How did people in general find that out?

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See most recent patterns and measurements. Figure out how to utilize these devices in Emergency Management. Get top ... Google Trends. Facebook. Flickr. YouTube. Google Maps. for Emergency ...

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How did people in general find that out? Online networking Monitoring for Emergency Management Jeffrey J. Leifel, ORISE

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Why Are You Here? Realize why web-based social networking is vital Find out what could happen without online networking checking See most recent patterns and insights Learn to utilize these devices in Emergency Management Get beat devices and locales profitable to PIOs amid crises Your first session decision was taken

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Why is Social Media Important? Online networking is thought to be the main thrust in our move from Information Age to Attention Age We are searching for, dispersing, and impacting data with or without you! The 3 parts: Concept (workmanship or data) Media (physical, electronic, or verbal) Social Interface (coordinate, group engagement, social viral, electronic communicate, or physical medias, for example, print)

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What Could Happen? Joint Information Center and Y-12 practice in Powell, TN (Wed - Mar 17, 2010) Siren sounded crosswise over Oak Ridge, TN Public was not certain what to do and swung to Twitter for data JIC screens TV and Radio however missed the concerned open on the web

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Rumor or Truth? Comprehend the accompanying: Rumors may happen about your office and your occasion They will be spread with lightning speed Social media will be the essential way they turn into a web sensation, however the media may report them as certainties If you are not arranged NOW to manage the bits of gossip, its absolutely impossible you can respond sufficiently quick to keep them from getting immovably settled in A lie (or talk) rehashed regularly enough turns into reality, and that applies to every single unchallenged talk © 2010

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The Growth of Social Media

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Top Tools in Social Media for Emergency Management Twitter Search SocialMention AddictOMatic BackType Yahoo! Buzz Google Trends Facebook Flickr YouTube Google Maps

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Get the Word Out! Conventional Media Appropriate (indicate is offer news) Reliable Timely (check prepare) Government Publishing Appropriate Reliable Timely (confirmation handle) Citizen (Public) Publishing Appropriate (applicable to occasion) Reliable Timely (open on area)

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What Now? Become environmentally viable! The objective is to make PIO and crisis administration distributed: Appropriate (apropos to the occurrence or work out) Reliable (government offices) Timely (speedier to people in general) This is the place web-based social networking comes in!!

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Organize your Story Prefixes and additionally Hashtags – contextualize data and empower searchability for anything identified with an occasion or practice Good ��  Blount County Earthquake Better ��  # BCQuake or #Flood If your data is Appropriate, Reliable , and Timely I will pay consideration on what you need to say. "46% of Americans say they get news from four to six media stages on an ordinary day." "51% of long range interpersonal communication webpage clients who are additionally online news shoppers say that on a run of the mill day they get news things from individuals they take after online . Another 23% of this associate take after news associations or individual writers on interpersonal interaction destinations." © 2010 Pew Internet

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Organize your Story

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Organize your Story

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Top Tools and Sites

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The Question Remains… The measure of data promptly accessible will keep on increasing… How will we oversee it? By what method will we keep on integrating it into our lives? In what manner will it proceed to muddle and facilitate our lives?

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Thank you! Online networking Monitoring for Emergency Management Jeffrey J. Leifel, ORISE