Globalization and Technology: Connections and Communications

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Globalization and Technology: Connections and Communications

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Think: How do innovation and globalization relate? Why is this association essential? Who are the fundamental players? Who benefits most? Who is hurt the most? What is America's part? (Orange County's part) Everyday advancements—the fun part!

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How do innovation and globalization relate?

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First off, innovation requires a group of people … It fills no handy need if there is nobody utilizing it!

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Example: maybe you could discuss how brilliant it is give everybody on the planet sun oriented boards to produce free power from the sun. However, then there would be sure gatherings of individuals that would have no such requirement for that innovation - individuals living in territories with insignificant sun introduction, or who might be better furnished with other vitality providing advances. Innovation requires particular gatherings of people. The worldwide scene gives about a vast exhibit of one of a kind gatherings of people.

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Technology likewise requires human capital … That implies that we require individuals who are " specialists " with various advancements and can convey it to whatever is left of us

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Technology does not simply show up out of air. It requires some sort of insightfulness, some sort of examination. It includes understanding that there are maybe less demanding or better methods for doing certain things than different ways. Human experience gives various illustrations whereby certain mindful gatherings of individuals come to understand that a few exercises were more productive and valuable than others. Specialists rise .

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moreover innovation additionally needs consistent refinement With enhancements in the sciences, correspondence, transportation, and so forth innovation should dependably " keep up "

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Because there are interminable gatherings of people out there, there are likewise boundless possibilities for development. With new information after some time and with new encounters and experimental proof the worldwide setting will dependably give innovation potential outcomes.

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Solutions! Require Need Needs and arrangements… Globalization Technology

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But how do innovation and globalization relate? Group of onlookers Human capital Constant refinement These three parts make innovation and globalization a flawless fit for each other—globalization supplies new thoughts, laborers, inventiveness, and interesting settings for innovation to thrive!

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Audience is given by the worldwide group. Human capital is given by having entry to the method for innovation generation (riches, assets, advanced education). Steady refinement is the procedure through which innovation is being made increasingly productive after some time.

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Globalization opens up innumerable entryways of chance for innovation!

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Unique circumstances Caribbean — there was a tropical storm late in 2004 that brought about serious harm. A noteworthy tech firm gave Internet network in a truck, which drove around the islands to give individuals who were stranded from the sea tempest an opportunity to reach friends and family to tell them they were alive and approve.

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Unique circumstances Think about remote towns or societies that have their own particular remarkable issues and objectives that innovation could settle. Possibly they don't think about the advantages of yield revolution or even how sustenance functions. Innovation gives individuals new apparatuses with which to enhance life somehow.

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Why is thinking about the globalization of innovation imperative?

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Why it's vital… Some nations are creating (or have created) at a much quicker rate than others This implies some are grasping advancements speedier than others, and some are grasping sure innovations before essential needs are met—i.e. utilizing cell phones before treating fundamental sicknesses and illnesses

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Why it's vital… Technology is most prominently connected with Western and created countries: United States Parts of Europe Japan

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Why it's imperative… Those that grasp more intricate innovations have more power . War innovations (weaponry, knowledge, and so on.) give certain nations more military control over others.

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Why it's essential… Those with more power can impact whose voice is heard and whose is hushed . This should be possible using weapons and war, through which motion pictures and TV are publicized (and not circulated). Prevailing societies can stifle less effective ones.

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Scenario Imagine you are the leader of a nation. Your neighbor nation still depends on sending letters by utilizing labor, creatures, and exceptionally subordinate upon climate conditions. You, be that as it may, have the most up to date and speediest innovation — you can send messages and texts to anybody you need.

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Scenario Suppose you discover that there will be an exceptionally annihilating seismic tremor in four days in your part of the world. You should simply send an email and communicate a news alarm on the TV to the majority of your natives to caution them, yet your neighbor must depend the postal framework and labor to inform its residents. Who has more power?

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Why it's critical… There is the danger of " innovative colonization " of the creating scene Developed nations have better access to innovation. Wealthier nations have better access to innovation. Nations with better schools and colleges have better access to innovation.

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Who are the fundamental players? Who benefits most? Who is hurt the most?

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Main Players The site distinguishes three levels of mechanical impact on the planet. World 2 World 1 World 3

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World 1 World 1 asd The wealthiest European countries (Western Europe) United States Japan

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World 2—the "unfathomable center" i asd China India Russia Brazil Indonesia in addition to a few little nations World 2

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World 3 - The universes poorer countries asd Many African nations Haiti Afghanistan World 3

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World 1 Western Europe USA Japan World 2 Russia China Brazil India Indonesia Haiti African nations Afghanistan World 3

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America's Role America in your own particular back yard…

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Everyday Technologies

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Computers and the Internet

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Computers and the Internet Personal PCs as we probably am aware it didn't get to be possible or prominent until the 1990s — just 10 to 15 years prior!

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1981: IBM Personal Computer

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IBM American organization Basic measurements: 330,000+ workers, $96 billion (2004 income), biggest IT organization on the planet Headquarters: Armonk, New York

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Computers and the Internet Since the 1990s figuring innovation has ended up littler , all the more effective , and more proficient . Smart phones remote Internet get to are the speediest offering specialty in the PC showcase. Transportability and network!

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Computers and the Internet Technically the Internet goes back to the late 1960s with the Department of Defense in the United States in 1969. The Internet began looking like what we know today in 1991 with the appearance of the World Wide Web (WWW) by Tim Berners-Lee of London, England.

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The Languages of the WWW Implications for mechanical colonization. English is the predominant dialect of the Web. What sort of effect could this have on the rising advances of creating countries?

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Take home message… Technology has made living conditions and lifestyle much better for individuals around the globe. In any case, not everybody has admittance to the most up to date or best innovation. It is vital to recognize the " haves " and " those who lack wealth " Do you think innovation gives individuals more opportunity?