Industry-Managed Approach to Supplier Oversight

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"Industry-Oversaw Way to deal with Supplier Oversight". Charge Wagner, Overseeing Chief Execution Survey Organization. PRI Starting points. SAE. PRI. Benchmarks. OFF-Interstate. Air. NADCAP. Q-PASS. ISO/QS/AS Enlistment center. AUTO. Statement of purpose.

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"Industry-Managed Approach to Supplier Oversight" Bill Wagner, Managing Director Performance Review Institute

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Mission Statement The PRI Mission is to give worldwide, impartial, free assembling procedure and item evaluations and affirmation administrations to the portability business with the end goal of including worth, lessening all out cost, and encouraging joining between primes & providers.

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Elizabeth (Liz) Otis VP & General Manager Boeing, FAB Division Fred (Dick) Pocock Vice President Quality Assurance Honeywell Michael J. Dreikorn Vice President Quality Assurance Pratt & Whitney Peter G. Dersley Group Director, Reliability & Quality GM Corp. Jean Senecal Manager Supply Chain Quality GE Aircraft Engines Raymond A. Morris Executive Vice President SAE Joseph Cullen Director, Quality Rolls-Royce plc Christopher Hayes Director Of Material Quality & Technical Services Northrop Grumman PRI Board of Directors

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PRI Audit History

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Industry Managed Audit Standard & Checklist Process Evaluation/Improvement Auditor Qualification & Selection Corrective Actions As Required Audits Conducted Audit Results Industry specialists deal with every single key stride

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Government Agencies and Contractor Positions on PRI Qualification Programs

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Supplier Survey-Auditor Comparison PRI versus Government Auditors PRI versus Client Auditors

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Findings Range of Total Findings Over Audit History Heat Treating (14 Audits) 1.Job Audits (absence of shop train, self reviews not viable, client flowdown) 2.Temperature Uniformity Surveys 3.System Accuracy Tests 4.Quality Planning 1.Job Audits (absence of shop teach, self reviews not compelling, client flowdown) 2.Quality Planning 3.Metallography/Microhardness 4.System Accuracy Tests 5.Temperature Uniformity Surveys 1.Job Audits (absence of shop train, self reviews not successful, client flowdown) 2.Vacuum Furnaces

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Range of Major Findings Over Audit History Heat Treating (14 Audits) Findings 1.Job Audits (absence of shop train, self reviews not powerful, client flowdown) 2.Quality Planning 3.System Accuracy Tests 4.Temperature Uniformity Surveys 1. Work Audits (absence of shop train, self reviews not viable, client flowdown) 2.Temperature Uniformity Surveys 3.System Accuracy Tests 1.Job Audits (absence of shop teach, self reviews not successful, client flowdown)

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Supplier Metrics Escape Data (FY2000)

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Compliance Track/Electronic Auditing Future advancements in paperless inspecting review efficiencies drift examination (prepare, endorser, address) evaluator access to pertinent data practical correspondence between examiner, PRI, Task Groups

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Top Ten Areas of Nonconformances for Chemical Processing (16 Audit Reports)

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Supply Chain Management Strategic Intelligence Technical Auditors OEM Control Supplier Development Standardization first Tier Suppliers Subtiers Industry Managed NADCAP Northrop Grumman Lockheed Martin PRI Rolls-Royce Honeywell Boeing GEAE UTC "PRIMES Working Together to Improve Supplier Quality and Reduce Costs"

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Retired Lt. US Nuclear Submarines 17 Years as Director, Quality Baker Oil Tools 20 Years Third Party Audit Involvement Member US Delegation to ISO/TC 176 Donald Dukes

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Proven Benefits of ISO 9000/AS9100 Product Quality Improvement Conformance to Customer Specifications Improved Customer Satisfaction Reduce Costs Improve Bottom Line

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Registrar Selection One of the Most Important Decisions Survey and Interview Registrars Look for Partnership Signals Fact Finders – not Fault Finders

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PRI Registrar Accredited by: ANSI-RAB (Registrar Accreditation Board) – USA RvA (Raad voor Accreditatie) – Dutch Team way to deal with ISO affirmation Aerospace ensured evaluators Aerospace sagacious inspector base Teaching based examiner staff Partnering with customer An "Increase current standards" mindset