History Alive Assessment 5, 6, 7 Jeopardy

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$100. $200. $300. $400. $500. $100. $200. $300. $400. $500. $100. $200. $300. $400. $500. $100. $200. $300. $400. $500. $100. $200. $300. $400. $500. . Vocabulary. Early Battles. English Actions. Before 1763. Pioneers. . Vocabulary for $100. To take back or counterbalance a law. . Vocabulary for $200. This individual is blameworthy of injustice or being unfaithful to their administration.

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´╗┐History Alive! Appraisal 5, 6, & 7 Jeopardy

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Vocabulary Early Battles Before 1763 Leaders British Actions $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 $ 500

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Vocabulary for $100 To reclaim or counteract a law

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Vocabulary for $200 This individual is liable of conspiracy or being traitorous to their legislature

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Vocabulary for $300 A formal understanding between countries

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Vocabulary for $400 A little armed force made up of conventional subjects who are accessible to battle in a crisis (like the American pioneers)

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Vocabulary $500 An expert trooper who battles for any individual who will pay them.

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Early Battles for $100 The principal shots of the Revolutionary War were discharged here as the British endeavored to find concealed stores of weapons and black powder

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Early Battles for $200 This fight is regularly named after the wrong slope - it really happened on Breed's Hill

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Early Battles for $300 The British discovered that Americans were ready to battle for their flexibility when they confronted civilian armies in these 2 towns

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Early Battles for $400 By encompassing the British with guns from the slopes of Dorchester Heights, the pilgrims drove the British out of this city.

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Early Battles for $500 This British general endeavored to locate the shrouded weapons in Lexington & Concorde

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Before 1763 for $100 This gathering of American pioneers trusted they had the privilege to administer themselves.

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Before 1763 $200 During the 1750's Britain and the pilgrims battled against the French and their Indian partners in this war

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Before 1763 for $300 American Colonists who felt they ought to stay faithful to the lord

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Before 1763 for $400 This war made the Ohio Valley open to settlement by the pioneers and evacuated the Native Americans

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Before 1763 for $500 One of the reasons the provinces experienced fast development between the mid-1600's and 1763

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Leaders for $100 The British King who overlooked the homesteaders' endeavors to determine their differences

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Leaders for $200 Before driving the pioneers in the American Revolution, he caught Fort Duquesne as a British armed force officer

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Leaders for $300 This man composed a few motivating pamplets to energize the pilgrims, including Common Sense and The Crisis

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Leaders for $400 The creator of the Declaration of Independence

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Leaders for $500 The British general who surrendered at Yorktown

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British Actions $100 Many Americans felt the Proclamation on 1763 was a demonstration of oppression since it endeavored to ______________________.

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British Actions for $200 A law go in 1765 requiring a stamp be acquired for each bit of paper chafed settlers who said the British Parliament had not ideal to assessment them.

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British Actions for $300 These expenses, nicknamed after the British pioneer known as "Champagne Charlie" set obligations on glass, paint, paper and tea. The homesteaders restricted them since they had no portrayal in the British government.

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British Actions for $400 Colonists assaulted British officers in this town, making them fire into the group and slaughter 5 individuals.

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British Actions for $500 The Sons of Liberty subtly boarded a few boats from the East India Tea Co. what's more, dumped their freight over the edge as a challenge to the Tea Acts

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Double Jeopardy Famous Lines Dec. of Ind. The End +'s & - 's Vocab $200 $400 $600 $800 $1000

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Famous Lines for $200 "These are the circumstances that attempt men's souls"

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Famous Lines for $400 "We hold these truths to act naturally clear, that all men are made equivalent, that they are supplied by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the quest for Happiness."

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Famous Lines for $600 "Don't fire until you see the whites of their eyes."

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Famous Lines for $800 This melody was played as the British armed force surrendered to General Washington at Yorktown

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Famous Lines for $1000 "I know not what course others may take; but rather with respect to me, give me freedom, or give me demise!"

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Declaration of Independence for $200 The occasion that commends the date the Declaration of Independence was endorsed by the settlements

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Declaration of Independence for $400 The reason for the Declaration of Independence

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Declaration of Independence for $600 The creator of the Declaration of Independence

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Declaration of Independence for $800 The pioneers made one last interest to King George to make peace with the states when they composed this record

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Declaration of Independence for $1000 The one section in the ORIGINAL draft of the Declaration of Independence that brought on some worry and was in the long run evacuated alluded to this.

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The End for $200 These three armed forces met at the Battle of Yorktown

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The End for $400 The name of the archive that was marked by Britain, formally conceding the Americans their freedom

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The End for $600 The Treaty of Paris allowed the US all the region amongst here and the Atlantic Ocean

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The End for $800 Many individuals from this gathering joined the Continental Army trusting that a triumph would convey a conclusion to subjugation

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The End for $1000 In return for their autonomy and land between the Atlantic and the Mississippi River, the Americans consented to give back any cash or property lost amid the war to this gathering of individuals.

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+'s & - 's for $200 This man and his authority aptitudes represented one of the biggest qualities of the Continental Army in their battle against the British

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+'s & - 's for $400 Overall, this gathering had a hindrance in light of the fact that their pioneers couldn't adapt to the attempt at manslaughter guerilla strategies of the pilgrims

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+'s & - 's for $600 Wearing down the British and tiring them out by battling a protective war

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+'s & - 's for $800 The British had the upside of having a greater amount of these

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+'s & - 's for $1000 This European country furtively upheld the Americans amid the Revolutionary War until the Battle of Saratoga when they formally turned into our partner, sending troops and supplies

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Vocabulary for $200 A general arrangement for accomplishing an objective, for example, willing a war.

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Vocabulary for $400 The shameful utilization of government power.

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Vocabulary for $600 Soldiers who work all alone and are not some portion of a normal armed force

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Vocabulary for $800 A country that joins another country in some regular exertion, for example, winning a war

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Vocabulary for $1000 To decline to get at least one merchandise from a specific source, or a sorted out refusal by many individuals

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Final Jeopardy! Reasons for the American Revolution

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Final Jeopardy Question These British laws, intended to rebuff Boston for the Tea Party, were harsh to the point that they had the turn around impact of joining the settlements against the ruler