HR-Peer Review: the Belgian experience

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´╗┐Great GOVERNANCE FOR DEVELOPMENT (GFD) IN ARAB COUNTRIES INITIATIVE GROUP B Regional Meeting of the Working Group on Integrity and Civil Service 04 APRIL 2008 Philippe VERMEULEN, Advisor general, Federal Public Service on Personnel & Organization HR-Peer Review: the Belgian experience

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1. Beginning: a very much considered process End 2005: suggestion by the OECD + gauge of the costs March 2006: Agreement/"contract" between OECD & CEO (Chairman of the Board of Directors) of the FPS P&0 & agents Belgian unified elements Drawing up & accord on the Terms of reference Taking into record some significant difficulties: Complex structure of the Federal State Volume on documentation Different culture & sees on HR & open administration Reputation of the OECD (80's & 90's) Ensuring political responsibility on government level, quid on territorial & group level?

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1. Beginning: an all around considered process (cont.) Responding to center inquiries: Goal of the Peer Review? Included esteem, now & for what's to come? Accord on definitions Organizing workshops between the universal specialists and the respondents + interviews social accomplices & different partners (May & September 2006) Looking for & utilizing effectively accessible information or potentially progressing studies to restrict the weight on the organizations Draft paper (November 2006 & February 2007) Final endorsement (June 2007)

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2. Do's & don'ts Clear contract between OECD & accomplice nation (senior) Experts Timing Cost Outcome Guidelines Good practices rather than best practices No well known fact Client characterizes which zones are evaluated Goal= Not another review Define challenges advance structurized cross-area discourse & trade sees Permanent criticism & just completed + distributed when government(s) agree(s)

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3. Included esteem Methodological: Interaction between both examiners and inspected parties on a very much characterized consensual terms of reference in which the self-sufficiency of the reviewers is critical the evaluated parties don't wind up in a calculated or spoon-sustained ideologically adjust system , however are urged to give their perspectives , elucidations or corrections as they see fit. It's then up to the specialists to break down the information and to give their master conclusion, continually taking consideration to give adequate criticism and being set up to acknowledge any sensible contentions to amend their suppositions

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3. Included esteem (cont'd) A gathering for discourse: guaranteeing flexibility of conclusion, putting hard certainties on the table and keeping the likelihood open to respond in regard for everybody's objectives and reasons Not just between the evaluators and the inspected parties, additionally between the diverse focal levels inside the Belgian Federation whose regular and extreme target it is to serve the native in the most ideal way they can. likewise between various perspectives on theoretical or down to earth approaches for regular difficulties

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3. Included esteem (cont'd) empowers information digging which is fascinating for Belgium and additionally for other OECD-Member Countries and Observers. Moreover, it permits benchmarking between various focal levels in the Belgian Federation, and with different nations on the off chance that they apply a similar philosophy. reinforces cross-substance coordinated effort on matters of HR-arrangement Communication between all on-screen characters proceeds by setting up a cross-element extranet "RELEX" on OECD-reports and exercises with the objective to mirror the conclusions of the distinctive elements in the perspectives & interchanges of the Belgian assignment to the OECD on open administration matters;

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4. Affect information was a subject for expansive dialog between businesses associations & unions Report was talked about at senior common level in the distinctive elements reason for negociations while shaping new government has at long last impacted approach destinations for the new government because of the way that very a few proposals & comments were taken after or considered : The HR-policy:integrity, preparing potential outcomes, inspiration, result-arranged & client or customer driven; Customer fulfillment and in addition government employee fulfillment;

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4. Affect (cntd) The administrative improvement of the faculty statute inside the objective to adjust HR-conditions to upgrade cutting edge vocation administration & advancement ; Priority is given to statutory business , yet conceivable outcomes to create profession potential outcomes & rise to working conditions for government employees enrolled on contract premise will be analyzed and in addition the likelihood to contract interval staff; Developing a compelling execution administration ; Creating a genuine administration contract between the political level and the organization in light of solid objectives, versatile to the partners' needs and targets where the Chairpersons of every Federal Public Service get substantial, genuine self-governance to build up their HR-approach and to utilize their spending where from the earlier, ex bet controls are to be supplanted by irregular a back, ex post controls; New resident's investment techniques are to be inspected keeping in mind the end goal to upgrade inclusion in arrangement making & evaluation An electronic Single Point of Contact (SPOC) is to created guaranteeing the equivalent access to open data for the individuals who don't profit by the web transformation;