How did life start on Earth

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How did life start on Earth ? The Bible shows that God made all life on earth. However, advancement shows that life began by an absolutely normal process. What does the logical confirmation let us know ?

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Achievements of Science Physics Law of Gravity (Newton) Law of Electromagnetism (Maxwell) Structure of the particle (Bohr, and others) Chemistry Periodic table – compound properties Organic science Molecular-science DNA structure Cell science How does science find these truths ???

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How science finds reality Science tries to discover clarifications for things we can watch Scientific technique: Observe and accumulate data Propose a hypothesis (a "great" figure) Devise examinations to test the hypothesis See if aftereffects of analyses look at with the hypothesis If not , change hypothesis and attempt again If in this way, hypothesis turns into a "law"

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How life started: Theory of Evolution Science has contemplated the question "How did life start on earth" Science has take in a considerable measure about "what living beings are made of" and "how living life forms work" in Biology and Chemistry But science has not yet found how life started... Science is as yet speculating... The " logical " hypothesis ( figure ) on how life start is called "Hypothesis of Evolution"

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MSNBC Poll on Evolution (Jan 2003) What do you think about the confirmation with respect to developmental hypothesis? The proof is strong to the point that the hypothesis is certain. 56% The confirmation is not adequate to bolster the hypothesis. 28% Neither of the above.    16% Poll gathering of people…

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So is Evolution a demonstrated hypothesis ??? A late PBS TV arrangement on Evolution asserts that: All known logical proof bolster development Virtually every respectable researcher on the planet bolster advancement School course readings on development all declare that " Evolution is a demonstrated actuality " Many individuals who once trusted that God made the world moved in the opposite direction of God after they found out about the Theory of Evolution... (anybody here ?)

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Evolution is NOT a demonstrated hypothesis Immediately after the PBS TV arrangement, 100 researchers (from surely understood colleges like MIT, Yale, Emory, and so forth) distributed a 2-page promotion in the daily paper "The Weekly Standard": Public TV programs, training approach proclamations, and science reading material have attested that Theory of Evolution completely clarifies the multifaceted nature of living things. The general population has been guaranteed, most as of late by spokespersons for PBS's Evolution arrangement, that " all known logical proof bolster advancement " as does " essentially every legitimate researcher on the planet ." - The accompanying researchers DISPUTE the principal claim and remain as LIVING TESTIMONY in disagreement to the second.. (taken after by the names of these 100 researchers)

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Before we examine Evolution Before I can discuss Evolution, I have to clarify what living things are made of ... I have attempted to keep things as basic as could be allowed , yet… If something is hazy, please stop me at whatever time and make inquiries !!!

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What are living things made of ? Cell 0.01 mm

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Structure of a living cell We now know the cell is to a great degree complex : In Darwin days , they thought the cell was basically a blob, similar to "batter" (awful magnifying lens)

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What is a phone made of ? Amino-corrosive particle Cell Millions of protein atoms Chain of 100's of amino-corrosive atoms

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Amino-acids: building squares of life 20 diverse amino-corrosive atoms in cells: Each protein atom is made of various mixes of amino-acids: Q: what number distinctive protein atoms ? Illustration protein particle: Another case:

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Protein atoms utilized as a part of cells There can be limitlessly a wide range of protein atoms Analogy: 10 digits (0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9) Each number is made of various mix of 10 digits (123, 27632, 67, … ) We can make up vast a wide range of numbers Living cells use over a great many various types of protein atoms

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What do you have to do to make life ? Parts and parcels and loads of various types of amino-corrosive particles 1 Cell Millions of protein atoms Lots and bunches of diff sorts of protein particles

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What do you have to do to make life ? Make billions of amino-corrosive particles (of various types) Amino-corrosive atoms come in 2 flavors: left gave and right-gave . Life just utilize left-gave atoms

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What do you have to do to make life ? Pick the right sorts of amino-corrosive atoms organized appropriately to make a large number of protein particles Put organized appropriately ! Pick just left-gave ones ! Some protein particles have more than 1000 amino-acids !

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What do you have to do to make life ? Pick the right sorts of protein particles and set up them together in the correct approach to assemble ONE SINGLE cell Tens of thousands various types of proteins Millions of protein atoms Cell: your most exceedingly terrible 3D Chinese Jigsaw astound bad dream...

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So would we be able to bring home the bacon cell ? With all our current propelled learning and advances, we can't bring home the bacon cell without any preparation... Assume we would break separated a living cell , we couldn't assemble the cell back once more...

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Now we can discuss Evolution What I portray next is the " hypothesis " or " figure " that science has proposed to clarify how life started on earth I will depict the hypothesis completely first As for all science, a hypothesis (figure) must be bolstered by proof – I will exhibit the logical confirmation in the wake of introducing the Theory of Evolution (and clarify what's the issue with the hypothesis)

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Evolution: How did life start (1) Early earth's environment contains Hydrogen, Methane, Ammonia, Nitrogen gasses Lightning gave vitality to intertwine the gasses into various Amino-corrosive particles Amino-corrosive atoms crash into each other to for protein atoms Protein atoms slam into each other to shape a living cell

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Evolution: How did life start (2) right away, life was extremely basic and comprise of "self duplicating particles" Later, life figure out how to store hereditary data in DNA particles : single cell living beings (microorganisms) And later, single cell life forms formed into basic multi-cell climaxes (Example: coral polyp)

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Evolution: How did life differentiate ? Billions of years Life "changes" gradually over long time…

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Evolution: how did life broaden ? Whenever more living beings are on earth, they seek their sustenance The more grounded (quicker, more intelligent, and so on) creatures will have a superior opportunity to survive and imitate This procedure of adjustment is called " common choice "

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Science: dependably check the proof A logical hypothesis is just a figure – it can not be right ! The guideline in science is to dependably check the hypothesis against the confirmation The proof is never wrong So do we have solid confirmation for the Theory of Evolution ?

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"Making amino-corrosive" as indicated by Evolution Put Hydrogen, Methane, Ammonia, Nitrogen together Use lightning (electric sparkles) to intertwine the gasses into various Amino-corrosive particles Any confirmation this should be possible ?

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Making Amino-acids: Miller's trial Miller put water, nitrogen, methane, alkali, hydrogen and carbon dioxide in a jar The blend was destroyed for a week by high voltage sparkles Miller could make various distinctive sorts of amino-corrosive particles Some researchers considered this to be "confirmation" that life started on earth through development

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What's the issue with Miller's trial When you do science , you should get the beginning condition right ; generally, the consequence of the test is imperfect Scientists have found that Earth's initial climate did not contain hydrogen, methane and smelling salts When Miller's analysis is rehashed , all it delivered were exceptionally hurtful chemicals !

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More issues with Miller's investigation Miller's examination can't deliver enough amino-acids (electrical flashes decimate the amino-acids !!!) Miller's (and later) trial can just make proteins made with up to 30 amino-acids (a few proteins have more than 1000 amino-acids !!!) Proteins made in Miller's test contain both left-given and right-gave variations of amino-acids ( living cells just utilize left-gave ones )

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What a few researchers say... The physicist Fred Hoyle had this to say: "This situation (countless corrosive particles ricocheting against each other and making a living cell) is about as likely as a tornado spinning through a junkyard and coincidentally gathering a completely practical Boeing 747"... In a late open deliberation, Miller was inquired as to whether he trusted life could have begun by investigation, Miller said: No remark ...

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Evolution: life have normal predecessor All life began from a typical precursor Is there any confirmation for this reality ???

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Evidence 1 for regular slip: incipient organisms Haeckle indicated fetuses at various phases of their advancement ( 1874 ) Haeckle's drawing demonstrates that incipient organisms from various species resemble the other alike toward the begin of their improvement Many science course readings assert that this demonstrates every single living thing had a typical precursor

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Evidence 2 for normal plunge: structure The skeleton of vertebrates have a typical outline: looks like originating from one basic progenitor

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Non-prove 1: Haeckle's misrepresentation ! You GOTTA to notice angle if science course books in 2004 utilize an attracting from 1874 1997 , Richardson took pictures of genuine fetuses Richardson: "it's ending up being a standout amongst the most renowned FAKES in Bio