for SMMEs. Items. Cleaning Product plan being created in the research facility.

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The Technology Station in Clothing and Textile Technology at Peninsula Technikon TAILOR MADE SOLUTIONS IN CLOTHING AND TEXTILES TECHNOLOGY SMMEs at preparing, on work process forms & production line design. Giving backing to SMMEs in the Clothing and Textile industry to enhance development and aggressiveness. Items . Exhibit by Professor Liekweg of Germany at a Workshop held for preparing of garments SMMEs.