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. . . School Report Card2002-2003 School Year. . Review of K

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Harborfields Central School District The New York State School Report Card

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School Report Card 2002-2003 School Year Overview of K – 12 understudy accomplishment

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2003-2004 Board of Education Goal To examine the execution of our understudies on the state appraisals and create plans for enhancing comes about

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K-12 Assessment Plan District Qualitative Conferences Student (singular) Teacher Parent Support Staff Team Academic Intervention Services Committee on Special Education Quantitative Local Assessments In class evaluations K – 12 Terra Nova/TONYSS 2,3,5,6,7 Test of Cognitive Skills 2,3,4,5,6,7

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New York State Assessments

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Analysis of Data By area By school By associate By review level By educator By thing/address Track the information to decide advance being made towards meeting the principles and upgrading understudy execution .

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K-12 Program Evaluation How would we impart discoveries to enhance direction? Review level gatherings Department gatherings K-12 educational modules range meetings Staff improvement Curriculum development School appearances Consultants Networking Internet look into Parent gatherings

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New York State System of Accountability Proposed arranges : Implement statewide testing in ELA and math for evaluations 3 – 8 starting with the 2005-2006 school year Continue to manage the science appraisal in evaluations 4 and 8 Continue to oversee the social reviews appraisal in evaluations 5 and 8 Implement a one of a kind understudy ID# framework statewide initiating with the 2005-2006 school year to be utilized for information accumulation and revealing

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New York State System of Accountability Combine the LEAP and STEP information announcing into one information distribution center before the finish of 2005-2006 Link the information stockroom to a virtual learning framework to bolster direction Note: This year in-locale territorial scoring was executed.

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Statewide Data Collection District Regional Warehouse SED sends information to sends information to utilizations information for gives utilizes information to Providing direction assets through VLS Producing center reports (report cards, government responsibility necessities, for Regents, fundamental reports for areas) Technical help Data that can be utilized for examination Improving guideline Tracking understudies requires District Responsibilities Designate prepared information heads who are in charge of actualizing precise revealing of individual understudy information (by 2005-2006) Required to submit exact understudy information through local stockrooms (by 2005-2006) Collect and keep up exact individual understudy ELA and math test information for evaluations 3-8 (by 2005-2006) Regional Warehouse Responsibilities Provide information director preparing (in 2004-2005) Maintain distribution center and transmission capacity for region understudy information Assign one of a kind understudy identifier to region information to submit to state store Works intimately with RICs/BOCES SED Responsibilities Define information models and status conventions, center learning (in 2003-2004) Operate statewide one of a kind ID framework Operate statewide information vault Develop measures and conventions for accommodation of understudy appraisal information and give center reports

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The introductions will be made in the accompanying arrangement: Harborfields High School Oldfield Middle School Thomas J. Lahey Elementary School Washington Drive Primary School

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Harborfields High School The New York State School Report Card

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Highlights of Student Accomplishments at Harborfields High School concerning the execution of our secondary school understudies on the Regents appraisals in 2003, the accompanying outcomes ought to be noted: Of exceptional note… Our understudies accomplished a passing rate of 99% on the Math A Regents directed in January 2004 with a 82% authority rate. 82% of the 2003 graduates earned a Regents recognition, the fourth most elevated rate in Suffolk County. 96% of the 2003 graduates went to school, the second most astounding rate in Suffolk County.

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Percentage of Students Going to College Five Year Comparison: 1999-2003

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Distribution of 2003 Graduates Note: The 2003 school acknowledgment rate speaks to the second most astounding in Suffolk County.

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Analysis of understudies who did not win a Regents confirmation June 2003

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Advanced Placement Scholars Scholar Earning a normal score of 3 on no less than 3 exams Honor Earning a normal score of 3.25 on no less than 5 exams Distinction Earning a normal score of 3.5 on no less than 5 exams National Earning a normal score of no less than 4 on 8 exams

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Advanced Placement Results for 2002-2003 Percentage Passing % Scored 3 or above

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Awards and Recognitions One of our Harborfields High School understudies has gotten acknowledgment as an Intel Semi-finalist. Four Harborfields High School understudies have been perceived as National Merit finalists. Eight Harborfields understudies have gotten grants from the New York State Education Department in acknowledgment of their scholarly perfection. A secondary school junior has been chosen to the National Youth Forum in Washington D.C. A secondary school senior was one of two understudies from New York chose to speak to our state in the Senate Youth Program.

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Analysis of 2002-2003 Spanish Results Basic Premise : The LOTE division investigated Regents comes about because of the previous three years and distinguished the accompanying objectives: To expand the quantity of understudies enlisted in the Spanish Regents level courses 2. To expand the rate of understudies scoring at the authority level

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Step One Performed a point by point thing examination of the accompanying learning norms as reflected in the Regents exam: Listening Speaking Reading Writing

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Step Two Item Analysis Conclusions The information investigation showed particular inadequacies in word acknowledgment and vocabulary aptitudes. The vocabulary lack affected the execution of understudies on the tuning in and perusing areas.

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Step Three Program alterations : The New York State learning models and past evaluations were inspected with an end goal to create center vocabulary records, exercises, and assignments. The educational modules for the Level I and Level II Spanish courses was looked into to upgrade arrangement with the New York State learning norms and evaluations.

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Step Three (proceeded with) Assessment planning exercises, for example, vocabulary recognizable proof were spiraled into day by day lessons. This changed exam survey into a continuous, dynamic occasion. Behavioral targets, incorporated exercises, and free assignments were changed to adjust to New York State models in perusing, composing, talking, and tuning in.

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Step Four Results The quantity of understudies enlisted in the Regents course expanded by forty. An extra forty-eight understudies accomplished dominance on the Spanish Regents examination. The authority level expanded by 20%.

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Oldfield Middle School The New York State School Report Card

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Oldfield Middle School was likewise perceived as a National School of Character by the Character Education Partnership for the Adopt-a-Senior program.

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Highlights of Student Accomplishments at Oldfield Middle School with respect to the execution of our center school understudies on the state evaluations in 2003, the accompanying outcomes ought to be noted: Of exceptional note… … The passing rate on the arithmetic appraisal was the most astounding in Suffolk County. The passing rate for 8 th grade understudies taking the Earth Science Regents was 100% with a dominance level of 99%.

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ELA Data Analysis - 2004

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ELA Data Analysis - 2004 Step One: Once the ELA information was gotten from BOCES, the accompanying strides were actualized: The outcomes were diagrammed to recognize the p-values, mid-range, and crevices. The numerous decision information was contrasted with Eastern Suffolk, Western Suffolk, and all of Suffolk County. The outlines were explored to recognize and contrast our outcomes with alternate areas.

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3. The accompanying wording is utilized to portray the information comes about: Mid-go: Multiple decision inquiries are created to be simple, modestly troublesome, and extremely troublesome (discriminators). The simple inquiries can be situated on the accompanying diagrams by discovering percentiles over the "mid-extend." These inquiries were addressed accurately by most of the test takers. The discriminators, exceptionally troublesome inquiries, fall beneath the mid-extend and were just addressed accurately by a couple of the test takers. These inquiries are intended to challenge. Mid-go inquiries are those that test most of the test takers whose execution might be adjusted through readiness and classroom direction. This is the territory focused for conceivable change.

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P-values : P-qualities are a percentile rating that demonstrate the trouble of a question in light of the recurrence of right understudy reactions. Crevices: Gaps speak to various decision questions where the neighborhood percentile result is not as much as the district/region. This would show that the region overall is performing preferred on specific benchmarks over the neighborhood populace. This range would be perceived as a zone requiring educational programs advancement (a standard which should be tended to in guideline). There has all the earmarks of being no crevices on the accompanying diagrams as the nearby populace performed better on every standard in contrast with the region all in all.

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P-values Mid range-between The green lines Gap Standards Discriminators Questions

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The graph above looks at the ELA comes about for OMS to Eastern Suf