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1000 GRADUATION PROGRAM EXAMINATIONS SCHOLARSHIPS (recompensed based upon scholastic fabulousness in Grade 12 common examinations) Canadian native or landed worker ...

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1. Service SPONSORED $1000 GRADUATION PROGRAM EXAMINATIONS SCHOLARSHIPS (granted based upon scholastic magnificence in Grade 12 commonplace examinations) Canadian subject or landed worker Achieve at least "B" in En 12/Com 12 Write at least 3 commonplace exams and accomplish at least 86% on each AP exam results CAN be utilized!! Beat 20 understudies in the area will get $2500 Note: Class of 2006 – 88 @ $1000 each! School record 99 in 2001!

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1. Service SPONSORED $1000 DOGWOOD DISTRICT/AUTHORITY AWARDS ($500 check + $500 voucher - brilliance in a 'non-scholarly' field) Must be a Canadian national or lasting inhabitant. Must exhibit predominant accomplishment in any of the accompanying zones: Fine Arts (Visual Arts, Dance, Drama, Music) Applied Skills (Business Ed., Tech Ed., Home Ec) Physical Activity (not constrained to Phys. Ed) Second Languages Students CAN get both this honor and in addition an 'examination grant' Application by means of a District Committee will be important to get these honors – TBA The $500 voucher must be recovered at establishments affirmed by the 'Business Training Authority' Note: These have been expanded from 500 commonly to 3000 commonly .

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1. Service SPONSORED Passport to Education Program Grade 10 – conceivable $250 Grade 11 – conceivable $250 Grade 12 – conceivable $500 Must to Canadian resident or landed settler Based upon same criteria used to decide Grade 10 and 11 beneficiaries * If you finish your Portfolio, it might consider one of your main 5 courses.

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2. POST SECONDARY INSTITUTIONS ENTRANCE SCHOLARSHIPS Value and criteria fluctuate UBC – President's Entrance SFU – Summit & Shrum You can utilize AP courses & AP exam comes about for confirmation normal ('5' = 96%; "4" = 86% - ONLY at UBC and SFU) Most applications for affirmation are expected in February yet application can be made before (i.e. Early confirmation after first report card) Based to a great extent upon imprints yet MAJOR honors require "other" contributions ENTRANCE BURSARIES Must show the requirement for money related help above and past 'the normal'

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3. PRIVATE ORGANIZATIONS Many push COMMUNITY association (ie " Canada Trust' ) or potential to end up one of their workers later on (ie 'BC Hydro' ) Others stretch an intrigue/inclination in a particular territory (ie 'Louella Downing " for visual & performing expressions, " McDonald's MVP Sports' for games, 'BC Health Care' for wellbeing administrations) As these applications get to be accessible, they will be promoted in the FINANCIAL AID BULLETINS

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4. SCHOOL SPONSORED Awards that have been handed down to the school for an assortment of reasons Many are particular to offices Several are as an aftereffect of gifts by school staff and beneficiaries are chosen as a consequence of their school inclusion Parent Advisory – "We Believe in You" Award 2 @ $1000 each - require just C+ avg. to apply. They are searching for understudies who may not get other honor offers but rather who show an assurance and energy to proceed with their instruction in quest for their profession objective.

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$$ HELPFUL WEBSITES $$ (made by 2 understudies who graduated in 2006 from Pt. Dark) (apply on the web) (for U.S. bound understudies) school site)

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GENERAL TIMELINES MOST SCHOLARSHIPS ARE POSTED AFTER CHRISTMAS BREAK THE BULK WILL BE DUE FROM FEB. TO APRIL Important that you are on top of your resume Important that you have letters of reference to bolster your application(s) - CRUCIAL TO VERIFY SERVICE ACTIVITIES Important that you PAY ATTENTION to due dates.

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WHAT YOU SHOULD BE DOING October to December MAKE SURE YOU CAN GRADUATE CHECK WITH PARENT'S WORKPLACE FOR SCHOLARSHIPS/BURSARIES COMPLETE STUDENT PROFILE (in English class) PREPARE YOUR RESUME READ FINANCIAL AID BULLETINS SURF THE NET (a few locales recorded on freebee given today) American Universities – SAT's must be done - attempt to acquire ALL your applications at one time Consider which educators to request an instructor report and/or a reference letter

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Teacher Reports You will require no less than 3 of these on document in Student Services when applying for inward grants (can have more) They can be gotten in Student Services Do not need to be from your present instructors (can be your mentor also) These are private and you won't get the opportunity to see them - they are utilized by the Scholarship board of trustees ONLY - NOT conveyed of the school

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Reference Letters Consider precisely which instructors (and group faculty) from whom you may require a reference letter The individual you ask ought to know you great so they can compose an important reference letter . . . their "status" is not as imperative as their capacity to pass on your qualities from knowing you (there is a demand shape you may use in Student Services) You MUST supply them with a duplicate of your resume You MUST give them no less than 2 weeks to compose the letter If you might want their letter for various applications, ask for that they print a few duplicates for you in the meantime They may ask for that the letter stays classified in which case it will be put in your document however numerous duplicates won't be made (especially valid for American applications) Please DO NOT ask for a letter unless you plan to utilize it If you require a 'Key's report' or you might want a reference letter from Mr. Mickie, you should submit information to ME and your organizer will be sent to Mr. Mickie - attempt to permit no less than ONE MONTH

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January and February Watch for declarations for SFU and UBC - make sure to react ON TIME. Know that you should apply NOW for a few grants despite the fact that it appears to be early Update your STUDENT PROFILE . . . If necessary

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March and April Check the Financial Aid area in post-auxiliary foundation date-books or online This is a CRUCIAL day and age the same number of uses are posted and due in this period Ask for reference letters as required yet ensure you permit a MINIMUM of 2 weeks

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May and June Due dates for some nearby grants fall in this day and age Your Student Profile MUST be on document to be considered for any of these honors If you do "WIN" a grant . . . Make certain TO SEND A THANK YOU!!! You will be solicited to illuminate me from any grants that you have been offered so that your achievements can be declared at the graduate ceremony Class of 2006 - $955,307 School record – 2005 – $989,375

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HOW DO I APPLY? Outer Applications Follow directions for application You are in charge of mailing, and so on. Inner Applications Will show up in the Financial Aid Bulletins Generally require 3 instructor reports and your Student Profile Follow guidelines - some YOU will be in charge of mailing while others are to be submitted to Student Services

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TRANSCRIPTS You can ask for a transcript from Mrs. Bogen in Student Services - this is a review 11/12 "working" transcript Note that ALL your imprints will show up on this transcript – Summer School and in addition revamped common exams

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This will likewise incorporate ALL of your imprints TRANSCRIPTS This is a HISTORICAL TRANSCRIPT It incorporates the greater part of your imprints from when you entered Burnaby North

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Provincial Examinable courses are on "top" TRANSCRIPTS This is the thing that your OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT will resemble. You will get it from the Ministry upon graduation "Other" courses are on the "base"

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Financial Aid Bulletins There will be around 30 of these consistently and they will be posted in all English 12 & Communication 12 classrooms and in addition outside Student Services , in the Library and on the school site so . . . if it's not too much trouble . . .

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Financial Aid Bulletin #1 has now been posted READ THESE FINANCIAL BULLETINS

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STUDENT SERVICES When you read around a honor or grant in the Financial Aid Bulletin that you might want to apply for – go to Student Services

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ALONG WITH AN APPLICATION, YOU CAN ALSO PICK UP YELLOW TEACHER REPORTS (you require 3 on record for some applications) AND A STUDENT PROFILE SHEET (these will be appropriated in your English class in the not so distant future) AND A REFERENCE LETTER REQUEST FORM

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UBC - Admission Cut-offs 2006 Arts 84% Computer Science 84% Commerce 84% Engineering 79% Forestry 75% Human Kinetics 87% Music 67% Dental Hygiene 91% Science 90% Food, Nutrition & Health 83% President's Entrance Scholarships (PES) 95.00%+ : $4000 & early enrollment in addition to lodging need 90.00% to 94.99%: $2000 & early reg. & lodging need 86.00% to 89.99%: $500 book grant & early enlistment AP Achievement Scholarship - $500 (3 AP exams/3+)

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SFU - Admission Cut-offs You are ensured the accompanying: With a confirmation normal of at least 80%: admission to an extensive variety of projects early course enlistment get to you are permitted to enlist in courses in front of current understudies. habitation settlement ensured a r