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Two months before September 11 Osama canister Laden traveled to Dubai for 10 days for ... Saudi Sheik Khalid canister Mahfouz, an Osama receptacle Laden promoter, has washed ...

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AMERICAN PATRIOT FRIENDS NETWORK presents… . 9/11/01 Attack on America Part 2 9/11 Commission Report Cover-Up Audio: Movie/SOUND: FLASHPOINTS Radio

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Author David Ray Griffin "The New Pearl Harbor" Movie/SOUND: FLASHPOINTS Radio Monday, December 27, 2004

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9/11 Commission Report Omissions & Distortions Dennis Bernstein of FLASHPOINTS radio & David Ray Griffin (12/27/04)

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David Ray Griffin, creator & Theologian

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The New Pearl Harbor http://www.thinkingpeace.com/Lib/lib104.html

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Full Report: http://a257.g.akamaitech.net/7/257/2422/05aug20041050/www.gpoaccess.gov/911/pdf/fullreport.pdf

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6 Hijackers Still Alive. http://thunderbay.indymedia.org/news/2002/12/2373_comment.php http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hey/world/middle_east/1559151.stm

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9/11 Commission Members Thomas H. Kean Chair Lee H. Hamilton Vice Chair Richard Ben-Veniste Commissioner

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9/11 Commission Members Jamie S. Gorelick Commissioner Fred F. Handling Commissioner Slade Gorton Commissioner Bob Kerrey Commissioner Timothy J. Roemer Commissioner John F. Lehman Commissioner James R. Thompson Commissioner

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Philip D. Zelikow Executive Director of 9/11 Commission Philip D. Zelikow is Executive Director of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States >>>

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Philip D. Zelikow (Cont'd) Kristen Breitweiser , a 9/11 dowager, demands Zelikow has a "clear struggle of interest." And she presumes he is in contact with Bush's political counselor, Rove, which she says would clarify why the White House conceded him, alongside only one other commission official, the best access to the insight instructions Bush got a month prior to the 9/11 suicide hijackings . http://www.disinfopedia.org/wiki.phtml?title=Philip_D._Zelikow

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Philip D. Zelikow (Cont'd) Is Fix in at 9/11 Commission? Indeed, even under vow, Rice can evade intense inquiries by asserting her answers would endanger national security or the war on fear. Zelikow has individual, proficient and political reasons not to see the commission consider Rice and other Bush authorities responsible for pre-9/11 failings >

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Philip D. Zelikow (Cont'd) #1. He and Rice worked firmly together in the main Bush White House as associates to previous National Security Adviser Brent Scowcroft. #2. A couple of years subsequent to going out, Zelikow and Rice composed a book together >>

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Philip Zelikow: Once Condi Rice's Former Aide, Now Director of the 9-11 Commission http://hnn.us/roundup/remarks/4565.html More : http://www.apfn.net/messageboard/09-05-04/discussion.cgi.8.html

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Condoleezza Rice protects White House on 9/11 Condi made a joke of her pledge … .and escaped with it.

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Hijackers Still Alive. Osama canister Laden

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Mohammed Atta not a Devout Muslim Mohammed Atta and Co. went to a bar in Florida three days before the assault—and got tipsy. Witnesses affirm that Atta and a few of alternate criminals heaped into a bar called Shuck 'Ems in Opa-Locka and set away around six blended beverages each. Toward the end of the night, Atta whined about the bill, notwithstanding undermining not to pay. "They were pretty wasted," the barkeep reviewed.

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Hani Hanjour, aerobatic fly pilot? Hani Hanjour Alleged flight 77 (Pentagon) pilot Hani Hanjour had a  history of awesome challenges in his endeavors to figure out how to fly. As late as Aug. 2001, he was not able show enough steering aptitudes to lease a Cessna 172. http://www.911-strike.com/remote_skills.htm

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Hani Hanjour & Flight 77 However, air activity controller Danielle O'Brien, who followed the radar motion from Flight 77, expressed that it was flown like a warrior fly. http://www.911-strike.com/remote_skills.htm

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CIA operator asserted to have met Bin Laden in July/01 Two months before September 11 Osama canister Laden traveled to Dubai for 10 days for treatment for a kidney ailment at the American healing center, where he was gone to by the neighborhood CIA specialist, as indicated by the French daily paper Le Figaro. http://www.guardian.co.uk/waronterror/story/0,1361,584444,00.html http://www.rense.com/general16/bin.htm

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TIA now checks flight of Saudis The administration has since quite a while ago denied that two days after the 9/11 assaults, the three were permitted to fly. St. Peterburg Times: http://www.sptimes.com/2004/06/09/Tampabay/TIA_now_verifies_flig.shtml

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Sept. 13, 2001: Two days after the Sept. 11 assaults with the vast majority of the country's air activity still grounded, a little fly arrived at Tampa International Airport, grabbed three youthful Saudi men and left. ( 4pm on Sept. 13, 2001 in entire infringement of the close down. Unless there was White House approval) The men, one of them thought to be an individual from the Saudi illustrious family, were joined by a previous FBI specialist and a previous Tampa cop on the flight to Lexington, Ky. >>

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Sept. 13, 2001: The Saudis then removed another flight from the nation. The two ex-officers came back to TIA a couple of hours after the fact on a similar plane. http://www.sptimes.com/2004/06/09/Tampabay/TIA_now_verifies_flig.shtml

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The container Ladens' Great Escape How the U.S. helped Osama's family leave the nation after 9/11… . FBI representative, is unyielding. "We were given full access to the people on that plane," he says, "and we were fulfilled that we didn't trust any of those people had anything to do with the 9/11 plots." >>> http://www.nationalreview.com/york/york091102.asp

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The canister Ladens' Great Escape (Cont'd) A year after 9/11, ought to U.S law authorization ever require them, specialists will know where they are — in Saudi Arabia, out of reach. Full story: http://www.nationalreview.com/york/york091102.asp

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FBI and military insight authorities in Washington say they were kept for political reasons from completing full examinations concerning individuals from the Bin Laden family in the US before the fear based oppressor assaults of September 11. http://gregpalast.com/detail.cfm?artid=103&row=1

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Ties between the Bush and Bin Laden families The Bush and Bin Laden families have had relations for more than 20 years. http://www.tvnewslies.org/html/bin_laden_ties.html

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+The GW Bush - Osama Bin Laden Connection James R. Shower, companion and neighbor of George W. Shrub, was utilized as a money channel from Osama container Laden's rich father, Sheik receptacle Laden, to set George W. Bramble up in business, as indicated by respectable sources from the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times. http://www.scoop.co.nz/bricklayer/stories/HL0109/S00108.htm

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Bin Laden's Brother-in-law Had Close Ties to Bush Saudi Sheik Khalid receptacle Mahfouz, an Osama canister Laden advocate, has laundered cash into duty absolved U.S. elements for a considerable length of time as a remote agent of fear based oppression. Shrub Financier & Osama Bin Laden's Brother In Law http://www.scoop.co.nz/bricklayer/stories/HL0208/S00148.htm

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Saudi Sheik Khalid container Mahfouz is additionally connected by marriage to fear based oppressor Osama receptacle Laden, as Mahfouz's sister is hitched to the Al Qaeda pioneer . MORE : http://www.scoop.co.nz/artisan/stories/HL0208/S00148.htm

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Does George W. Shrubbery Have Something To Hide? Mahfouz's past additionally incorporates business dealings with George W. Hedge, having put $50,000 in the more youthful Bush's first organization, Arbusto Energy, through his U.S. agent James R. Shower, a flying machine specialist and companion of Mr. Shrub from their days together in the Texas Air National Guard . (Money Street Journal) http://www.scoop.co.nz/bricklayer/stories/HL0208/S00148.htm

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Bush – Laden Connection Most of Bath's investments....were truly fronts for Mahfouz and different Saudis associated with the Bank of Credit and Commerce (BCCI). >>>

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Mahfouz paid the senior Bush's family companions $200 million at the base of the land crash, when business office space couldn't be given away. http://www.scoop.co.nz/artisan/stories/HL0208/S00148.htm

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SAUDIS-U.S. DEALINGS Saudi-based tycoon Rafik Hariri, likewise over-paid Florida Senator Bill Nelson $2 million more than the evaluated esteem to purchase his McLean, Virginia home in 1989 … . representing the entrance of Saudi money related defilement in Congress. Florida Sen. Charge Nelson http://www.scoop.co.nz/bricklayer/stories/HL0208/S00148.htm

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The world's most needed, has business associations with George Bush. http://www.scoop.co.nz/artisan/stories/HL0208/S00148.htm

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Khalid canister Mahfouz and different Saudis have been monetarily connected to psychological militant Osama receptacle Laden has been checked by U.S. Knowledge; yet that in any case, the earnestness of current occasions forces an extra mindfulness and comprehension of the receptacle Laden supporter's unusually broad money related relationship with Houston, Texas substances – and intense open people. http://www.scoop.co.nz/bricklayer/stories/HL0208/S00148.htm

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The previous president, the father of President Bush, worked for the container Laden privately-run company in Saudi Arabia through the Carlyle Group, meeting with them at any rate twice. http://www.judicialwatch.org/1685.shtml

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The Carlyle Group – The ex-presidents' club Guess who? The workplaces of the Carlyle Group are on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington DC, halfway betwe