Green Tea

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The dynamic mixes in green tea are from a gathering of polyphenols called ... It has likewise been proposed that green tea may affect apoptosis in disease cells by ...

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Green Tea Camellia sinensis Camellia assamica

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Origins Southeast Asia 2737 B.C. Initially composed record Emperor Shen Nong Homo erectus

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Historic Uses Used truly in China for a wide range of afflictions Used as a money 500 A.D. Request rises, and agriculturists start to develop tea

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Tea Moves West 1606 First shipment of tea to Europe, by the Dutch East India Company 1657 Tea achieves all inclusive community of Europe Robert Fortune By 1850s England was devouring more than 80 million pounds of tea yearly Kenya, Cameroon, South Africa, India, Sri Lanka

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Growing Camellia sinensis Shrublike and Grown in a Semi Tropical Environment on Plantations in Southeast Asia Heavy precipitation, 3000-7000 ft. rise Cloning or Grown from Seed Cuttings got from mother bramble Rooted and developed in nursery for 1 or 2 years Grown in Rows or on Terraces 4 feet separated and 4-5 feet tall Help water system and anticipate soil disintegration

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How Green Tea is Made Leaves are normally picked by hand Leaves are steamed, rolled, and dried promptly and totally Not matured like dark teas Packed in thwart lined mid-sections Prevent ingestion of repulsive smells Prevent loss of fragrance Serve warm, yet not hot, to keep therapeutic esteem in place

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Active Compounds The dynamic mixes in green tea are from a gathering of polyphenols called catechins Four catechins exhibit in green tea: Epicatechingallate Epicatechin epigallocatechin Epigallocatechingallate

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Active Compounds

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Mode of Action Antioxidant With HIV the e pigallocatechingallate goes about as a square to the HIV transport protein on the host cell In instances of Dementia the epigallocatechingallate stops the arrangement of plaque and tangles by initiating the PKC pathway which builds the levels of α - secretase a chemical the hinders A β proteins an antecedent to neurofibular tangles connected with Alzheimer's

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Mode of Action Cancer Epigallocatechingallate has been appeared to restrain angiogenesis of tumor cell and subsequently not permitting them to end up malignant. This is accomplished by halting the creation of angiogenic mixes in the tumor cells. It has likewise been recommended that green tea may actuate apoptosis in tumor cells by closing down the NF-KB pathway.

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Mode of Action Weight misfortune Epigallocatechingallate keeps the breakdown of norepinephrine along these lines creating a bring up in digestion system. It might likewise Inhibit adipocyte hypertrophy and hyperplasia, and conceivably hinder gastrointestinal proteins required in supplement take-up, the systems have yet to be deciphered for these procedures.

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Green Tea use in Cancer Prevention Green Tea stops angiogenesis Stops blood stream to tumor Mice given green tea EGCG hindered angiogenesis Green Tea instigated apoptosis Increases typical cell development while advancing modified cell demise Mice given green tea over a 4 month time span tumors stifled

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Treating Alzheimer's Green Tea is cell reinforcement Mice (in vivo) had A β peptides arrangement moderated EGCG enacted the protein kinase C pathway , which stops Alzheimer's

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Weight Loss Healthy Human Males 3 Groups: EGCG+caffeine, caffeine just, and fake treatment EGCG amass smoldered more fat than whatever other gathering Human Study 3 Month Period of individuals drinking Green Tea Catechins causes more weight reduction by bringing on the subjects to expand vitality

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Current Studies: Body Fat and LDL decrease Two gatherings of men with comparative BMI and midsection circuit experienced 12 wk concentrate on. One gathering ingested a container of tea containing 690mg catechins, the second gathering got just 22 mg catechins. Normal weight reduction in gathering 1 was 2.4 kg. In the second gathering it was just 1.3 kg. LDL levels of gathering 1 diminished by around 11.5%; in gathering 2, just by around 5.2%.

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Current Studies: Alcohol and Hepatic Toxicity 3 gatherings of rats were regulated ethanol. Two of the gatherings were likewise treated with theanine, one before ethanol, one after. Both theanine treated gatherings indicated diminished blood liquor focus. LPO levels in the livers of the ethanol alone rats almost multiplied following 3 hours. The LPO levels of the theanine treated rats remained essentially typical all through the investigation.