Home and Group Care (HACC ) Individual Wellbeing Venture City of Monash Group Care

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MFB Home Fire Safety. Archi focus data handout. Home Maintenance Services. Other ... 2. Alluded back to Area Team Leader for additional help with the home ...

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Home and Community Care (HACC ) Personal Safety Project City of Monash Community Care

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Presenters Susan Wyatt Coordinator Community Care Kath Aiken Coordinator Community Care Operations

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Introduction City of Monash 160,033 occupants 40% of inhabitants originating from more than 30 nations Residents matured more than 60 yrs is 21.3% 60 – 69 is 9.9% 70 – 84 is 9.6% 85 and more than 1.8%

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HACC program & target bunches Frail matured and individuals with an incapacity Younger people with inabilities Carers of fragile individuals or individuals with a handicap

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Special Needs Groups People from Culturally and Linguistically different foundations People from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander foundations People with Dementia People who are monetarily hindered People living in remote and detached territories

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Council HACC Services Assessment and Care administration Domestic Assistance Personal Care Respite Care Property Maintenance Planned Activity Group Delivered Meals

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Fire Safety Awareness Our test How would we raise group mindfulness in regards to flame hazard and risks?

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Personal Safety Program - how would we give this administration? Home visit to every Client by assigned Care Workers Training for Assessment staff and Care Workers for continuous terminate wellbeing instruction of customers A terminate security check rundown and referral pathways Collaboration with MFB and survey handle

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Identification at hazard bunches in our Client base Elderly People with an inability People from socially and etymologically differing (CALD) foundations Young kids

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Methodology Met with MFB for counsel Identified 16 experienced Care Workers Commitment made to visit every Client Identified Clients by region network Developed an individual security pack for every Client

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Personal Safety Kit MFB Home Fire Safety Archi focus data leaflet Home Maintenance Services Other data identifying with Council and different administrations

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Fire security check rundown Is the front door in great working request? Is the house number plainly shown? Any slip trip dangers on passage to the property? Are entryways that leave the building useful? Are the locks utilitarian? Are there stops? Are the halt keys effortlessly available? Are outside stairs in decent shape? Are there handrails on outside stairs?

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Fire security check rundown Are the slopes in decent shape? Are the fly wire entryway screens useful? Has the garments dryer build up catcher been cleaned? Taps trickling? Do the organizer entryways and drawers stick? Are there any piggy sponsored connectors? Any light globes require supplanting? Is there a smoke locator? Check the smoke identifier useful Any links over floor where they are a trek danger? Does the property require any pruning for safe access to the property?

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Methodology customer visits were incorporated into Care Workers programs to guarantee negligible effect on current administration conveyance hours Personal wellbeing check appointments were made in empty spots on Care Workers lists Care Workers booked customer arrangements Feedback components – so issues found are tended to/settled

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Methodology Feedback Mechanism & Referral Procedure 1. Alluded to Home Maintenance Smoke alert battery change Relocation of smoke locators Access to home or property issues 2. Alluded back to Area Team Leader for additional help with the home 3. Alluded to MFB for counsel or data

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Methodology for supervision Senior staff were constantly contactable by telephone for Care Workers with concerns Careworkers had fortnightly gatherings Feedback opportunity Care Worker worries amid customer visits New data redesigns

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Project Timeframe & Outcomes 10 – 12 months At the end of the venture, appraisal and audit process will keep on ensuring customers homes are surveyed and Clients educated of terminate hazard and an uplifted customer mindfulness, comprehension and learning of terminate security.

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Outcomes Mandatory yearly fire mindfulness preparing for all staff Fire attention to be implanted in enlistment handle for all new staff Fire Safety Checks and customer instruction included inside evaluation and survey handle Enter into dialogs with HACC Certificate III Traineeship supplier to incorporate fire security and mindfulness preparing in future traineeships.