Individual reflections on my Ofsted years [1991 2006] Andrea Tapsfield

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1991 Early days as an ITT HMI . HMI welcomed into colleges Dual framework existed Inspections of ITT were genuinely relaxed issues Teacher preparing was supplier-driven CATE

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Individual reflections on my Ofsted years [1991 – 2006] Andrea Tapsfield

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1991 Early days as an ITT HMI welcomed into colleges Dual framework existed Inspections of ITT were genuinely relaxed issues Teacher preparing was provider driven CATE – Council for the Accreditation of Teachers What was geology ITT like in the mid 90s?

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Quotes about topography from an inner write about Secondary PGCE courses in 1991 Courses are very much outlined and give fitting and satisfactory arrangement to the geology National Curriculum Many geology understudies take topography as a moment subject The part of geology in connection to ecological training, financial comprehension and the utilization of IT is by all accounts increased in value by most mentors A couple of understudies were in offices with no plan of work and where direction on supervision of understudies was lacking Students were urged to peruse generally High turnover of expert staff through retirement. In 33% of the divisions went by, staff were in their first year in post.

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1991 give an account of the effect of Circular 24/89 on the preparation of grade teachers for humanities The Circular obliged understudies to be prepared to show all the NC center and establishment subjects Time for educational programs courses in both BEd and PGCE misses the mark concerning what is required for the sufficient readiness of understudies planning to instruct the NC in schools In geology, a few instructors had practically no experience of the essential age assembles In most PGCE courses, subject application is either truant or managed through the composition of an expanded article Main discovering - the nature of support for the NC inside elementary schools is probably going to be influenced antagonistically if subject application keeps on getting the meager consideration and low need that it right now gets

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New educator in school study 1991-1992 New essential educators considered their preparation gave inadequate scope of non-center subjects New essential educators' subject specialisms were under-used. The review uncovered a strain between the SoS accreditation criteria for ITT and the desires of schools. Just 8% of HT looked at that as a subject specialism was an imperative standard while selecting another instructors. Indeed, even into the third term of the NQT year, heads were not sure of the instructor's subject specialism Recommendation: Primary preparing later on should give more consideration regarding establishment subjects if new educators are to feel sensibly all around arranged to cover the National Curriculum

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1991 to 1996 All change! Jan 92, Kenneth Clarke reported he needed 80% of ITT to occur in schools – SCITTs in 1993 Circular 9/92 indicated skills for the results of auxiliary preparing HMI were moved from the DFE; Ofsted was made in 1992 The SoS kept in touch with HMCI "your standard reviews will be the cornerstone of strategies to guarantee the proceeded with change of ITT" HMI and the HEFCE consented to participate in surveying ITT - appended overseers selected In January 1992

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1991 to 1996 All change! Essential preparing was not insusceptible from change – C14/93 presented the six-subject BEd In 1994 the Teacher Training Agency (TTA) was built up A quality system with "teeth" was presented A "troublesome" relationship between TTA officers and HMI through the majority of the 90s, with foundations got in the center.

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The 90s were a period of ITT extension of spots yet the late 90s saw an enlistment emergency

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Subject examination treadmill 1996 – 2002 The measure of investigation movement climbed forcefully Expectation all courses will be "great" The quality review from assessment directly affected financing assignments. Essential courses assessed at regular intervals in proficiency and numeracy 7 essential geology courses were investigated These examinations demonstrated that there were stressing highlights which undermined the maintained arrangement of a pool of very much qualified topography authorities.

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Subject examination treadmill 1996 – 2002 In optional there was the individual assessment of subjects by pros. The new approach and technique brought profound trouble through the segment Virtually consistent examination for a few suppliers The late 1990s likewise observed more noteworthy differences in arrangement – quick track, adaptable courses, GTP.

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Geography optional courses review results 1996 - 2002

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2002 – 2006 Management rules! The concentration of investigation has moved once more Whole course examination, with administration and quality affirmation to the fore The trendy expression has been 'decreasing the weight' Only an extent of the subjects in a supplier are reviewed.

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Looking back – looking forward Substantial change in ITT quality Excellent partners in the HMI group. Have we been "intense however reasonable"? I have appreciated some moving sessions. Students have better and better. Issues remain – low maintenance coaches, RAE does not profit PGCE quality, low compensations Geography ITT has picked up from association with schools Where next? - Recent TDA concentrate on subject learning -Management/QA investigation -review the allotments irregularity? Lastly – much appreciated