HIPAA Preparing for Pharmaceutical Industry Delegates

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Distinguish when a business partners or shadow understanding is vital ... Questions Our Business Associates Frequently Ask. Where would I be able to go to get my inquiries ...

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HIPAA Training for Pharmaceutical Industry Representatives University of Utah Hospitals & Clinics

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Objectives Describe key elements of HIPAA and how it impacts pharmaceutical agents Identify when a business partners or shadow understanding is important Describe issues identified with reporting ADRs.

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HIPAA Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act 1996 Continuity of wellbeing arrangement when moving starting with one arrangement then onto the next Fraud implementation Privacy and security rules

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Privacy A moral issue; now the law! Singular ideal to control get to and revelation of ensured wellbeing data Paper, electronic, oral correspondence

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Without the patient's authorization. . . . Suppliers straightforwardly included in care may talk about patient's status Disclose data to counseling doctors or for referral But not to those without clinical duties.

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Name Biometric identifiers Full face pictures Geographic subdivisions Dates SS Phone, FAX E-mail, IP, URL MR, wellbeing arrangement # Account #, Cert., licenses Vehicle identifiers Device identifiers Other Protected Health Information (PHI)

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Security and Confidentiality Agreement All merchants Covers "accidental" introduction to PHI Handled as a major aspect of our workforce Exceeds necessities of HIPAA Important to ensure the protection of our patients

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Business Associates Agreement Another individual uses PHI to perform capacity or action for the benefit of the secured substance Provide administrations to the secured element that includes PHI Used for continuous relationship

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Shadowing understanding Use for one time circumstances with presentation to PHI more noteworthy than simply "coincidental" Requires assent of patient Approval of administration executive

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If you disregard HIPAA . . . Loss of benefits Dismissal Civil or criminal punishments

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TPHA When would you be able to share tolerant information? Treatment Payment Healthcare operations Authorized by the patient

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Keeping it private . . . Try not to convey data that might be possibly tolerant related Includes Who you see What you see What you listened

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Disclosing PHI without authorization There are special cases—most identified with general wellbeing and lawful necessities to report Example: Reporting ADRs to FDA UUHSC must keep a record of any divulgences Notify HIPAA office on the off chance that you are educated of an ADR

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Myths HIPAA doesn't make a difference to me Not some portion of workforce Doesn't have any significant bearing to medication organizations I don't have to consent to your arrangement This is only for the Hospital, Right?

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For more data UUHSC HIPAA office CDC rundown: www.cdc.gov/mmwr/review/mmwrhtml/m2e411a1.htm www.HIPAA.org www.cms.hhs.gov/hipaa

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Resources Website http://uuhsc.utah.edu/drug store/msr Guidelines All structures Links to protection office Database of all agents in our framework

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Summary UUHSC sets a higher standard around protection issues HIPAA and security issues apply whenever you are at one of our offices notwithstanding classification and security understandings, reps must sign a business partners or shadowing assentions when pertinent Report HIPAA issues Ask questions!

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Questions Our Business Associates Frequently Ask Where would I be able to go to get my inquiries addressed rapidly? privacy@hsc.utah.edu http://uuhsc.utah.edu/security How long will it take? Most inquiries are replied in 1 business day. Why so much printed material? To ensure our patient's security.

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What Can You Do To Make The Process Go Faster? Comprehend our objective is: To give exceptional medicinal care to the greater part of our patients. To ensure the security of our patients at all times. Comprehend what your part is in meeting our objective What you see and hear in the healing centers and facilities remains there.

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Making The Process Easier And Faster Complete and consent to our business relate arrangement (BAA). BAA's are self restoring They can be changed They can be modified One for each organization They are found on our site page

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Screen shots synopsis Main website page http://uuhsc.utah.edu/security Site for personnel, understudy, staff, volunteers (this page connections to the following two) http://intranet.uuhsc.utah.edu/protection/workforce/en/index.html

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