Imaginative Practice In Using ICT Working Together To Improve The Patient Journey

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Inventive Practice In Using ICT Working Together To Improve The Patient Journey Dr Roy Harper Consultant Physician and Endocrinologist The Ulster Hospital (SET) Visiting Professor, School of Computing and Mathematics, University of Ulster

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I Can't Function Now Without ICT

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Passionate About ? e-wellbeing/telehealth/telemedicine will change human services (perpetual infection) Admired models Feel for this future Pilots up and running Integrating new methodologies into clinical care Developing and testing "models"

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University of Ulster Faculty of Computing & Engineering School of Computing and Mathematics in a joint effort with - Using ICT viably to improve tolerant care

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Diabetes in the UK is Increasing Ards 3.4% North Down 2.9% EHSSB 3.1% Adapted from: 1. Diabetes UK. Diabetes in the UK 2004 . Diabetes UK, London, 2004. 2. Diabetes UK. Condition of the Nation 2005. Diabetes UK, London, 2005.

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The News is Good Complication rates can be lessened utilizing ebb and flow medicines Shortfall as a part of future can be decreased Patient self-administration is the key Supported by all around sorted out nearby diabetes mind administrations

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The Answer Lies in Self-Management Patient Empowerment through Patient Education & Training prompting to Patient "Specialists" Reliable state-of-the-art data and normal criticism on advance – essentials in empowering viable self-mind in diabetes

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The Challenge of Diabetes Sheer numbers Care now complex Too little time No escalated continuous info/bolster Large measures of self care information however… … Limited capacity to accomplish remedial targets Infrequent restorative mediations

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ICT can help in such a variety of ways Supporting Patient Education Direct Patient Monitoring and Support Clinical Information and Management Systems Promoting Healthy Living/Disease Prevention

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Patients progressively need (and request) prepared access to input on their advance with guidance from HCPs Ongoing Support and Regular Feedback on Progress

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Home (self) observing innovations can change scene driven wellbeing administrations into a relationship based continuum of care E A Balas 1999

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Evidence that "Telehealth" works? Enhances results - counteracts hospitalization, enhances QOL, enhances wellbeing status Economically feasible Improves patient (and HCPs) fulfillment The ideal opportunity for "pilots" is over

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Transformation from Industrial Age Medicine to Information Age Connected Healthcare Industrial Age Medicine Information Age Medicine Individual Self-Care Transformation Through Cost-Effective Use of Information & Communication Technologies Friends and Family Person Community Networks Community Professionals as Facilitators Primary Professionals as Partners Secondary Professionals as Authorities Tertiary Source: Adapted from Malaysian Telemedicine Blueprint

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Let's Develop Better Solutions Diabetes gateway – web Virtual diabetes center Linked (characteristic) Glucometer E-glucose journal with input Store and forward Decision bolster Alerts to carers/HCPs Physical movement screen Medication updates Phone, Music, Camera, Health Monitor Etc… ..

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Lets Get "Associated" See e-wellbeing/telehealth/telemedicine change social insurance (unending malady) Share the vibe for this future Stop looking at getting 'pilots up and running' Integrate new methodologies into clinical care Develop, test, and advance better arrangements Seek out teammates Seek out bolster Share our ability

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Thanks For Your Attention Jonathan Wallace Roy Harper