Group Nutrition

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´╗┐Group Nutrition M. Copies FCS 3756

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Community Nutrition Discipline endeavoring to enhance the wellbeing, nourishment, and prosperity of people and gatherings inside groups Definition of a group Community sustenance v. general wellbeing M. Smolders, 2008

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Three regions Policy People Programs M. Blazes, 2008

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Community Interventions Components of wellbeing Health advancement Changing human conduct through arranged intercessions M. Blazes, 2008

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Levels of Intervention M. Blazes, 2008

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Healthy People 2010 Goals Increase quality and years of a sound life Eliminate wellbeing incongruities M. Blazes, 2008

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Community Nutritionists Build attention to a wellbeing issue Change ways of life Create a strong domain for change Behave morally M. Blazes, 2008

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What is morals? Your musings Philosophical train managing what is ethically great and terrible or good and bad. Code of Ethics M. Smolders, 2008

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Ethical basic leadership Autonomy Beneficence Non-perniciousness Justice M. Blazes, 2008