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Hammurabi's Code You be the judge

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When Marduk sent me to run over men, to give the security of right to the land, I did well and in honesty achieved the prosperity of the persecuted. The following are circumstances Hammurabi faced.  Decide what you think to be a reasonable approach to manage the issue. At that point, we will see what Hammurabi declared.  Would Marduk, the incomparable god, be satisfied with your choices?

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You Decide What ought to be done to the craftsman who constructs a house that falls and murders the proprietor?

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If a developer manufactures a house for a man and does not make its development sound, and the house which he has constructed crumples and causes the passing of the proprietor of the house, the manufacturer should be killed.

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You Decide What ought to be done when a "sister of god" (or pious devotee) enters the wine look for a drink?

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If a "sister of god" (pious devotee) who is not living in a religious circle opens a wine shop or enters a wine look for a drink, they should smolder that lady.

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You Decide What happens if a man can't pay his obligations?

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If a man be paying off debtors and can't pay his lenders, he might offer his better half, child, or little girl, or tie them over to benefit. For a long time they should work in the places of their buyer or ace; in the fourth year they might be given their opportunity.

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You Decide What happens to the wine vender who neglects to capture awful characters assembled at her shop? We be BAD deep down

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If terrible characters assemble in the place of a wine dealer and she doesn't capture those characters and convey them to the royal residence, that wine merchant might be executed.

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You Decide What ought to be done about a spouse who overlooks her obligations and puts down her significant other?

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If the lady has not been watchful but rather has gadded about, disregarding her home and disparaging her better half, they might toss that lady into the water.

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You Decide What ought to be done if a child is received and after that the birth-guardians need him back?

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If a man takes in his own particular home a young man as a child and backs him, one may not bring claim for that embraced child.

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You Decide What ought to happen to a kid who slaps his dad?

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If a child strikes his dad, they should remove his hand.

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You Decide How is reality decided when one man brings an allegation against another?

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If any one brings an allegation against a man, both men go to the waterway and the charged individual jumps into the stream. On the off chance that he soaks in the stream, his informer might claim his home. Yet, in the event that the stream demonstrates that the denounced is not blameworthy, and he escapes unhurt, then he who had conveyed the allegation might be killed, while he who jumped into the waterway should claim the house that had a place with his informer.