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Vast Calendar. Perusing Rock Records. Reading a clock. Relative Time places occasions in a ... Law of included sections expresses that bits of one rock found in ...

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Infinite Calendar

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Reading Rock Records

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Telling Time Relative Time – places occasions in a grouping yet does not recognize their genuine date of event. Supreme Time – distinguishes the genuine date of an occasion

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Laws Law of superposition - states that in a succession of undisturbed sedimentary shake, the most established rocks are on the base, while the most youthful is on the top. Law of cross-cutting – states that a molten shake is more youthful than the stone that it has interfered, or cut crosswise over Law of included sections – states that bits of one shake found in another stone must be more established than the stone in which they are found. Unconformity – is a place in the stone record where layers of shake are absent.

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Geologic Timetable EON – the longest fragment of time Eras – the portion of time EONS are separated into Periods – time are partitioned into these Epochs – period are isolated into these

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Fossils Records

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How are they framed? Fossils – any confirmation of prior life saved in a stone. Unique remains The real, unaltered remains – of the plant or creature are safeguarded. Supplanted remains The delicate parts of the creature are no more drawn out there, however the hard parts are still noticeable Molds and Casts Mold is the place you have left an empty wretchedness in the stone Cast is the place you have another mineral fill a form Trace Fossils Evidence of life other than the remaining parts of a plant or creature

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Original remains

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Original Remains

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Replaced remains

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Cast and Mold

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Index Fossils that are utilized to decide periods of shake that they originate from Also known as guide fossils

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Measuring Absolute Time

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Tree Rings

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Decaying Radioactive Decay When a component loses mass as it ages Half life The rate at which that procedure happens Radiocarbon dating An isotope that measure the measure of carbon rot