Ideas of Revelation and Inspiration

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Ideas of Revelation and Inspiration Denis Fortin Writings of Ellen G. White

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The Issues Most troubles with the compositions of Ellen White stem frequently from a flawed comprehension of how God gave her messages and how her works are enlivened. Hence, individuals not very much educated in regards to the procedures of disclosure and motivation are more defenseless against lost trust in her service when they find data as opposed to their perspectives.

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Ellen White's perspective of her service Introduction to the Great Controversy: "In amicability with the expression of God, His Spirit was to proceed with its work all through the time of the gospel agreement. Amid the ages while the Scriptures of both the Old and the New Testament were being given, the Holy Spirit did not stop to impart light to individual personalities, aside from the disclosures to be exemplified in the Sacred Canon.

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Ellen White's perspective of her service "The Bible itself relates how, through the Holy Spirit, men got cautioning, denunciation, advice, and direction, in matters not the slightest bit identifying with the giving of the Scriptures . What's more, say is made of prophets in various ages, of whose articulations nothing is recorded. In like way , after the end of the ordinance of the Scripture, the Holy Spirit was still to proceed with its work, to edify, caution, and solace the offspring of God." (GC viii)

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Ellen White's perspective of her service "The Spirit [i.e. the endowment of prophecy] was not given- - nor would it be able to ever be gave - to supersede the Bible; for the Scriptures unequivocally express that the expression of God is the standard by which all educating and experience must be tested." (GC vii)

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Modes of Revelation 1. Dreams In her initial years of service, Ellen White got dreams regularly went to by striking physical wonders. Unaware of natural surroundings Temporary end of breathing Unblinking eyelids Supernatural quality

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Ellen White's first vision "While I was supplicating at the family sacrificial stone, the Holy Ghost fell upon me, and I appeared to ascend increasingly elevated, far over the dull world. I swung to search for the Advent individuals on the planet, yet couldn't discover them, when a voice said to me, "Look once more, and look a little higher." At this I raised my eyes, and saw a straight and slender way, cast up high over the world. On this way the Advent individuals were setting out to the city, which was at the more remote end of the path." (EW 14)

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Modes of Revelation 2. Prophetic Dreams These were dreams gotten amid her rest.

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San Francisco Earthquake "While at Loma Linda, California, April 16, 1906, there go before me a most magnificent representation. Amid a dream of the night, I remained on a distinction, from which I could see houses shaken like a reed in the wind. Structures, extraordinary and little, were tumbling to the ground. Joy resorts, theaters, lodgings, and the homes of the well off were shaken and broke. Numerous lives were rubbed out of presence, and the air was loaded with the screeches of the harmed and the frightened. . . . The horrendousness of the scenes that go before me I can't discover words to portray. It appeared that the restraint of God was depleted, and that the judgment day had come. Frightful just like the representation that go before me, that which put forth itself most distinctively for my brain was the direction given regarding it." (3SM 40-41)

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Natural Dreams Prophetic dreams must be recognized from characteristic dreams by the data and substance by the nearness of an indistinguishable blessed messenger from in prophetic daytime dreams

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Genuine dreams and dreams "I would point out particular the wonderful dreams given in this little work, all with agreement and uniqueness delineating similar things. The large number of dreams emerge from the normal things of life, with which the Spirit of God has nothing to do. There are false dreams, and additionally false dreams, which are enlivened by the soul of Satan. Be that as it may, dreams from the Lord are classed in the expression of God with dreams and are as really the products of the soul of prediction as dreams. Such dreams, considering the people who have them and the conditions under which they are given, contain their own particular evidences of their genuineness." (1T 569-570 [1867])

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Modes of Revelation 3. Short dreams amid times of supplication or composing "Well, while I was imploring and was sending up my request, there was, as has been a hundred times or more, a delicate light hovering around in the room, and an aroma like the scent of blossoms, of an excellent fragrance of blooms." (Ms 43a, 1901)

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Modes of Revelation 4. Precognitions Literal onlooker style disclosures of people she didn't know or occasions that had not yet happened. "Sometimes the things which I have seen are escaped me after I leave vision, and I can't bring them to mind until I am brought before an organization where that vision applies, then the things which I have seen struck a chord with force." (2SG 292-293)

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Modes of Revelation 5. Impressions "When I am addressing the general population I say much that I have not planned. The Spirit of the Lord as often as possible happens upon me. I am by all accounts did of, and far from, myself; the life and character of various people are plainly exhibited before my brain. I see their blunders and risks, and feel constrained to discuss what is along these lines brought before me. I set out not avoid the Spirit of God." (5T 20)

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Function of Inspiration as opposed to disclosure, which is a procedure of entirely celestial activity and control, the procedure of motivation includes a union of heavenly and human components. Motivation is the work of the Holy Spirit upon the prophet.

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Union of Divine and Human Elements "The Ten Commandments were talked by God Himself, and were composed by His own particular hand. They are of heavenly, and not of human organization. In any case, the Bible, with its God-given truths communicated in the dialect of men, displays a union of the awesome and the human .  Such a union existed in the way of Christ, who was the Son of God and the Son of man. In this way it is valid for the Bible, as it was of Christ, that 'the Word was made tissue, and stayed among us.' John 1:14." (GC v-vi)

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Role of the Holy Spirit "Each [Bible writer], under the direction of the Holy Spirit, presents what is most persuasively urged his own brain - an alternate part of reality in each, yet a flawless amicability through all." (GC vi)

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Role of the Holy Spirit "God has been satisfied to impart His truth to the world by human organizations, and He Himself, by His Holy Spirit, qualified men and empowered them to do this work. He guided the psyche in the choice of what to talk and what to write." (GC vi)

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Role of the Holy Spirit "I am attempting to get the very words and expressions that were made in reference to this matter, and as my pen dithers a minute, the proper words go to my mind." (Letter 123, 1904; 8MR 35)

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Role of the Holy Spirit "I have all confidence in God .... He works at my right hand and at my left. While I am working out vital matter, He is next to me, helping me. He lays out my work before me, and when I am astounded for a fit word with which to express my idea, He conveys it obviously and unmistakably to my brain. I feel that each time I ask, even while I am as yet speaking, He reacts, "Here am I." (Letter 127, 1902; 2MR 156-157)

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Role of the Holy Spirit "Through the motivation of His Spirit the Lord gave His messengers truth, to be communicated by improvement of their psyches by the Holy Spirit. Be that as it may, the brain is not confined, as though constrained into a specific mold." (Letter 53, 1900 in 1SM 22)

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Where does this heavenly human union happen? The correspondence hypothesis of motivation for all intents and purposes declares that the most punctual time when a human component turns out to be a piece of the composition is at the pen. At the end of the day, each word and detail is pre-chosen and directed by God and the main part of the prophet truly included is the prophet's hand.

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Where does this perfect human union happen? The term "verbal inspiration" has today such an extensive variety of elucidations that it has lost a lot of its exactness. As comprehended by early Adventists, nonetheless, it indicated the possibility that each expression of the prophet's articulation was pre-chosen by God with no human support, henceforth couldn't in this manner be modified, even by the prophet.

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Where does this awesome human union happen? The verbal/transcription view was particularly dismisses by the 1883 General Conference, in a determination offered by W.C. White, and plainly speaking to Ellen White's comprehension of motivation. The setting for this determination was the need of reproducing Ellen White's Testimonies for the Church which had left print.

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Where does this heavenly human union happen? While , We trust the light given by God to His hirelings is by the illumination of the brain , subsequently granting the contemplations , and not (aside from in uncommon cases) the very words in which the thoughts ought to be communicated; consequently - Resolved , That in the re-distribution of these volumes such verbal changes be made as to expel the above-named defect, beyond what many would consider possible, without in any measure changing the idea; and, further - Resolved , That this body delegate an advisory group of five to assume responsibility of the republication of these volumes. ( Review and Herald , November 27, 1883, p. 741; see additionally 3Bio 217-219)

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Conceptual or Thought Inspiration Ellen White showed that the union of the awesome and human during the time spent motivation occurred at the level of the "