Graduation Rates, State Policies, and State Resources for Taking activity

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Deborah L. Jonas, Ph.D. Virginia Division of Instruction Thomas M. Brewster, Ed.D. Virginia Leading group of Training Right hand Director for Organization Pulaski Area Government funded Schools Presentation at the Virginia Dropout Anticipation Summit October 28, 2008.

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Deborah L. Jonas, Ph.D. Virginia Department of Education Thomas M. Brewster, Ed.D. Virginia Board of Education Assistant Superintendent for Administration Pulaski County Public Schools Presentation at the Virginia Dropout Prevention Summit October 28, 2008 Graduation Rates, State Policies, and State Resources for Taking activity

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Overview Graduation rate information Background data on graduation rates in VA Legislative and administrative setting for new graduation rate and future revealing Results Calculating Virginia's On-Time Graduation Rate Proposed Policies Graduation and fruition file Personal learning gets ready for center school understudies Consequences and answers for groups Virginia Department of Education assets

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Background: Graduation rates Historically, Virginia's state-distributed graduation rates were evaluations. Gauges have imperfections that effect dependability. A few inquiries: Are they in view of a companion of understudies? Do they represent understudy exchanges? Do 9 th grade maintenance rehearses inclination the rate? Does the rate precisely mirror every one of the five of Virginia's Board of Education affirmed recognitions? Unwavering quality drops with littler gatherings of understudies.

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Legislative and administrative setting for change General Assembly 2006: House Bill 19 required the Board of Education to endorse a uniform recipe to survey secondary school graduation rates. November 2006: BOE characterized a partner graduation rate for Virginia. Answer to the General Assembly expressed that the accomplice graduation rate would be accounted for without precedent for the fall of 2008. October 2008: DOE detailed the Virginia On-Time Graduation Rate

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On-time graduates in year x [First-time entering ninth graders in year x-4) + (moves in) – (exchanges out and deceased)] Virginia's On-Time Graduation Rate BOE-affirmed recipe Graduates are understudies who gain one of five BOE-endorsed confirmations. Custom curriculum understudies and English dialect learners who have arranges set up are doled out to accomplices in light of when they leave school. Perished understudies are excludeed as moves in the denominator. Imprisoned understudies are considered exchanges as they leave and re-enter the framework.

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Virginia On-Time Graduation Rates—Results!

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Other authoritative and administrative exercises General Assembly 2007 SJR 329 required further investigation of graduation and dropout rates, with concentrate on dropout rates. Leading group of Education prescribed that DOE report: Annual dropout rates for evaluations 7-12 and grades 9-12. An accomplice dropout rate in light of the on-time graduation rate equation. All with regards to graduation and finishing rates. General Assembly 2008 Commission on Youth * asked for to study truancy and school dropout avoidance. Commission on Youth likewise is proceeding with its work on option training programs. * The Virginia Commission on Youth gives a bipartisan discussion to complex issues identified with youth and family. The Commission on Youth is made out of nine individuals from the General Assembly and three residents delegated by the Governor.

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Proposed Policy to Address Graduation Rates In January 2008, the Virginia Board of Education proposed the consideration of a Graduation and Completion Index in the State Standards of Accreditation Standards of Accreditation (8 VAC 20-131-10): Provide a fundamental establishment of instructive projects of high caliber in all schools for all understudies. Empower nonstop evaluation and change of the school program with the end goal of raising understudy accomplishment. Encourage open certainty. Guarantee acknowledgment of Virginia's government funded schools by different establishments of learning. Set up a methods for deciding the viability of schools.

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Proposed arrangement Requires schools with a 12 th grade to meet the present pass-rate gauges and a recommended edge on a weighted graduation and consummation record (GCI). The GCI is a weighted percent of the understudies inside a given companion who graduate, finish, or remain in school every year. The proposed list grants indicates concurring understudy status: Graduate with a recognition: 100 focuses (however long it takes) Earn a GED authentication: 75 focuses Remain in school past expected partner graduation year: 70 focuses Earn a declaration of fulfillment: 60 focuses Public remark period closes November 5, 2008.

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Some contemplations Incorporates motivations for schools to keep on supporting understudies who require over four years to graduate. Joins elective qualifications (e.g., the GED) at a lower weightings than a full BOE-endorsed recognition. Includes a base bar for schools with a graduating class. Schools that don't meet or surpass the base GCI standard will be liable to state intercession until such time as the school meets or surpasses the standard. Represents the status of all secondary school understudies.

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Proposed strategy for scholarly vocation arrange I accept such an arrangement can help understudies who might be at danger of not graduating by fortifying the desires well in front of their senior year. The arranging procedure may likewise energize understudies who are happy with least push to go after larger amounts of accomplishment knowing the financial advantages of postsecondary vocation pathways. Furthermore, it will give understudies chances to recognize zones of intrigue and investigate new things about which they may not generally know. Representative Timothy M. Kaine. Letter to the Virginia Board of Education, December 2007.

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Proposed scholastic vocation arrange Requires schools to create and keep up individual scholarly and profession gets ready for 7 th and 8 th grade understudies. Plans must include: Student's instructive objectives and program of study for secondary school graduation. Postsecondary vocation pathway in light of understudy's scholarly and profession interests. Plans must be marked by: The understudy Student's parent or watchman; School official. Arrangements are to be incorporated into the understudies' record and refreshed before the understudy enters 9 th and 11 th grades.

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Consequences of Dropping Out Alliance for Excellent Education in their report The High Cost of High School Dropouts expressed that if the 1.9 million secondary school dropouts from the Class of 2006 had earned their confirmation as opposed to dropping out, the United States economy would have seen an extra $309 billion in wages over these understudies' lifetimes.

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Two issues have reliably tormented the graduation-rate assumes that are accounted for to people in general: (1) an absence of normal, exact definitions among states and (2) low quality information gathered at the nearby level. The governors duty to the Graduation Counts Compact, trailed by the new government controls, and the Virginia On-Time Graduation Rate addresses the issue of incorrect graduation-rate computations.

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To meet the test of graduating more understudies from secondary school, state pioneers ought to concentrate on the accompanying: Supporting amazing information gathering at the neighborhood level. Setting more thorough objectives and change targets. Building up as a high statewide need the objective of enhancing secondary school graduation rates. * Habash, Anna. (2008) Counting on Graduation: An Agenda for State Leadership. A Report by Education Trust.

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Solutions… Improved Instruction and Support for Struggling Students Build a School Climate that Fosters Academics and is Safe Ensure Strong Adult-Student Relationships Within the School Better School – Parent Communication Offer distinctive schools/class encounters for various understudies Create Early Warning Systems (Dropping out of school isn " t a sudden demonstration, however a moderate procedure of separation - scholarly and social.) Engage guardians in school with individualized graduation arranges Mobilize grown-up backers to get the children the bolster they require – education programs, coaching, mentoring, after-school help, school and associate guiding Bridgeland, John M., DiIulio, Jr., John J., Burke-Morison, Karen. (2006) The Silent Epidemic: Perspectives of High School Dropouts , A Report by Civic Enterprises, LLC. for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

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DOE's Graduation Rate Pilot Gives Pulaski County a chance to take an interest in the advancement of an instrument to anticipate understudies who will get "off track" for graduating on time. Objective – is to build up an instrument that can be utilized to anticipate understudies who are in risk of dropping out. On the off chance that we can recognize these understudies in ninth grade, sixth grade or some time recently, we can target them for prior scholastic, participation or potentially behavioral intercessions. The accompanying information will be gathered by all taking an interest areas: dialect expressions and math grades and SOL scores age and participation ninth grade maintenance train Divisions may track information of neighborhood intrigue (pregnancy, ESL, distraught, and so on).

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The Whole Child Compact Healthy Safe Engaged Supported Challenged

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"Programs don't change kids connections do. A decent program makes a situation in which solid connections can happen." -Bill Milliken, Founder of Communities in School

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Many of life's disappointments are men who did not understand that they were so near achievement when they surrendered. - Thomas Edison

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Resources from VDOE

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Content-particular assets Algebra Readiness Initiative Project Graduation Middle School Mathematics: Online Strategies for Teachers math-methodologies/SOL Resources for Virginia Students, Parents and Teachers

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Other Resources EIMS: Data apparatuses accessible from the state Improving School Attendance: A Res