Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome

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Ailment History. To start with authoritatively analyzed in U.S. in1993 in

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´╗┐Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome Investigation

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Disease History First formally analyzed in U.S. in1993 in "Four Corners"of the Southwest Not a New Illness Indian legends portray an ailment with an indistinguishable side effects from HPS and related it with mice.

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Transmission Aerosol transmission virus is found in the droppings and pee of tainted rodents Person to Person transmission has not been found in the U.S.

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The Rice Rat The Deer Mouse The Cotton Rat The White Footed Mouse

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Initial Symptoms can be: Fever, Fatigue Muscle hurts particularly in the back, hips and shoulders Headache Dizziness Chills Nausea, heaving Abdominal agony . Roughly four to ten days after the onset of the underlying side effects late indications may show up. These include: Coughing, Shortness of breath with a sentiment snugness around the trunk . Indications OCCUR WITHIN ONE TO FIVE WEEKS AFTER EXPOSURE

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Clinical Case Definition Febrile disease (temp>101) portrayed by respective diffuse interstitial aspiratory edema looking like ARDS and requiring supplemental oxygen inside 72 hours of hospitalization

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The Investigation

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Otherwise sound 35 year old male conceded with intense stomach torment. Built up a fever Underwent exploratory surgery Developed ARDS postoperatively requiring ventilator bolster Cats at home, one of which kicked the bucket brief time before ailment Computer designer who worked in engineering What We knew

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Interview Questions Had he set out to Southwest as of late Had he got any shipments from Southwest Had he been camping,fishing, or chasing If yes had he been in a camper that had been shut everything down a while Had they seen mice around the outside of the house since late summer Had the felines been seen with dead mice

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Interview Questions Had they seen proof of mice inside house Had he invested energy in the storm cellar of structures in his work Had he done work in fields, horse shelters, or sheds Had he been on a development site as of late? Where? Had any other person at home or work had a comparable ailment

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The Environmental Investigation Were there settling locales in the heap of wood or the region where it had been? Were there potential sustenance sources around the yard? Pet sustenance in dishes? Revealed junk jars near the house? Was there vegetation near the house? Were there open places in the establishment where rodents may have gone into the house?

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The Environmental Investigation Were there rodents around the house? Were there indications of rodents Droppings Gnawed ranges Nesting destinations Run zones, oil or soil on surfaces Openings in dividers, floors or ground surfaces