Google Researcher and other Data Asset Devices: Valuable Examination

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What is Google Scholar?. Inquiry device that connections to academic exploration materials

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Google Scholar and other Information Resource Tools: Constructive Analysis Jay Bhatt W. W. Hagerty Library Drexel University

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What is Google Scholar? Seek device that connections to academic research materials Easy to hunt Increases perceivability of insightful writing Peer-assessed papers, proposals, books, preprints, digests and specialized reports, writer pages that connection their own particular research papers Indexes a subset of academic writing in all fields. Query items incorporate refered to references

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What is Google Scholar? Writing from diary articles in various branches of knowledge yet principally science and innovation related Many of Drexel's membership based databases, for example, ScienceDirect, and Cambridge Scientific Abstracts are searchable in GS – on grounds connection to full content Provides reference data about the article Variety of scholastic distributers, proficient social orders, preprint archives and colleges

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When Google Scholar is best to utilize? Starting hunting down academic writing When a specific article from a particular diary required Quickly locate an applicable article - query items sorted by significance. Importance positioning considers the full content of every article, the article's writer, the distribution in which the article showed up and how regularly it has been refered to in insightful writing. Foreseen more "use by starting level analysts who need a couple articles on a point as opposed to genuine researchers who need to do exhaustive research utilizing an assortment of assets"

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When Google Scholar is best to utilize? Article title Author name (can utilize cites) author:barsoum mw Author name and title watchwords Brain raging crosswise over numerous controls Keyword looking Advanced Search highlight. Confine your hunt to a solitary diary, look for a specific creator or title, restrain by years

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When Google Scholar is best to utilize? - Examples When we know title of the paper required Highly-requested carbon nanotube clusters for hardware applications . [Applied Physics Letters 75, 367 (1999)] GS discovers it effectively Quick hunt on a specific subject " Carbon Nanotube exhibits " – Nice looking results with references originating from various diaries including books Quick outline of works by a specific writer author:bilgutay, N Articles in a specific diary on a specific point (Using 'Progressed Keyword') See: 'Carbon Nanotubes' in 'Nature Materials'

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Tips on utilizing from Remote On grounds, takes one to full content straightforwardly from the connection (if library has subscribed to the diary) From remote, requests username and secret word or buy article Check the library site to check whether accessible (in light of library membership; access as a substitute, DrexelONE) DO NOT PAY FOR THE ARTICLE – USE INTERLIBRARY LOAN Library has paid memberships for a huge number of diaries; Google Scholar is an advantageous method for finding an article however access to full content in light of library membership

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Coverage in Google Scholar What is secured? How would we know what is secured? At present, constrained subset of academic writing. It is huge, yet it's exclusive a little part of what's accessible. What diaries and databases are secured? How far back? Will not peruse diaries Beta form – developing and has an incredible potential See cases in next few slides Some Humanities and Social Sciences secured yet for the most part science and innovation

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Coverage in Google Scholar-History America: History and life (Database subscribed by Library) Title: Archeology OF THE AFRICAN DIASPORA IN LATIN AMERICA.Citation:Historical Archeology 2004 38(1): 32-49 (Not in Google Scholar ) [CITATION]  Teaching the Modern African Diaspora: A Case Study of the Atlantic Slave Trade JH Sweet - Cited by 1 - Web Search Radical History Review, 2000 (Finds just a reference in Google Scholar )

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Coverage in Google Scholar-Scitech Journals Carbon nanotubes from reactant pyrolysis of polypropylene , Materials Chemistry and Physics, Volume 92, Issue 1, 15 July 2005, Pages 256-259 (article 1) Thermal and mechanical properties of single-walled carbon nanotubes–polypropylene composites arranged by soften preparing , Carbon, Volume 43, Issue 7, June 2005, Pages 1499-1505 (article 2) Both articles couldn't be situated in Google Scholar – (article 1) why? Both articles were found in ScienceDirect (article 1) Nanocomposites: issues at the interface   • Materials Today, Volume 7, Issue 11, November 2004, Pages 38-42 Found in both Google Scholar and ScienceDirect

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Coverage in Google Scholar-Cited References "Refered to By" connect. Cautioning: joins from the Google Scholar database. May exclude every one of the references of the paper refered to. Utilize Web of Science or Science Citation Index for complete looking . [CITATION] Synthesis and portrayal of a wonderful fired : Ti 3 SiC 2 MW Barsoum , T El-Raghy - Cited by 93 - Web Search J. Am. Ceram. Soc, 1996 (In Google Scholar) BARSOUM MW J AM CERAM SOC 1996 79 1953  Cited 277 times in Science Citation Index (contrasted with 93 times in Google Scholar) NOTE: Google Scholar is still in Beta form; Content is relied upon to increment. Time span not clear. Continue viewing.

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Other Information Sources Analysis of Google Scholar Undergraduate Engineering understudies need to create subject foundation They utilize online reference books, handbooks, and other reference books to discover properties Online reference material is accessible in different assets NOT Google Scholar. For instance: ENGnetBASE , NEUROSCIENCEnetBASE , ENVIROnetBASE , INFOSECURITYnetBASE , MATERIALSnetBASE , and Knovel

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Other Information Sources - Ei Compendex/INSPEC Example:'Onaral' and "Drexel" in Google Scholar finds 61 references Ei Compendex (Engineering Index) and INSPEC consolidated finds 132 references Both Ei and INSPEC cover a few gathering procedures that are not yet recorded in GS Engineering Village2 - access to electronic books through ENGnetBASE and Referex ; not in GS Citation to the books might be found yet not Full content sections Useful for Undergraduate understudies for creating subject foundation

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Other Information Resources – MAD CAD MAD CAD utilized by our Senior Design understudies. Membership based MAD-CAD contains the construction standards. Frantic CAD gives access to a far reaching cross-referenced gathering of building, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, fire, support codes from BOCA, SBCCI, ICBO, ICC, and NFPA. This exhaustive arrangement of codes is vital for building, designing and instructive arrangements. Software engineering/IST - Books24x7 , Safari , Lecture Notes in Computer Science - are vital not yet accessible in Google Scholar..

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Other Information Resources –Online Handbooks and Encyclopedias Online Encyclopedias Ullmann's reference book of mechanical science [electronic resource] Encyclopedia of biomaterials and biomedical building [electronic resource] Encyclopedia of restorative genomics and proteomics [electronic resource] Encyclopedia of optical designing [electronic resource] (Full content not in GS; Students can discover extremely valuable data here to help them comprehend ideas better)

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Other Information Resources –Online Handbooks and Encyclopedias Knovel - Database of a portion of the main designing reference handbooks, databases, and meeting procedures. Gives unthinkable and graphical information, including certainties, figures, recipes and definitions [BOOK]  Electrical development databook RB Hickey, B Hickey - Library Search - Web Search McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing, 2001 DOI: 10.1036/0256246394 RT by Category - Web Search ... 1999 $123.75 US Product Line: McGraw-Hill by ... (Sorry - The item you asked for is no more drawn out accessible, confined, or is no longer available) –in GS Book full content in Knovel

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Other Information Resources-Business and Entrepreneurship CORPTECH – High Tech organizations in particular innovation zones, for example, "Biotechnology" and "Photonics" Extended profiles, including monetary data and business hones. Discovers organization data in particular ventures managing biosensors and bioelectronics Very helpful asset for understudies searching for coops, employments, examining on imaginative advancements, business new companies and statistical surveying

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Other Information Resources-Business and Entrepreneurship Business and Industry Information Statistical data through Tablebase Statistical/forbidden information on organizations, enterprises, items, nations and markets. Restricting by Industry, for example, 'communicating', idea term, for example, 'organization conjectures', in addition to more Business and Industry Information , Tablebase and Business source Premier , Countrywatch and Faulkner's Advisory for IT Studies (FAITS ) are one of a kind assets not in GS at present– Many more offered through Library's membership

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Other Information Resources – Online Bibliographies Refworks – bringing in references into Refworks require membership based database At present, no bringing in through GS Students need to make book index Refworks helps Shared references through Refworks among gathering individuals Refworks arrange references through various envelopes; references are put something aside for later utilize Library offers workshop on Refworks

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Conclusions Google Scholar is a Beta rendition Improvement and better components are relied upon Quick and simple to seek Useful research instrument Depending on your data require, select your asset Valuable supplement however unquestionably not a substitute More critical than at any other time that specialists know how to hunt e