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´╗┐Directions for R & J Projects Click anyplace on this screen to start.

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Things you ought to know: This venture is worth FIVE BRONZE GRADES. That is very nearly 30% of your six weeks review. It will be expected toward the end of the six weeks. That implies you have six weeks to get ready. In the event that you hold up until the last moment to get ready, kindly don't expect sensitivity from me.

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STEP ONE Select ONE of the three entries recorded on the notice board at the front of the classroom. Find the section in your course reading, and read over it. On the off chance that more than one individual is required, sort out your gathering.

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STEP TWO Copy the entry you have chosen from your course reading. On the off chance that there is more than one section, you should duplicate ALL of them. Highlight your lines, if there is more than one section. Duplicates MUST be HANDWRITTEN, and are worth 50 purposes of your Grade.

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STEP THREE Memorize your lines. Request help with elocution of troublesome words. Hone with your gathering. You will have some class time, however you will likewise need to rehearse outside of class. Settle on any "additional" touches you need to include (ensembles, props, music, and so forth)

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STEP FOUR Once you have chosen, round out and turn in a composed frame expressing which scene you will perform, and who you will perform with. A week prior to the execution due date, you will plan the day and time you wish to perform. A couple previously, then after the fact school execution times are accessible, however will be filled on a "first come, first serve" premise.

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STEP FIVE PERFORM! Your review will be founded on the accompanying: Memorization (do you know your lines?) Staging (doorways, exits, development, and so on.) Believability (say your lines with feeling ) Creativity! (outfits, props, music, and so on.)

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BREAK A LEG! (Good Luck)