How dumplings got to be rubbish The Korea Food and Drug Administration s treatment of a nourishment alarm

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´╗┐How dumplings got to be trash The Korea Food and Drug Administration's treatment of a sustenance alarm January 14, 2005 Submitted to the Arthur W. Page Society Case Study Competition

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Introduction toward the beginning of June 2004, the police reported that some nourishment firms provided dumpling filling made of destroyed salted radish leftovers. The issue was gotten by the media as a " trash dumpling " outrage. The Korea Food and Drug Administration (KFDA), a legislative office in charge of nourishment and medication security, was included for the situation. KFDA lost people in general trust as it persistently misused related interchanges.

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What are waste dumplings? Radish Pickling Trimming salted radish in a standard size Final Pickled Radish item Dumpling Filling Remnant Dumplings Dumpling Filling If not utilized for dumpling filling, destroyed Garbage Dumplings?

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What turned out badly? KFDA's Communication Perspective Disclosing data Should have discharged affirmed data as it were. Utilization of latent correspondence strategies urged the media to swing to less proficient sources, bringing about wide flow of wrong data.

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What turned out badly? KFDA's Communication Perspective Did not indicate penitence for missteps or assume full liability for its unseemly activities Stonewalling, whitewashing, accuse moving Inconsistent correspondences Failed to uncover basic data

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Why did it turn out badly? Administration points of view Ignored signs of a looming emergency Ignored reports from territorial workplaces Ignored police ask for participation Relied on data gave by the police and media, instead of its own judgment and examination

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Why did it turn out badly? Correspondence Perspectives Communication breakdown with other administrative offices Internal correspondence breakdown The position of KFDA on the issue had not been shared among the staffs Critical data was not accessible promptly or imparted successfully

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Why did it turn out badly? Advertising open data show as opposed to two-way symmetrical correspondence Organizational variables Layers of endorsements: obstacle for quick activity Lack of overwhelming coalition Too few PIO workers Job turn framework does not esteem the requirement for specialization in correspondence

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Why did it turn out badly? Absence of comprehension of media practices The requirement for advertising experts to comprehend journalistic practices Use of astounding words Media ought to be dealt with as an open: If you don't give data, you have no influence over what will be accounted for Blaming media does not move in the direction of building connections

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Dumpling Industry Decrease in deals Unemployment Went into default Lost purchasers trust Frozen Food Industry National Economy International Relations National Image Impair Ripple Effects Media Issue Amplification Commun-ication Excellence KFDA Lost of Public Trust Police

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Lessons learned Empowerment of advertising influence correspondence magnificence Be a capable and tried and true data source. Find out about the media and comprehend journalistic practices In general society division, building effective correspondence with different associations is basic Be capable with activities and correspondence Trust is the most profitable resource in the whole open connection prepare