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2. Shareholder/client element Have not encountered a credit misfortune in 75 yearsAnnual reinvestment of no less than 10 percent of net salary into reasonable lodging. Qualities of FHLBank Atlanta as a Cooperative. . . 3. FHLBank Atlanta sees the 10 percent wage distribution as our group dividendLike each other profit, this group profit is predicated upon the positive money related p

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FHLBank Atlanta Community Investment Services

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Members FHLBank Stock Advances Community Dividend Characteristics of FHLBank Atlanta as a Cooperative Shareholder/client dynamic Have not encountered a credit misfortune in 75 years Annual reinvestment of no less than 10 percent of net salary into reasonable lodging

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The Community Dividend FHLBank Atlanta sees the 10 percent wage portion as our group profit Like each other profit, this group profit is predicated upon the positive budgetary execution of FHLBank Atlanta

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How We Grow Communities Community Developer asks for assets for reasonable drenching advancement Funds are put resources into the group AHP Community Dividend Financial Institution Community Grows FHLBank Atlanta endorses subsidizing on aggressive premise Member organization applies for assets from FHLBank Atlanta

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Our Successful Mission $377 Million through FHLBank Atlanta's Affordable Housing Program to bolster more than 61,000 lodging units Since 1990 $6 Billion in "subordinate, value like" capital has been granted FHLBanks Stimulated Growth in nearby groups by giving items that revive neighborhoods, make occupations, and bolster monetary improvement

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Affordable Housing Program (AHP) Community Investment Program (CIP) First-time Homebuyer Program (FHP) Economic Development Program (EDP) Community Investment Initiatives

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Affordable Housing Program (AHP) Funding to make rental and homeownership open doors for direct , low-and low-pay families Beneficiaries Residents at or underneath 80 percent of Area Median Income (AMI) Competitive Application Process Uses New development or restoration Acquisition Permanent financing Down installment and shutting cost help

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Project Readiness Foreclosure Prevention Enhanced Analytical Environment Member Financial Participation Enhancements for AHP 2009-2010 Improve part and support client benefit levels and e xpedite subsidizing of ventures Position AHP to help with taking care of huge issue in the locale a nd the nation – dispossession emergency Increase front-end scientific thoroughness and due steadiness Reward part money related duty in AHP ventures

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Desired Outcome for AHP Application necessities and process upgrades prompting to larger amounts of client administration More Ready Projects Reduce Project Modification Expedite Funding Decrease Project Extensions

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First-time Homebuyer Program (FHP) Down installment and shutting cost help 5:1 Match (least borrower commitment of $500) Maximum $10,000 per borrower Registered individuals qualified for up to $1,000,000 every year First-come, initially served Benefits homebuyers at or beneath 80 percent AMI Five year maintenance understanding

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Using FHP to Win First-Time Homebuyers FHP utilized by individuals to seek exceedingly looked for after new clients Members showcased FHP as a motivation for client to utilize part's home loan items Proven outcomes with individuals During 2008, FHLBank Atlanta upheld over $17MM to individuals' First-Time Homebuyer loaning exercises, bringing about right around 2,000 part began first home loans In 2009, almost $10MM will bolster individuals' client obtaining efforts FHLBank Atlanta rolled out noteworthy improvements to guaranteeing rules to promote dependable loaning and client benefit responsibilities

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FHP (1997 – 2008) … Every $1 of FHP produces $17 in new home loan business for our individuals

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Community Investment Program (CIP) and Economic Development Program (EDP) Discounted progresses (up to 10 premise focuses) Available year-round, straightforward application, no most extreme sum Complements government programs One progress can finance numerous advances Discounted advances moving toward $5 billion

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How We Connect Webinars In-market workshops Business Development and Relationship Management Jackson Cosey ShaDonte Dozier Louis Freeman 800.536.9650 Forums Sponsorships

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