Guide to exceeding expectations in restorative written work

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Program for the day. IMRADStudy designsClear writingStructured abstractsStatistics testsSelf-editingGraphs, figuresImpact factorWhich journal?Publication ethicsClinical trial exposure. The extent of restorative written work. Inner reportsRegulatory reportsConference presentationsabstractoral presentationposterJournal articlesoriginal research paperreview articlecase reportletter to proofreader.

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Guide to exceeding expectations in therapeutic written work Dr Trish Groves Deputy manager, BMJ

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Program for the day IMRAD Study plans Clear composition Structured modified works Statistics tests Self-altering Graphs, figures Impact calculate Which diary? Production morals Clinical trial revelation

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The extent of medicinal composition Internal reports Regulatory reports Conference introductions theoretical oral introduction notice Journal articles unique research paper survey article case report letter to editorial manager

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Follow the correct street

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Role of restorative scholars European Medical Writers Association arrangement: therapeutic essayists have a honest to goodness part in helping named writers in creating original copies for companion checked on diaries and introductions such commitments and financing data ought to be straightforwardly recognized not 'professional writer', which wrongly infers something shrouded specialists in logical correspondence, information introduction, diary and congress prerequisites of diaries, and distribution morals may in this manner raise the standard of productions and quicken the procedure

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Excellent composition

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Start with great science Communalism - normal responsibility for disclosures Universalism - assessment utilizing all inclusive, impartial criteria Disinterestedness - researchers ought to act sacrificially Organized wariness - thoughts tried and subjected to thorough, organized examination by associates US humanist Robert Merton b1910

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Plan adequately For unique research : have a reasonable research address look for factual guidance utilize the correct review configuration act morally keep a receptive outlook and limit predisposition concur will's identity vital examiner concur will's identity writers and benefactors consent to distribute even contrary outcomes

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Behave morally Research morals – assertion of Helsinki, ICH Publication morals maintain a strategic distance from unfortunate behavior secure patients' personalities report unmistakably: educated assent any deviation from regular practice full weight forced on members add up to dangers postured to members or others advantages to members, patients, society It's not generally enough to express that the review was affirmed by a morals advisory group or IRB

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Clear composition keep it basic: utilize short, natural words stay away from language and acronyms be particular be concrete, not extract say what you mean and mean what you say

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Editors' reports of composition issues Poorly composed, inordinate language Inadequate/unseemly introduction Poor depiction of outline Excessive enthusiasm and self advancement Rationale confounded, conflicting Essential information excluded, overlooked Boring Important work of others disregarded Seldom Occasionally Frequently Byrne DW, Publishing Medical Research Papers, Williams and Wilkins, 1998

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Spin: the unscrupulous medication trial Not straightforward (backers' parts, contending interests) Compares intercession with one known to be second rate with ineffectual measurements of contender mediation with such a large amount of contender that ADRs likely Uses various endpoints and reports specifically Reports comes about just from positive focuses Reports just ideal subgroup investigations Presents just most noteworthy outcomes eg diminishment in relative instead of outright hazard

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On the left side the danger of stroke or seeping amid treatment for atrial fibrillation is indicated in respect to the class of individuals who have not had the treatment (as in relative hazard decrease). The correct side demonstrates the treatment impact with respect to a class of 100 untreated individuals who have not had a stroke or seeping (as in outright hazard decrease) Gigerenzer G , Edwards A BMJ 2003;327:741-744 ©2003 by British Medical Journal Publishing Grou

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Framing hazard Conditional probabilities The likelihood that a lady has bosom tumor is 0.8%. On the off chance that she has bosom growth, the likelihood that a mammogram will demonstrate a positive outcome is 90%. In the event that a lady does not have bosom tumor the likelihood of a positive outcome is 7%. Take, for instance, a lady who as a positive outcome. What is the likelihood that she really has bosom malignancy? Normal frequencies Eight out of each 1000 ladies have bosom growth. Of these 8 ladies with bosom malignancy 7 will have a positive mammogram. Of the 992 ladies who don't have bosom growth somewhere in the range of 70 will at present have a positive mammogram. Take, for instance, a specimen of ladies who have positive mammograms. What number of these ladies have bosom growth?

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Spin – it's not just in trials… 2006 BMJ paper observed that industry bolstered deliberate audits were of lower quality than Cochrane surveys of similar medications, were less straightforwardly revealed, had less reservations about methodological constraints, and dependably prescribed the support's medication without reservations Jørgensen AW et al. BMJ  2006;333:782 2007 BMJ paper found that supported meta-examinations on antihypertensive medications were not related with positive outcomes but rather had overgenerous conclusions

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essential research articles make impact peer audit affirms the science diary mark embraces message superior to medication reps auxiliary articles spread impact more prone to be perused than research particularly if KOL writers can change arrangement Industry-dispatched surveys

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The legit audit article portray data sources and techniques for choice in a perfect world, refer to Cochrane and other orderly surveys clear up sort and quality of confirmation for key articulations "A vast vigorous randomized controlled trial finds..." "The discoveries of a little case arrangement suggest..." proclaim provenance, financing, and contending interests

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BMJ asks writers submitting or offering spontaneous surveys and publications on conceivably business subjects three inquiries And each distributed article pronounces contending interests and provenance has anybody provoked or paid you to compose this article? would/did an expert author add to the article? what exactly degree? would the BMJ article be unique, or would it be like articles submitted or distributed somewhere else? In what manner can diaries offer assistance?

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GPP2 agenda

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Publication understandings

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Advice on submitting articles

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