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Green Data Innovation. Fred Duball - Virginia Data Advancements Office Green Innovation Activities Dennis Tolliver - HP's Green Business Innovation Activity. Virginia Data Innovations Organization Green Innovation Activities Fred Duball

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Green Information Technology Fred Duball - Virginia Information Technologies Agency Green Technology Initiatives Dennis Tolliver - HP's Green Business Technology Initiative

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Virginia Information Technologies Agency Green Technology Initiatives Fred Duball Service Management Organization Director

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Green IT and VITA Transformation Efforts Data Centers are colossal CO2 plants 1 full rack of sharp edge servers = 20-25 kW = top request of 30 homes in California U.S. server farms = 45 billion kWh, 1.5% of aggregate consumption* This power utilize has dramatically increased since 2000 Every server expelled or shut down recoveries ~12.5 huge amounts of CO2 discharges Equivalent to taking ~1.5 autos off the street (12,000 miles @ 20 mpg) or planting 55 trees a year * EPA answer to Congress on Data Center Energy Efficiency, July 2007 What is VITA doing… … .

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VITA IT Transformation - Energy Savings How Transformation Contributes to Energy and Environmental Savings Provide vitality effective innovation and items for the Commonwealth, for example, ENERGY STAR qualified PCs, printers and screens Reduce the expenses of influence and cooling through the combination and virtualization of the IT server foundation Promote natural change by expanding levels of proficiency that eventually lessen nursery gas discharges Promote teleworking activities to save money on vitality and outflows Audit consistence with "green" or "emanations" targets, control and benchmarks Work toward building up an endeavor wide attention to staff the normal influence administration settings necessities and best practices for vitality protection - Ensure that everybody comprehends their moral obligation to do as such

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Server Consolidation through Virtualization – Energy Savings Reduce the expenses of influence and cooling through the solidification and virtualization of the IT server framework While servers work basically in a day in and day out dynamic mode state, utilization efficiencies are best increased through workload union and server virtualization endeavors For roughly 344 physical servers that have been merged through virtualization and in view of a genuine physical to virtual custom proportion by then, EnergyStar based estimations utilizing the U.S. EPA and U.S. DOE vitality funds number cruncher yield a foreseen yearly cost investment funds of 83K. VMWare estimations for vitality cost funds A solitary server can give as may as 200 virtual servers utilizing VMware. A virtualized server giving 100 virtual servers utilizes 16% the force of the 100 servers and lessens the warmth produced in like manner. Virtualizing 100 servers lessens yearly vitality costs by $525K. Suppositions: $6500 & 550 watts/2 cpu server; $0.10/KWH; 12000 miles/yr; 20mpg; 1,341 # CO2/KWH.

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Refresh Begins ~ $8M yearly cost reserve funds Legacy Workstation Trend Energy Efficient Workstations Legacy CRT Trend ~ $3.8M yearly cost investment funds Legacy Monitors Calculator: U.S. EPA and U.S. DOE vitality reserve funds mini-computer Energy Consumption Efficiencies Consumption efficiencies are acknowledged through both equipment and best practices (i.e. Vitality STAR agreeable equipment segments and design settings) While servers work principally in an every minute of every day dynamic mode state, utilization efficiencies are best increased through workload union and server virtualization endeavors To date roughly 344 servers have been united through virtualization yielding a foreseen vitality fetched investment funds of $83,000/yr

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HP's Green Business Technology Initiative Dennis Tolliver HP, Industry Standard Server/Blade Specialist

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What's driving server farm change? Business weights Support development Integrate acquisitions Support business advancement Exploit innovation Reduce expenses and dangers Data focus imperatives Power and cooling Facilities Personnel Relocations Legacy foundation Customer needs and expected results 7

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How vitality effectiveness can cost your Business affect identified with power and cooling issues Server or framework downtime Increased operational costs Data focus blackout Inability to add limit Fail to bolster business development Loss of income Lowered consumer loyalty 8

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Worldwide Server Market: Cost of Management Ramps Dramatically Worldwide IT Spending on Servers, Power and Cooling, and Management/Administration (US$B) Physical Server Installed Base ( Millions) Many Servers, Much Capacity, Low Utilization = $140B unutilized server resources We Spend $0.50 in Power & Cooling For Every $1.00 in Hardware

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HP conveys benefit/watt, not simply execution/watt Scaling IT speedier than cost with c-Class, IPM & Thermal Logic versus half more servers 25% lower wind stream half more servers 26% drop in Temp half more servers 37% less power Source: HP, C. Bash, W. Vinson, 2006

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Energy proficient Energy successful HP's way to deal with vitality development Improve vitality effectiveness of client and HP operations Rethink vitality use to change society Design vitality productive items

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Additional Resources for Green IT The Green Grid Climate Savers Smart Computing Initiative STAR Low Carbon IT Campaign power_mgt.pr_power_mgt_low_carbon