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Robin Belleville Assistant Director, Scholarships. Grant Programs. Timing - begin early Complete every application painstakingly Answer each inquiry Be mindful of due dates Maintain a grant look folder Never stop – dependably scan for scholarships

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Robin Belleville Assistant Director, Scholarships Scholarship Programs

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Timing - begin early Complete every application painstakingly Answer each question Be mindful of due dates Maintain a grant look folder Never stop – dependably scan for scholarships Some grants have particular criteria and some are bland LOANS GRANTS WORKSTUDY Scholarships – general tips

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Although a few grants are not in light of scholastic accomplishment, do your best to exceed expectations in the classroom Do more than what your major requires, be included Contact the Office of Campus Activities for thoughts Community benefit exercises: do them, they " re fun! Get included in extracurricular exercises and clubs Looks awesome on a resume Scholarship To Do's

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Do the paper! It " s justified, despite all the trouble (potentially required)! Check the rules for the paper; as a rule, the choice board of trustees is attempting to discover your identity, your family condition, your feasible arrangements and objectives Keep a duplicate of each grant application you submit; you may have the capacity to re-utilize the application data or the article Apply! You won " t know whether you " ll get the grant unless you apply. YOU could be the main candidate who is qualified Scholarship To Do's (cont… )

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Do NOT pay for a grant seek. In the event that it sounds pipe dream, it most likely is. Ask the Student Financial Aid Office about true blue open doors/sketchy sales. That is an aspect of our responsibilities. Grant seek organizations (who charge an expense) ensure they'll see you money related guide; what they don't let you know is it's as advances each understudy is qualified for Scholarship Don'ts

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Scholarships are redesigned in late fall/early spring on the web for the coming scholastic year. Most have due dates with some starting January first. Discover a grant … contact your school office for application and due date dates. At the point when do I start my inquiry?

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BGSU Colleges and Departments Academic Investment in Math and Science (AIMS) Student Support Services Program Multicultural Office Parent Employers Scholarship Sources

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Outside Scholarship Searches (no expense is charged) Check out the Campus Update on the web, numerous notification are conveyed to the grounds group along these lines Do a scan online for your significant, occupations in your real, bosses or makers of hardware utilized as a part of your field of study Scholarship Sources (cont… )

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Look for exchange focused associations: numerous offer instructive motivating forces for understudies VCT majors: look in promoting, showcasing, theater, film exchange bunches Technology training majors: look in gatherings that give course readings/supplies to your demographic Construction training majors: look into gear producers/servicers, exchange bunches Look for state, local (midwest/awesome lakes), and national associations that relate to your real Scholarship Sources (cont… )

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Some grant applications can be found on our Web website under: FORMS and SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATIONS (Watch those due dates) Scholarships

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If a grant requires money related need, a Free Application for Federal Student Aid should be on document. You can document it electronically at www.fafsa. What if a grant requires budgetary need?

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FAFSA on the Web's Homepage www.fafsa.

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Avoid being charged an expense to record the Free Application for Federal Student Aid Completing & Processing the FAFSA is FREE If documenting through FAFSA on the Web, make sure to go specifically to www.fafsa. Questions? *Contact FAFSA: 1-800-433-3243 *Financial Aid Office CAUTION!

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Each candidate is viewed as just for grants for which criteria are met One grant application for 38 distinct assets! Submit Foundation Application – due date April 30, 2008 If exhibited need is required, a FAFSA must be on record with our office at the time honors are made BGSU Foundation Scholarships through SFA

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Searchable Scholarship Guide

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February 29, 2008: College of Technology grant due date March 1, 2008: Priority documenting due date; present your FAFSA application by this date so as to be considered for most extreme money related guide for the 2008-09 school year April 30, 2008: SFA Foundation Scholarship Application due date Important monetary guide dates

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College of Technology Scholarship Program Concluded If you have any extra inquiries, please get in touch with us at Student Financial Aid 231 Administration Building Phone: 419-372-2651 Secure email: