Graduated Assessment for OCR GCSE Mathematics

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Graduated Assessment for OCR GCSE Mathematics From September 2006 GCSE Maths is being offered at two levels just, Foundation and Higher. Our smash hit arrangement for the three-level detail is by and large totally upgraded to completely bolster the new two-level measured particular. With our fresh out of the plastic new assets, embraced by OCR for use with the OCR GCSE Mathematics C (Graduated Assessment) particular , doing the change to a two level GCSE will be direct for both you and your school.

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Why new assets? The progressions to the detail are not just an instance of combining Intermediate substance into Foundation and Higher substance For the first occasion when you will show Foundation understudies up to a review C Foundation understudies will require access to review C material, and will require more direction towards it Higher understudies should be presented to a more extensive scope of Maths than already

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Why Hodder Murray? Every one of the materials are embraced by OCR for use with the OCR GCSE Mathematics C (Graduated Assessment) determination . The assets have been composed by experienced inspectors and creators, and join their educating and looking at experience to give the perfect adaptable particular course, giving full support for understudies and a lot of chances for union work

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How will it work? This particular course includes ten phases Students will learn no less than two modules, and will be evaluated terminally and also by module Students think about the modules most suited to their capacities Foundation level competitors will sit two modules from M1 to M7 Higher level applicants will sit two modules from M6 to M10

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How will it work? This arrangement has a Student's Book, Teacher's Resource and Homework Book coordinated to each of the modules as taking after: S1/S2 S3/S4 S5 S6 S7 S8 S9/S10 S1/S2 – one Student's Book covers both modules S7 – one Student's Book covers one module

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notwithstanding the module-coordinating Student's Books, Homework Books and Teacher's Resource, there is an Assessment Pack for every level Bespoke advanced assets for both understudies and educators bolster learning and instructing all through the course and include: Interactive Investigations, Interactive Assessment and our GCSE Mathematics Personal Tutor. Why Hodder Murray?

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Why Hodder Murray? Composed without any preparation for the new secluded detail Tailor-made advanced assets Full shading Student's Books Comprehensive, devoted Teacher's Resource Books and Assessment Packs offer support in arranging and evaluation Homework Books offer additional practice and contain a Personal Tutor CD-ROM for reference and union

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Student's Books Clear clarifications and worked cases Activities and activities give a lot of practice Every section closes with a rundown of the key thoughts, fortifying learning Revision practices with exam-style questions help understudies get ready for the measured exams Coursework data and exhortation gives full support

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Teacher's Resources (with CD-ROM) Matching Teacher's Resources for every Student's Book Teacher's notes and tips on educating those subjects that cause trouble in the exam Answers to all inquiries in the Student's Books

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Homework Books (with intuitive CD-ROM) The Homework Books, one for Foundation and one for Higher, incorporate a parallel practice for each practice in the Student's Books, giving instant homework Each of the Homework Books contains a Personal Tutor CD-ROM which gives the ideal varying media buddy for reference and combination

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Assessment Packs Contain photocopiable reviewed blended activities and taunt exam papers, both with full stamp plans, empowering your understudies to get ready completely for their exams. There is one Assessment Pack for the Foundation level and one for the Higher level. Incorporates the responses to all inquiries in the Homework Books.

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Personal Tutors The Personal Tutor CD-ROMs, one for Foundation and one for Higher, are for use on a whiteboard all in all class showing device or for individual PC use as a combination and modification instrument. Every CD-ROM contains varying media worked cases for each point in the detail. Show worked answers for an entire class – particularly helpful for those instructing a theme interestingly Pace of editorial can be controlled, rewound and replayed for further elucidation

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Interactive Investigations Interactive Investigations gives a straightforward yet viable method for coordinating ICT into your GCSE educating and investigates courses in which arithmetic can be researched utilizing normally accessible programming. Every examination begins with an entire class showing – drawing in understudies from the start Differentiated CD-ROM permits exercises to be done at both Foundation and Higher levels Provides rehearse on the utilization of ICT in the investigation of maths Ideal arrangement for Coursework errands

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Interactive Assessment In request to give your understudies the most ideal planning for their exams, the Interactive Assessment CD-ROMs will give developmental appraisal messages that are naturally reviewed and also giving input and additional test material in territories for individual change.

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Graduated Assessment for OCR GCSE Mathematics Thank you for considering Hodder Murray. Why not click here to ask for additional data today?