Identity Traits of Leaders Building Connections: Community Leadership Program

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Identity Traits of Leaders Building Connections: Community Leadership Program What identity qualities does it take to lead? Enhancing Lives. Enhancing Texas.

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Objectives Define identity attributes Describe and comprehend the "Huge Five Model of Personality" Review other regular identity qualities in pioneers

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Definitions Traits – Distinguishing individual qualities Personality – a blend of characteristics that groups an individual's conduct

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The Big 5 Model of Personality Surgency Adjustment Agreeableness Openness to Experience Conscientiousness Lussier and Achua (2001)

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Surgency Leadership and extraversion attributes Interested in excelling Leads through impacting Outgoing Likes to meet new individuals Willing to face others

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Agreeableness Traits identified with coexisting with others Warm, accommodating, caring, benevolent and amiable Has loads of companions

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Adjustable Traits identified with enthusiastic strength The barely recognizable difference amongst steady and shaky. Stable is being quiet, great under weight, casual and secure Unstable is being apprehensive, poor under weight, unreliable

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Conscientiousness Traits identified with accomplishment High believability, congruity and association Work hard and invest additional energy and push to meet objectives

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Openness to Experience Traits identified with readiness to change and attempt new things Willing to go out on a limb

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Conclusions of the Big 5 Many associations utilize the "Enormous Five Model of Personality." It has all inclusive application. Pioneers need to know their identity sort. Best indicator of occupation execution is principles measurement.

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Effective Leader Traits Sensitivity to Others Dominance Intelligence Stability Integrity Flexibility Locus of Control High Energy Self-Confidence

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Derailed Leadership Traits Bullying Style Viewed as being icy/egotistical Betrayed individual trust Self focused Unable to delegate Low performing association

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Conclusions You don't to have every one of these characteristics You have to know your own particular self Know your qualities/shortcomings Work on the frail focuses to show signs of improvement