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are made when you blend an essential and optional hues. For instance: blue and green make the tertiary shading blue/green. http://home.ivillage.com/enhancing ...

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´╗┐Hues Can you envision a world without hues?

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Colors Everything simply high contrast

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The Color Wheel is comprised of three gatherings of hues Primary Secondary Tertiary

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Primary Colors Yellow Blue Red

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Secondary Colors-are made when you blend two essential hues Yellow + Blue = Green Yellow + Red = Orange Red + Blue = Purple

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Tertiary Colors are made when you blend an essential and optional hues For instance: blue and green make the tertiary shading blue/green http://home.ivillage.com/designing/shading/0,,7jb5jq1f-2,00.html

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Red Blue Yellow Black Color Characteristics Hue is the genuine name of the shading

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Color Characteristics Value Tint - when you add white to a color.Example add white to red and get tint called pink Shade-when you add dark to a shading. Illustration add dark to red you get the shade called maroon.

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Color Characteristics Intensity-an extraordinary shading is one that is striking and exceptional. It must be quieted by including a shading inverse of that shading on the shading wheel.

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Color Schemes there are three sorts : Complementary Monochromatic Adjacent

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Complementary - utilizes hues that are inverse on the shading wheel, here are six cases of corresponding shading plans

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Monochromatic-This shading plan utilizes tints and shades of one shading. This is a case of a red shading plan.

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Adjacent - This shading plan utilizes hues that border on the shading wheel. This is a case utilizing yellow, yellow green and green. Additionally called ANALOGOUS.

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Colors and Moods-Color frequently influences how we feel and act.

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Red Using red in Baby Rooms has been found to animate learning and improvement Creative Ideas frequently come simple in rooms shades of red It is a hunger fortify that is the reason most eateries are enriched in red. Some say it causes sentiments of fretfulness People regularly feel hotter in rooms beautified in shades of red

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Yellow frequently causes sentiments of uneasiness and tempers regularly flare in rooms brightened in yellow Houses painted yellow offer quicker than whatever other shading house.

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Blues and Greens These are natures hues and they more often than not give individuals a serene and soothing feeling. Individuals regularly feel that time passes quicker with these hues People frequently feel cooler in rooms enlivened in tints of blue Dark blue is a craving discouraging shading, nourishment is not as engaging on a blue plate.

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Neutrals send quieting and mitigating emotions. This is the reason you will discover most specialists workplaces designed with neutrals.

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Review The Color Wheel Primary Secondary and Tertiary Colors Color Characteristics Hue, Value and Intensity Color Schemes Complementary, Monochromatic, and Adjacent Colors and Moods Colors can influence the way we feel and act

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By: Amy Walsh 4-H Agent Clay County MS

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COLOR REVIEW The ___shows the relationship between hues. Red, yellow and blue are the ___colors. Orange, green and violet are the__colors. Red-violet, blue-violet, blue-green, yellow-orange, and red-orange are the __colors. Hues that are inverse each other on the shading wheel, for example, red and green are ___ hues.

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When contiguous hues are utilized together, the shading plan is called ___. Dark, white and dim are ___colors. The delicacy or haziness of a shading is its _. A___is made by adding white to a shading. A___is made by adding dark to a shading. At the point when numerous estimations of one shading are utilized together, the shading plan is called___.

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The shine or dulness of a shading is its___. Reds and oranges are considered ___ hues since they are brilliant and merry and they propel (look bigger). Blues and greens are considered ___ hues since they are serene and unwinding and they subside (look littler). What is your most loved shading? TEST ON COLOR TOMORROW!!


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