HR Training and Individual Development

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Outline. Business strategyDoes HRM matter?High execution work works on/systemsTraining and HPWPsInfluences on trainingOrganizational characteristicsBusiness strategyHRM strategyExample: Southwest AirlinesTraining models. Business Strategy. What is a Business Strategy? The system impacts how the organization uses:physical capital money related capital human capitalThe business methodology coordinates

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HR Training and Individual Development Strategic Training January 21, 2003

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Overview Business procedure Does HRM matter? Superior work rehearses/frameworks Training and HPWPs Influences on preparing Organizational qualities Business technique HRM methodology Example: Southwest Airlines Training models

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Business Strategy What is a Business Strategy? The system impacts how the organization utilizes: physical capital monetary capital human capital The business methodology guides the organization's exercises to achieve particular objectives.

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Decisions a Company Must Make about How to Compete to Reach Its Goals Where to contend? In what markets will we contend? How to contend? On what result or separating trademark will we contend? Taken a toll? Quality? Unwavering quality? Conveyance? Creativity? With what will we contend? What assets will permit us to beat the opposition? In what capacity will we procure, create, and send those assets to contend?

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Strategy and Training What impacts does technique have on preparing? How does system impacts the significance put of preparing inside HR? Yet, to start with, does HRM, and preparing so far as that is concerned, have any kind of effect?

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Does Human Resource Management Matter?

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Why Does Human Resource Management Matter? HRM matters in the event that it can include "esteem" to the firm. Can great HR approaches include esteem? Southwest How about terrible HR approaches "The Apple Story"

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Why Does HR Add Value? Since, with respect to different assets held by a firm, decent human asset administration practices are especially uncommon and supreme Are learning, scholarly capital and know-how effortlessly imitable?

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Is There Any Proof? Huselid (1995) concentrated superior work hones in 968 firms 1 standard deviation (SD) increment in such practices meets $18,641 increment in market esteem/per representative $3,814 increment in benefits/per worker Huselid and Becker (1997) –702 firms "A one standard deviation change in the HR framework was related with an expansion in shareholder abundance of $41,000 per worker."

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Is There Any Proof? Welbourne & Andrews (1996): Studied the survival of 136 firms who started an IPO in 1988 Examined organization statements of purpose and authoritative archives as a method for rating the esteem put on OB hones By 1993, just 60% of the organizations still existed. Firms that esteemed HR hones had a 19% higher survival rate

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Training and High-Performance Systems Pfeffer and Veiga (1999): Are preparing levels sufficient in the US? Master versus generalist aptitudes High-execution work frameworks depend on cutting edge representatives to recognize openings and take care of issues

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Implementing High-Performance Systems Pfeffer and Veiga (1999): It is hard to compute the arrival on the HR speculation, with respect to interests in innovation, hardware, and so forth. HR hones must be enhanced a systemic premise Improving HR practices is a long haul handle

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The Roles and Duties of Managers in Companies That Use High-Performance Work Practices Managing Alignment Encouraging Continuous Learning Coordinating Activities Facilitating Decision-Making Process Creating and Maintaining Trust

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Implications for Training What impacts preparing? Hierarchical qualities Business procedure Human Resources technique

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Organizational Characteristics That Influence Training Integration of Business Units Global Presence Business Conditions

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Implications of Business Strategy for Training Business Strategy: Concentration Internal Growth External Growth Disinvestment Strategy impacts center of preparing current versus future occupation aptitudes reactionary versus proactive employment particular versus group, unit of division all versus particular gatherings preparing versus other HR rehearses

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HRM Strategy: Influence on Training The sort of preparing and assets committed to preparing are essentially impacted by the technique embraced for two HRM works on: Staffing Human Resource Planning

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Staffing Strategy Influence on Training Two parts of an organization's staffing procedure impact preparing: The criteria used to settle on advancement and task choices The spots where the organization wants to get HR to fill open positions

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HR Planning Influence on Training What is HR arranging? How does HR arranging identify with, and impact, preparing?

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The Broadening of Training's Role Focus on Teaching Skills and Knowledge Link Training to Business Needs Use Training to Create and Share Knowledge

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Example: Southwest Airlines

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Southwest Airlines Cost Leadership system Level of administration versus overseeing costs Every representative comprehends from the very first moment that Southwest is based on low expenses

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Supporting Cost Leadership Training Train specialists to comprehend what drives costs so they can make proposals to enhance them (rather than asking a manager what to do)

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Supporting Cost Leadership Recruiting and Selection Target self-propelled individuals who actually buckle down and quick Involve workers & clients in enlistment and determination to target great fits Train representatives at all levels to enlist and select!

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Supporting Cost Leadership Compensation Give offices quarterly rewards for remaining beneath spending plans. Likewise give rewards for recommendations that enhance cost execution. Prepare on cost drivers, recommendation framework, and how to accomplish rewards Use investment opportunities so workers feel like proprietors (they'll pay special mind to the organization) Train on the relationship between specific sorts of practices and how they impact all that really matters and at last stock cost

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Models of Organizing the Training Department

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Models of Organizing the Training Department Faculty Model Customer Model Matrix Model Corporate University Model Virtual Model

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The Faculty Model Training Specialty Areas

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The Customer Model Business Functions

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The Matrix Model Training Specialty Areas Production and Operations Marketing Business Functions

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The Corporate University Model Training Advantages Dissemination of Best Practices Align Training with Business Needs Integrate Training Initiatives Effectively Utilize New Training Methods and Technology Leadership Development Programs Historical Training Problems Excess Costs Poor Delivery and Focus Inconsistent Use of Common Training Practices Best Training Practices Not Shared Training Not Integrated or Coordinated Product Development Sales and Marketing Human Resources Operations New Employee Programs

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Virtual Training Organizations Virtual preparing associations work as indicated by three standards: Employees (not the organization) have essential obligation regarding taking in The best learning happens at work, not in the classroom For preparing to convert into enhanced occupation execution, the director representative relationship (not worker mentor relationship) is basic.

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Next Time Needs appraisal Noe, Chapter 3 Zemke (1998)