If you don't mind Turn Off Cell Phones and Pagers

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If it's not too much trouble Turn Off PDAs and Pagers. NDMS Logistics Working Gathering. NDMS Gathering May 2005 Orlando, Florida. Bounce Daley Director Emile Delegram GA3-DMAT. NDMS Logistics Working Gathering. NDMS Logistics Working Gathering. Bolster Groups for Arrangement: DMAT, DMORT, VMAT, MSuRT, and USAR

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It would be ideal if you Turn Off Cell Phones and Pagers

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NDMS Logistics Working Group NDMS Conference May 2005 Orlando, Florida Bob Daley Chairman Emile Delegram GA3-DMAT

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NDMS Logistics Working Group

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NDMS Logistics Working Group Support Teams for Deployment: DMAT, DMORT, VMAT, MSuRT, & USAR Training: Identify preparing needs Present needs to Training Working Group Transportation: Meeting concerns and needs of operational groups

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Logistics Work Group Personnel Bob Daley MSuRT East Logistics Chief Val Deutsch FL-5 DMAT Communication Officer Brody Hubbard AR-1 DMAT Logistics Chief

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Logistics Work Group Personnel Kay Brooks FL-1 RN Cache Development (Medical Equipment) Terry Tackett Cache Development (Field Equipment)

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Logistics Work Group Personnel Emile Delegram GA-3 Logistics Trucks ( Storage, Equipment) Ron Prainito NY-2 Logistics Chief Insignia

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Bob Daley - MSuRT Logistics Chief Chairperson Pharmacy reserve

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Goals Status Ordering convention Pending criticism BoO Fire quencher Submitted to NDMS In-travel Med Pack Moved to OWG for remarks

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Val Deutsch FL-5 Communication Officer Communications Truck radios Computers

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Goals Status Radio perfectly Reprogramming position Communication Tabled pending input hardware pressing Commo Sub Group In Progress

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Labeling Brody Hubbard AR-1 Logistics Chief

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Load Plan

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Goals Status Cache Labeling Submitted to NDMS Load arrange In advance Deployment agenda Presented to amass for endorsement

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Medical Equipment Development Kay Brooks RN, FL-1 DMAT

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Medical Equipment Development

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Goals Status LP-12 Battery Protcol Company reps to display preparing at conf. i-STAT upkeep Company reps to exhibit preparing at conf.

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Emile Delegram GA-3 Logistics Trucks: FEMA Rolls Out $6 Million New Truck Program To Enhance Disaster Response

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FEMA Truck Storage Recommendations These things are fundamental proposals for the capacity prerequisites of FEMA issued trucks for DMAT groups. The things can be conformed to group's needs and areas.

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Goals Status Building Requirements to MWG for survey New Trucks Deliveries finish and any issues tended to and revised

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Terry Tackett Cache Development (Field Equipment) Tents Maintenance

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Goals Status Air molding units Purchased by FEMA

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Ron Prainito NY-2 Logistics Chief Insigna

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Goals Status Color Khaki Navy Insignia NDMS Logo

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Process Conference calls month to month E-mail relate with new data or updates Recommendations Web Pages: Meeting Place ( www.meetingplace.fema.gov ) DisasterHelp (www.disasterhelp.gov/entrance) Present thoughts to Management Work Group Set need things

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Priority Items Labeling holders in reserve DMAT vehicle stack arrange New trucks (stockpiling, upkeep, radios and safety gear) Fire quencher convention Develop an interchanges sub-board i-STAT upkeep convention

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Conclusion Bring thoughts from working gathering to need status Present thoughts to Management Work Group for approval Recommendations from groups on necessities

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FEMA Support Staff Robert Bishop Buddy Bell Jennifer Halpern Marc Tyler

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Logistics Work Group Liaison Send any correspondence to: Bob Daley - Chair E-mail Address: robert.daley1@dhs.gov

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Invitation to Participate … NDMS everywhere individuals wishing to serve on a particular WG: Submit names with a short resume to their Team Commander for endorsement Forward rundown to MWG contact Selection as indicated by current needs Criteria for task may include: Region, group sort, particular expertise set

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