Homes from time to time

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´╗┐Homes from time to time

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This is a washtub and washboard. Individuals would put their filthy garments into the washtub and rub them on the washboard to clean them.

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This is a clothes washer. You connect it to and put your grimy garments inside. The clothes washer cleans your dresses itself.

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This is a ravage. Individuals would put their wet garments in, turn the handle, and the ravage would press the water out.

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This is a tumble dryer. You connect it to, put your wet garments inside, and the tumble dryer dries the garments without anyone else's input.

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This is an old iron. It is made of metal. Individuals would put thm onto the cooker to warm up, the hold it onto their garments.

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This is an electric iron. You connect it to the attachment, it gets hot and you hold it onto your garments to make them level.

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This is a pot. Individuals would put it on top of the cooker and sit tight for the water to bubble. They shrieked when the water was hot.

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This is an electric pot. You connect it to the attachment and the water bubbles. When it is hot the pot switches itself off.

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This is a cover blender. Individuals would hand the floor covering on hold and hit it with the cover mixer to get the tidy out.

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This is a hoover. It is electric. You connect it to and push it along the floor. The tidy is sucked up into the hoover.

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This is a warming container. It used to be warmed up and after that put inside your bed to warm it up before you got inside.

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This is a high temp water bottle. They are produced using plastic and material. We place them in our beds to keep us warm.

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This is a wash room. Sustenance used to be kept in here. A frosty bit of stone would keep things like spread and drain icy.

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This is an ice chest. You connect it to and it keeps sustenance and beverages cool. They are electrical and work independent from anyone else.