HAPL 39th Annual Technical Workshop Presentation

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HAPL 39 th Annual Technical Workshop Presentation April 24, 2008

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Forward-Looking Statements made by delegates of Linn Energy, LLC throughout this presentation that are not chronicled truths are forward-looking explanations. These announcements depend on specific presumptions and desires made by the Company which mirror administration's experience, evaluations and impression of authentic patterns, current conditions, expected future improvements and different elements accepted to be fitting. Such articulations are liable to various suppositions, dangers and vulnerabilities, a large number of which are outside the ability to control of the Company, which may bring about genuine results to vary tangibly from those inferred or expected in the forward-looking proclamations. These incorporate dangers identifying with monetary execution and results, our obligation under our credit office, accessibility of adequate income to pay disseminations and execute our strategy for success, costs and interest for gas, oil and regular gas fluids, our capacity to supplant saves and proficiently build up our present holds, our capacity to make acquisitions on monetarily satisfactory terms, and other imperative variables that could bring about real results to contrast substantially from those foreseen or inferred in the forward-looking proclamations. See "Chance Factors" in the Company's 2007 Annual Report on Form 10-K and some other open filings and official statements. Linn Energy embraces no commitment to openly redesign any forward-looking explanations, whether as a consequence of new data or future occasions. This presentation has been set up as of April 11, 2008.

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Senior Management Representative Mark E. Ellis President & Chief Operating Officer

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What Assets Fit the MLP Model

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Appalachia Sale Rationale Capitalizes on Marcellus Shale eagerness Marcellus Shale is a testing resource for the MLP/LLC structure Significant capital duties Exploration hazard Marcellus Shale advancement acquaints new dangers with ordinary creation and improvement exercises Additional limit limitations Escalating costs (puts weight on customary financial aspects) Conventional Appalachian stock does not contend well with more extensive stock set Enhances money related quality Reduces pistol by $550 million Borrowing limit increments to around $700 million from roughly $300 million Ability to reimburse whole $400 million term credit if so fancied In the present market, openings exist to rebuy almost twice as much income from "immaculate" MLP resources at a similar cost, for instance: Lamamco – price tag $552 million; EBITDA $75-$90+ million Appalachia – deal cost $600 million ($550 million net); EBITDA $50-$55 million

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Appalachia Sale Metrics Due to Marcellus potential, Linn Energy could understand a full esteem for its Appalachian properties through the deal Value measurements in light of demonstrated stores of 197 Bcfe (1) and current day by day generation of roughly 25 MMcfe/d (1) Proved saves as assessed by an outsider building firm at December 31, 2007.

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Appalachia Sale versus Lamamco Acquisition Current procurement showcase for "immaculate" MLP resources permits Linn Energy to create noteworthy accumulation above income lost because of Appalachia deal

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Inventory Classification Texas Panhandle Granite Wash HIGH Marcellus Shale Texas Panhandle Shallow Woodford Shale Mississippi Shelf Inventory Potential Verden California Mayfield Tuttle Naval Reserve Appalachia Osage Hominy LOW Concept Maturity HIGH

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Overview of Linn Energy

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Company Overview Oil and gas advancement and obtaining organization Headquartered in Houston and traded on an open market on Nasdaq (image: LINE) Top 25 biggest autonomous maker in the United States Focus on develop delivering bowls for stable trade streams Operate out Mid-Continent and California Target new locales and rush on circumstances in existing center ranges Key insights: 1.7 Tcfe add up to demonstrated stores  Equity advertise top $2.7 billion ~7,200+ oil and gas wells  Total obligation 1.5 billion 4,100+ boring areas  Enterprise esteem $4.2 billion 21 year save life file Note: Pro forma for pending Appalachia deal. Showcase information as of April 11, 2008 (LINE shutting cost of $23.32). Hold information in light of D&M save reports as of December 31, 2007 and acquisitions shut as of January 31, 2008.

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U.S. Operations Mid-Continent 57% normal gas 43% oil and NGLs 87% of aggregate stores 4,078 designed areas Western 94% unrefined petroleum 13% of aggregate stores 91 built areas CA KS Division Office (Brea) OK Division Office (Oklahoma City) TX Corporate Headquarters (Houston) Note: Pro forma for pending Appalachia deal. Save information in light of D&M save reports as of December 31, 2007 and acquisitions shut as of January 31, 2008.

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Proved Reserves Distribution Reserves by Commodity Reserves by Category NGL 15% Proved Undeveloped 28% Oil 35% Gas half Proved Developed 72% 1.7 Tcfe of demonstrated stores 21 year hold life file Note: Pro forma for pending Appalachia deal. Save information in view of D&M hold reports as of December 31, 2007 and acquisitions shut as of January 31, 2008.

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Proven Acquisition Track Record Aggregate # of Gross Contract Price Year Acquisitions Wells Region ($ millions) (1) (2) 2003 4 498 Appalachia $ 52.0 2004 2 698 Appalachia 25.9 2005 3 718 Appalachia 124.5 2006 5 1,430 Mid-Continent, Appalachia and Western 451.7 2007 8 4,505 Mid-Continent, Appalachia and Western 2,678.9 2008 2 2,450 Mid-Continent and Appalachia 566.9 24 10,299 $ 3,899.9 Historical procurement cost = $2.07 per Mcfe 2007 securing cost = $2.41 per Mcfe 2008 obtaining cost = $1.72 per Mcfe Note: Table incorporates all huge finished acquisitions. Per unit procurement costs in light of procurement of working interests as it were. Save information in light of inside organization gauges. (1) Gross wells do exclude roughly 1,800 wells connected with eminence intrigue acquisitions. (2) Contract obtaining cost is liable to post-shutting modification.

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A History of Performance and Growth Proved Reserve Volume (Bcfe) Reserves Per Unit (Mcfe) 51% CAGR 109% CAGR Average Daily Production (MMcfe/d) Total Net Acreage Undeveloped Developed 87% CAGR 151% CAGR (1) Pro forma for pending Appalachia deal. Save information in view of D&M save reports as of December 31, 2007 and acquisitions shut as of January 31, 2008. (2) Pro forma for pending Appalachia deal. In view of mid-purpose of direction evaluations declared on February 28, 2008 and incorporates Appalachian generation for just the primary quarter of 2008 to coordinate the Company's acknowledgment of Adjusted EBITDA for the monetary year. (3) Pro forma for pending Appalachia deal. Reflects year-end 2007 real esatate and incorporates acquisitions finished as of January 31, 2008.

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A History of Performance and Growth Cumulative Acquisitions ($ millions) Adjusted EBITDA (1) ($ millions) Total $3.9 billion 161% CAGR Equity Raised ($ millions) Annualized Distribution per Unit Total $2.7 billion 58% Increase (1) Adjusted EBITDA is a Non-GAAP budgetary measure accommodated to its most straightforwardly equivalent GAAP measure on page 51 of this presentation. (2) Mid-purpose of direction appraisals reported on February 28, 2008, balanced for pending Appalachia deal.

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2008E Capital Program 2008E Capital Budget – $255 Million 2008E Estimated Wells – 294 Texas Panhandle Granite Wash $113 MM Texas Panhandle Granite Wash 57 Wells Texas Panhandle Shallow $49 MM Texas Panhandle Shallow 97 Wells 45% 19% 33% 7% Appalachia $18 MM 1% California $3 MM 34% 14% Oklahoma & Other 99 Wells Appalachia 41 Wells 28% Oklahoma & Other $72 MM Note: Estimated capital spending plan balanced for Appalachia deal.

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Company Inventory 1,355 1.8 Tcfe Total Inventory Opportunity sources Development Exploitation Acquisition (resource & arrive) Inventory quality Location-particular Risk-balanced Land-controlled Areas Resource Category 0.3 Tcfe 19% 0.7 Tcfe 35% 1.3 Tcfe 72% 0.5 Tcfe 28% 0.7 Tcfe 37% 903 0.1 Tcfe 9% 1,820 91 Engineered Locations 2008E Drilling Activity Engineered Locations Years of Inventory 4,169 253 16 years Note: Pro forma for pending Appalachia deal.

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Low Risk Inventory For The Future Includes 4,169 boring areas and 2.8-3.8 Tcfe of capital stock Unrisked Resource Potential (Tcfe) Verden Woodford Shale Down dividing openings Mississippi Shelf TX Panhandle – Granite Wash TX Panhandle – Shallow Prospective 1-2 Tcfe Resource Potential (Bcfe) Engineered Locations Total Wells High Confidence Inventory 1.3 Tcfe TX Panhandle – Granite Wash 777 600 Oklahoma 1,083 440 TX Panhandle – Shallow 967 170 California 79 40 2,906 PUD Engineered Locations Reserves (Bcfe) Total Wells Oklahoma 737 209 TX Panhandle – Shallow 388 174 TX Panhandle – Granite Wash 126 77 California 12 32 PUD Development Upside 0.5 Tcfe 1,263 Proved Developed 1.2 Tcfe PDP/PDNP

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Mid-Continent Region Overview Largest region of operations 87% of aggregate demonstrated stores A top maker in the Mid-Continent 57% characteristic gas, 43% oil and NGLs 300+ representatives ~6,600+ oil and gas wells (70% worked) Currently running 13 rigs Acreage position ~845,000 net sections of land ~660,000 net devel