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Helpful Programs in Authority Control Adam L. Schiff University of Washington Libraries

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Cooperative Cataloging The first inventoriing of bibliographic things through the joint activity of a gathering of autonomous libraries which make the bibliographic records open to gathering individuals and once in a while to non-taking an interest libraries also - The ALA Glossary of Library and Information Science

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Authority Control The techniques by which the definitive types of names, subjects, uniform titles, and so forth., utilized as headings as a part of a document of bibliographic records are reliably connected and looked after - The ALA Glossary of Library and Information Science

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Authority Record A record which demonstrates a heading in the shape set up for use in an arrangement of bibliographic records, refers to the sources counseled in setting up the heading, shows the references to be made to and from the heading, and notes data found in the sources as avocation of the picked type of heading and the predefined references - The ALA Glossary of Library and Information Science

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Cooperative Authority Control The creation and support of power records through the joint activity of a gathering of free libraries which make the power records available to gathering individuals and to non-taking an interest libraries too.

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The PCC is a global helpful program facilitated mutually by the Library of Congress & PCC members around the globe. The Program plans to extend access to library accumulations by giving valuable, opportune, and savvy indexing which meets commonly acknowledged benchmarks of libraries around the globe.

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PCC Goals 1. Agreeably improve the opportune accessibility of bibliographic and power records by inventoriing more things, creating listing that is generally accessible for sharing and use by others, and performing classifying in a more practical way. 2. Create and keep up commonly adequate gauges for records. 3. Advance the estimations of convenient get to and cost-viability in recording, and extend the pool of catalogers who inventory utilizing the commonly acknowledged guidelines. 4. Increment the sharing and utilization of outside bibliographic and power records . 5. Accommodate continuous examination, arranging, and operations among members keeping in mind the end goal to facilitate the program's central goal.

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Monographic Bibliographic Record Component Serial Bibliographic Record Component Name Authority Cooperative Program Subject Authority Cooperative Program

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contribute power records for names, uniform titles, and arrangement to the national power record by means of OCLC or RLIN roll out improvements to existing name, uniform title, and arrangement power records singular establishments may join this program, or a gathering of libraries with a typical intrigue may frame a "channel venture" to contribute records through an organizer members consent to take after a typical arrangement of principles and rules while making or changing power records keeping in mind the end goal to keep up the respectability of an extensive shared power record

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NACO Required Documentation Anglo-American Cataloging Rules, second ed., rev. (AACR2) MARC 21 Authority Format (in addition to the Z1 "business repository" issued by LC) Library of Congress Rule Interpretations (LCRIs) Subject Cataloging Manual:Subject Headings (SCM) Instruction Sheet H 405 ("The division of the world") FAQ - Joining NACO

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NACO Training A week of particular NACO preparing is attempted by members, either at their home organizations or at LC. Amid the preparation, rules are talked about and developed with a perpetually developing familiarity with the need to streamline inventoriing endeavors while building a reliable and unsurprising record. This document will help the worldwide library group work all the more proficiently and adequately, permitting it to augment its assets. Preparing Outline

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Current NACO Participants in Washington State Central Washington University - WaElC Seattle University Law Library - WaSU-L University of Washington - WaU Western Washington University - WaBeW

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Whom to Contact About Joining NACO Ruta Penkiunas, Team Leader Cooperative Cataloging Team Library of Congress Washington, DC 20540-4382 voice: (202) 707-2826 fax: (202) 707-2824 email:

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submit proposition for power records for Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH) and to change existing LCSH submit recommendations for new Library of Congress Classification (LCC) and to change existing LCC singular establishments may submit proposition specifically, or a gathering of libraries may frame a "pipe venture" to submit proposition by means of a facilitator members take after the arrangements in the Subject Cataloging Manual: Subject Headings (SCM) dissimilar to NACO, there is no formal preparing prerequisite for support

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SACO Required Documentation For Subject Headings Library of Congress Subject Headings Subject Cataloging Manual: Subject Headings Free-Floating Subdivisions: An Alphabetical Index MARC 21 Format for Authority Data For Classification Numbers Library of Congress Classification plans LC Classification, Additions and Changes Subject Cataloging Manual: Classification

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FAQ - Joining SACO

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Why Participate in SACO? existing LCSH and LCC are not generally satisfactory LC's accumulations and yours are not the same; you may gather materials in regions or controls not gathered by LC or at a much more prominent profundity than LC permits catalogers to appoint subject headings and arrangement numbers at a proper level of specificity as opposed to assigning headings or numbers that are excessively expansive helpful indexing benefits every one of us and permits littler libraries and libraries with exceptionally particular accumulations to share their endeavors and their mastery by getting new headings and numbers into LCSH and LCC, you don't need to keep up extraordinarily made neighborhood records

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Why Participate in SACO? you can add valuable cross-references to existing headings and change outdated terms to more flow wording on the off chance that you utilize LCC, building up new numbers and Cutters helps making duplicate inventoriing and shelflisting less difficult and more solid crosswise over libraries it serves clients' needs it is mentally animating to do the exploration to set up another subject and fulfilling to see your work incorporated into the national power record and LCSH as well as LCC it's the main segment of the PCC that is interested in any library that desires to take an interest. You don't need to go to any formal preparing, and you don't have to have a place with an utility like OCLC or RLIN nor even inventory in an online situation keeping in mind the end goal to submit proposition.

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What Else is Needed for SACO Proposals? MARC Organization Code ( not the same as your OCLC code) arrangement of reference assets to do power inquire about - definitive sources, for example, general and subject lexicons, reference books, thesauri, lists, chart books, gazetteers, indexes, and so on. SACO landing page keeps up a rundown of Web-based reference assets that can likewise be utilized there is no conclusive rundown of favored sources - utilize your judgment regarding what sources are fitting and helpful

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Proposal Forms on SACO Home Page

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SUBJECT AUTHORITY PROPOSAL FORM Complete and mail to the Internet address: or print, finish, and fax to: 202.707.2824 (For directions on filling in shape see: Guidelines for planning LC Subject Heading recommendations ) 008/06: (Direct or aberrant geographic subdivision) ______ (May Subd Geog) ______ (Not Subd Geog) ______ (No Decision) 008/39: (Cataloging source): c 040: ________$b eng $c DLC 053 : _________________________ 1_______: ___________________________________________________________________________________ 4_______: ___________________________________________________________________________________ 4_______: ___________________________________________________________________________________ 4_______: ___________________________________________________________________________________ 5_______ (BT): _______________________________________________________________________________ 5_______ (BT): _______________________________________________________________________________ 5_______ (RT): _______________________________________________________________________________ 670 Work feline.: ________________________________________________________________________________ 670 (Sources found): __________________________________________________________________________ 670 (extra "Sources found" to legitimize hdg or x-refs): _____________________________________________________________________________________________ 675 (Sources not found): _______________________________________________________________________ 680 Here are entered takes a shot at __________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________ 781 (Geographic subdivision): $z _______________________________ $z ______________________________ 667 (Note field):_______________________________________________________________________________ 952 : ..... chin-wiper. records to be changed 952: LC design or SCM Memo: ___________________________________________________ 953 : yz00 Submitted by ___________________________________