Indoor Water Protection

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Pantry. Spill Detection. City of Arlington Water Utilities. Water ... Water Saving Ideas for the Laundry Room. Water Efficient Devices for the Laundry Room ...

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Indoor Water Conservation Presented by Travis Andrews City of Arlington Water Utilities

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Indoor Water Conservation Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Practice Simple Water Saving Techniques Repair Leaks and Replace Faulty Equipment Install Water Efficient Devices

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Indoor Water Conservation Kitchen Bathroom Laundry Room Leak Detection

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Water Saving Ideas for the Kitchen

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Water Saving Ideas for the Kitchen Water Efficient Devices for the Kitchen Faucet Aerators blend air with water, diminishing the measure of water utilized without influencing the weight Water Efficient Dishwashers Use 5-7 gallons of water for each wash 1.5 (gpm) Faucet Aerator

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Water Saving Ideas for the Kitchen Practice Water Saving Techniques Scrape nourishment from plates as opposed to washing Operate programmed dish washers just when full Don't utilize running water to defrost meat, defrost sustenance in the icebox Wash vegetables and natural products in a bowl, don't give water a chance to run Capture tap water while sitting tight for boiling hot water

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Water Saving Ideas for the Bathroom

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Water Saving Ideas for the Bathroom Water Efficient Devices for the Bathroom Faucet Aerators High Efficiency Toilets (HETs) Old toilets utilize 5-7 gallons for every flush, more current models utilize just 1.28 (gpf) a reserve funds of 27,000 gallons for each family Low Flow Showerheads Can spare more than 2 gallons of water for each moment 1.28 (gpf) Toilet Low-Flow Showerhead

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Water Saving Ideas for the Bathroom Practice Water Saving Techniques Turn off water while brushing teeth, spare 4 gallons for every minutes – 200 gallons week for a group of 4 Take shorter showers (5 minutes) Turn water off while shampooing and molding Place a pail in shower to gather overabundance water to inundate plants Avoid flushing pointlessly, put bigger things in a waste wicker container (tissues, bugs, and so forth,)

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Water Saving Ideas for the Laundry Room

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Water Saving Ideas for the Laundry Room Water Efficient Devices for the Laundry Room High Efficiency Washing Machines A high-productivity clothes washer lessens vitality use by up to 70% and water use by up to half Front – Loaded High Efficiency Washer

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Water Saving Ideas for the Laundry Room Water Saving Practices Only wash full loads Wash delicates by hand

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Additional Water Saving Ideas On-Demand Hot Water System Demand (tank less or momentary) water radiators give boiling hot water just as it is required Heaters warm water specifically without the utilization of a capacity tank Pressure Reducing Valves Reduces the general water weight in a home Gray Water System Install a framework to gather wastewater from sinks, showers, bathtubs, and clothes washer for water system

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Leaks Water Loss Common Leaks Testing Solutions

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0.10 0.25 0.75 1 3 5 10 1 7 1,008 14 21 31 Leaks = Waste Leaks in gallons every moment Days 144 360 1,080 1,440 4,320 7,200 14,400 2,520 7,560 10,080 30,240 50,400 100,800 2,016 5,040 15,120 20,160 60,480 100,800 201,600 3,024 7,560 22,680 30,240 90,270 151,200 302,400 4,464 11,160 33,480 44,640 133,920 223,200 446,400

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Common Leaks

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Common Leaks Washing Machines Leaky supply hoses, inside hoses, a broken pump and exhausted tub fittings are basic issues Common Leak Locations

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Troubleshoot for Lost Consumption "Time" the Meter Sprinkler System Reading Test for Water Leaks Private Cut-Off Valve Before & After Readings Food Coloring Test

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Leaks Check all water-utilizing apparatuses, hardware, and different gadgets for holes. Repair Leaks/Replace Faulty Equipment Follow the 5 stages in the Lost Consumption Chart Time the meter Take a perusing on the sprinkler framework Take prior and then afterward perusing when go out. Check for noiseless latrine spills. Utilize the private cut-off valve.

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