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Inventiveness from Business Perspective RADEK � PICAR EXTERNAL AFFAIRS DIRECTOR � KODA AUTO, a.s. PRAGUE 03/27/2009

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2009 - Year of innovativeness and advancement G ood decision Future intensity Made in … versus I nvented in … Significancy of thoughts and inventiveness New rising stars (Research ventures development in China 25% annualy) Financial emergency and monetary subsidence Need to be imaginative and creative Innovation and Creativity as „sine qua non" for future champs

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OBSTACLES in training Character and nature of optional instruction No ente r prene u rial abilities No delicate aptitudes and inventiveness traditional instructing approaches in view of direct instruction or addressing are no more drawn out sufficient Character and nature of tertiary instruction Low notoriety of specialized subjects Too much specialization-degree tyranny Lack of professionals, excessively hypothetical enduring disengagement of colleges from organizations is no more drawn out sustainable

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C ASE STUDY: � KODA AUTO BASIC FACTS: Biggest privately owned business in the Czech Republic Over 2 6 .000 employe e s around the world (CZ, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, India, China) Over 100 markets Biggest R & D private speculator in the Czech Republic: -approx. 1700 representatives - yearly costs 230 mio EUR - outline grants champ Skoda Joyster: National Design Award Winner 2007

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C ASE STUDY: � KODA AUTO � KODA AUTO & colleges: Cooperation with 5 greatest specialized colleges from the entire nation Positive part of auxiliary assets � KODA AUTO & Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague Strange associates: Industrial organization and Arts school Beginning: Clash of civic establishments Cooperation in innovative/plan focus Now extremely effective: win-win circumstance

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C ASE STUDY: � KODA AUTO Project Fit 2 Age : I nternational extend went for particular needs of more established drivers Students brought hopefulness into the arrangement – different guides for elderly individuals, as well as go for grandchildren, pets, side interests – basically their entire life Results will be utilized as a part of planning solid measures in new cars

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THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION . Radek � picar radek.spicar @