Incredible Web 2.0 programming

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Google Adwords. Website page Preview. Snap. Online Office. ZOHO Office Suite ... Google Analytics. Google Adwords. Offers pay-per-snap publicizing. Contenders: Snap ...

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Incredible Web 2.0 programming D95922007 張經略 D95922015 曾思�� 

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Outline What is Web 2.0 Characteristics of Web 2.0 Some awesome Web 2.0 virtual products Google Adwords Snap Preview SOHO Office Suite Google Analytics

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What is Web 2.0? Changes in the ways the Web is utilized Emphasizes online coordinated effort and sharing among clients

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Characteristics of Web 2.0 (1/3) Network as a stage Services, not bundled programming Web applications resemble desktop ones Ajax v.s. static HTML content: page-reloading issue

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Characteristics of Web 2.0 (2/3) Harnessing aggregate insight Wikipedia , , community oriented spam sifting, , blogging, RSS, permalink Web locales are not any more segregated data storehouses

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Characteristics of Web 2.0 (3/3) Continuous and consistent upgrade of programming and information The interminable beta, clients as constant analyzers or co-engineers

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Great Web 2.0 Softwares Advertisement Google Adwords Webpage Preview Snap Online Office ZOHO Office Suite Web Site/Blog Analytics Google Analytics

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Google Adwords Offers pay-per-click promoting Competitors:

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Snap Preview A Web 2.0 administration Succinct and exquisite capacity on your web An alternate showcasing point of view Quite simple to utilize

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Snap Preview: Business Strategy Provide the review benefit Snap Web Provider Advertisement impact Use the see benefit User

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ZOHO Office Suite Easy to join interface Easy to share the report in the web Lots of various capacities

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Google Analytics To dissect your client about: How they discover your site How they communicate with your site Provide the data for you to enhance the site then you'll have more clients