IAEMS Business Meeting tenth ICEM 24 August 2009 Firenze, Italia

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IAEMS Business Meeting 10 th ICEM 24 August 2009 Firenze, Italia

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Agenda Welcome and Thanks to Officers/Councilors Meeting Reports (ICEM, ICMAA, AAEMS, HC, ICEMHP) on site at www.iaems.net Preview of Meetings: 11 th ICEM (C Menck), 10 th ICMAA (L Ribeiro), 6 th ICEMHP (A Bassil), 2 nd AAEMS (M Chulasiri) Review of Activities of IAEMS Treasurer's Report (L Mueller) Discussion of Issues Installation of New Officers

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Special Thanks for Smooth Transition Jim Gentile (Past-President, IAEMS) George Douglas (Past Treasurer, IAEMS) Betty Eidemiller (Executive Director, IAEMS) Mike Waters (Past-Past-President, IAEMS)

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Thanks to IAEMS Officers (Executive Board) Wagida Anwar Secretary Betty Eidemiller Executive Director Lutz Mueller Treasurer Leona Samson Vice-president Angelo Carere Vice-president

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Thanks to IAEMS Council ALAMCTA E Zamorano-Ponce, L Ribeiro, G Folle CEMS J Cao, W Hao, L Zhang EEMS R Baan, E Dogliotti, D Kirkland, M Kirsch-Volders EMS A Wyrobeck, P Cooper, B Shane IEMS A Prasad, A Giri, R Bamezai JEMS T Nohmi, K Wakabayashi, T Yagi KEMS Y-J Surh, H Chung, B Lee MEPSA E Snow PAEMS H Vismer PEMS A Guevara TEMS M Chulasiri

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Meetings Supported by IAEMS (2005-2009)

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IAEMS Meetings Supported (12 Total) Sponsored 12 gatherings: TOTAL $63,000 $10,000 10 th ICEM in Italy $20,000 Hollaender Courses in Chile, Colombia, India, Kazakhstan $ 5,000 PAEMS Morocco, South Africa $ 5,000 9 th ICMAA in Korea $10,000 10 th ICMAA in Brazil $ 8,000 5 th ICEMHP in Turkey $ 5,000 1 st Asian EMS (AAEMS)

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Meeting Reports Programs and Reports of Past Meetings Are on IAEMS Website

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P Hanawalt ninth ICEM San Francisco 2005 S De Flora tenth ICEM Firenze 2009 C Menck 11 th ICEM Guaruj á 2013 T Nohmi first AAEMS Kitakyushu 2007 M Chulasiri 2 nd AAEMS Pattaya 2011 Y-J Surh ninth ICMAA Jeju Island 2007 L Ribeiro 10 th ICMAA Guaruj á 2010 S Sardas 5 th ICEMHP Antalya 2007 A. Bassil 6 th ICEMHP Qatar 2012 FS Squali fifth PAEMS Fez 2005 H Vismer 6 th PAEMS Cape Town 2008 E Z-Ponce 12 th H.C. Concepci ón 2006 E de Groot 13 th H.C. Cartagena 2007 A Giri 14 th H.C. Kolkata 2008 R. Bersimbayev 15 th H.C. Astana 2009

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9 th ICEM in San Francisco in 2005 Budget ~ $850,000 971 registrants Approximately 430 registrants from outside the United States 48 nations spoke to 100 travel grants ($40,000): 50 to understudies and 50 to more settled researchers from outside the U.S. The benefit conveyance from the meeting included IAEMS got $16,279.94 EMS gave ~ $40,000 in support to EMS Member speakers to go to the tenth ICEM in Firenze IWGT benefit of $39,151.41 was sent to IAEMS (as a detail in the IAEMS spending plan and separate from the ICEM)

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Reports on Future Meetings S De Flora tenth ICEM Firenze 2009 C Menck eleventh ICEM Guarujá 2013 L Ribeiro tenth ICMAA Guarujá 2010 M Chulasiri second AAEMS Pattaya 2011 A. Bassil sixth ICEMHP Qatar 2012

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Review of IAEMS Activities Incorporated IAEMS as an assessment excluded, non-benefit 501(c)3 association in North Carolina on March 17, 2006 Signed contract with AIM as our administration organization on January 17, 2007, with Dr. Betty Eidemiller as our Executive Director New site: www.iaems.net

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Because IAEMS Is Now A Legal Entity, It Was Able to Receive $25,000 in Grant Money for the 10 th ICEM in Firenze $10,000 from NIEHS $10,000 from the Ellison Foundation $ 5,000 from the U.S. FDA

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IAEMS Is a Member of the International Union of Biological Sciences (www.IUBS.org) WHO Responsibilities incorporate Provide an answer to IUBS at regular intervals No levy Benefits Include sans interest credits for worldwide arranging meetings, workshops, and so forth. Gifts to sort out worldwide research exercises

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IAEMS Activities (Cont.) Revised the IAEMS Constitution, Sept. 2008 The 2 Vice-presidents should be delegated by the social orders arranging the ebb and flow and future ICEMs Added position of Executive Director Added electronic meeting/voting

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IAEMS Activities (Cont.) Formal lawful concurrence with IWGT to be a piece of IAEMS Sponsors recognized on site Astra-Zeneca, Bayer Schering, Biosafety Research Center Foods, Cephalon, Covance, Gr ű enthal, GlaxoSmithKline, Johnson & Johnson, Laboratories Servier, Mitsubishi Pharma, Novartis, P&G/Cosmital, Pfizer, RCC Pharma, Roche, Sanofi-Aventis, Zeiss

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The Hollaender Courses Alexander Hollaender started instructional classes and gatherings in hereditary toxicology, particularly in Latin America, beginning in the 1960s. These courses advanced coordinated effort, preparing, and worldwide logical trade. Hollaender kicked the bucket in 1986, and Patricia Ostrosky-Wegman reinitiated these courses in 1993 in Mexico City. EMS (and later IAEMS) each dedicated to giving $5000 to bolster 1 course/year.

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Content of Hollaender Courses Have been half-day symposia with 20 participants up to 5-day gatherings with 600 individuals. Some have included research center preparing, for example, Cairo and India. Taken a toll $10,000 to $50,000. Essential tests, and in addition the most recent genomic philosophies, have been educated. 6 in Latin America, 4 in Africa, 2 each in Asia and Europe. See http://sitemaker.umich.edu/hollaender/home or www.iaem.net for finish projects of all courses.

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Hollaender Courses 1993 Mexico City, Mexico P. Ostrosky-Wegman 1994 Buenos Aires, Argentina M. Carballo 1996 Cape Town, South Africa B. Shane 1997 Cairo, Egypt W. Anwar 1998 Curitiba, Brazil L. Ribeiro 1999 Harare, Zimbabwe J. Hassler 2000 Popayan, Colombia L. Stella Hoyos 2001 Shanghai, China M. Yin 2002 Krakow, Poland A. Cebulska-Wasilewska 2003 Iasi, Rumania L.S. Iancu 2005 Fez, Morocco F.- Z. Squali 2006 Concepción, Chile E. Zamorano-Ponce 2007 Cartagena, Colombia G. Umbuzeiro 2008 Kolkata, India A. Giri, A. Dhawan 2009 Astana, Kazakhstan R. Bersimbayev 2010 Tehran, Iran ? S. Arbabi

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International Conference on Environmental Mutagens and Human Populations (ICEMHP) In 1987, Dr. Wagida Anwar (Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt), was a meeting researcher in lab of Dr. William Au at t he University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston, Texas , and they started the possibility of an International meeting on natural wellbeing in Cairo , Egypt . The rest is history. Five have been held, with ~200 individuals going to every one.

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Objectives of the ICEMHP To convey logical learning and mastery to districts where natural wellbeing concerns are under-perceived To energize joint efforts between researchers inside and outside of the locale To help with building reasonable projects with local wellbeing and logical organizations

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ICEMP Meetings (William Au) 1992 Cairo, Egypt Wagida Anwar 1995 Prague, Czech Republic Radim Sram 1998 Bangkok, Thailand Malyn Chulasiri 2003 Florianapolis, Brazil Lucia Ribeiro 2007 Antalya, Turkey S. Sardas, A.E. Karakaya 2012 Doha, Qatar Ayman Bassil

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Treasurer's Report

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Professional Management of IAEMS by AIM Association Innovation and Management (AIM) Specialist proficient staff administrations             Executive chief             Accounting             Administrative staff             Meeting organizers             Communication specialists—Web, print, and other media Services for IAEMS charged at genuine staff rate             Most AIM customers additionally pay administration expense (not IAEMS)             Tasks are coordinated as suitable to least cost staff Direct expenses are charged at real cost AIM serves toxicology and mutagenesis-related customers             International: IAEMS, IUTOX, SPS U.S. based: ATS, EMS, SOT, STP, Teratology

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AIM ( proceeded with) Professional staff Work as accomplices for the achievement of IAEMS Refer officers to affiliation best practices Manage funds, strategies, and practices inside U.S. Interior Revenue Service charitable models Attend to business licenses and other lawful prerequisites Provide correspondence, arranging, and different assets and administrations Maintain Headquarters character Retain fitting records

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Member Societies Number of Members Dues Paid Through 2009 ALAMCTA 300 Chinese EMS 1,200 EEMS 1,300 EMS 516 Indian EMS 450 JEMS 737 Korean EMS 250 MEPSA 45 PAEMS (Africa) 100 Philippines EMS 40 Thai EMS 52 TOTAL MEMBERS 4,990

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IAEMS Dues versus Costs The 2009 duty of $7,737 incorporates some installment for past levy. For a run of the mill year, with the present enrollment, IAEMS would get $3,900 every year in contribution.

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IAEMS Major Expenses Direct Expenses Totals 2006-2009 Expenses in 2006 $ 2,299 Bank expenses and wire charges 385 Legal and licenses 344 Tax preparation 1,500 Web facilitating/area registration 748 Phone 126 Foundation Central get to (fundraising) 2,000 Survey/tally web access 150 Personnel Costs Executive chief and clerical 12,643 Accounting 4,950 Fundraising 725 Web website (upgrade and maintenance) 14,921 Meetings Expenses $ 91,307

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