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Gilbert Stuart Middle School 188 Princeton Avenue Providence, RI 02908 Mrs. Morais Mrs. Amaral 5 th Period Literacy Class 2005-2006 Tardiness Public Policy Issue Gilbert Stuart Middle School

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Project Citizen Groups THE PROBLEM CLASS POLICY Nixon Ashley Christopher T. Christopher C. Shaniqua Julia C Emely Julia D. Trenton Joel D. Yakira Julia D. Jordy Joel G. Elective POLICY ACTION PLAN Stephanie Shanice Shaqyla Yaranys Abel Geleiny Ja'Shawna Montana Fedcanor Dwanye Edgar

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The Problem The issue is that kids are coming into school late and falling flat their first period class.

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THE PROBLEM To explore the issue we met: Honorable Judge Newman School Principal, Mrs. Thomas Assistant Principal, Mr. Catone Assistant Principal, Mrs. Creel Head Clerk, Steve Arlan 6 th Grade Guidance Counselor, Mrs. Cedergren 7 th Grade Guidance Counselor, Mr. Warren 8 th Grade Guidance Counselor, Mrs. Winsor Guidance Clerk, Ms. Bernadine School Nurse, Ms. San Antonio Social Studies instructor, Ms. Morais Mathematics educator, Ms Demelo Mathematics instructor, Ms. Gaynor Social Studies educator, Ms Ribezzo

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The Problem (2 Weeks of School)

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Alternative Policies Change Time Detention Court Suspension Home Visit Call Home Late Bus $25 Fine ALTERNATIVE POLICIES

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ADVANTAGES Immediate discipline DISADVANTAGES Kids don't generally show up Have to pay an instructor to stay Have to pay for a transport DETENTION

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ADVANTAGES Parent will know DISADVANTAGES It is exceptionally costly for citizens TRUANCY COURT

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ADVANTAGES Hopefully their activities will change DISADVANTAGES Students will miss class assignments SUSPENSIONS

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ADVANTAGES Students will come to class on time Students will be more rest and arranged to learn DISADVANTAGES We have to change the grade educational time for transport understudies. Beginning SCHOOL LATE

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ADVANTAGES Parents and understudies will be educated for their lateness. Hindrances It costs citizens cash to do home visits. HOME VISITS

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ADVANTAGES School will profit. Inconveniences Parents won't not have the cash to pay the fine. $25 FINE

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ADVANTAGES Parents will know about their youngster being late to class DISADVANTAGES Parents won't not be home. They won't not have a voice-mail Phone numbers won't not be exact CALL HOME

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ADVANTAGES If kids miss their transport, they can take a late transport to class. Impediments Costs the locale cash. LATE BUS

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According to class records, children are generally late to class somewhere around 8:00am and 8:30am. The school ought to begin a thirty minutes after the fact at 8:30am and end 30 minutes after the fact at 3:05pm We took a study, and children might want to start school at 8:30am and end school at 3:05pm. A few understudies even come as late as 9:00am and miss their whole first period class. CLASS POLICY

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According to the "National Sleeping Foundation", Sleep Deprivation has Serious Consequences. Powerlessness to learn, tune in, think and take care of issues. Prompt to forceful or wrong practices. It likewise makes you eat an excessive amount of or eat undesirable nourishments. Activity PLAN

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Changing School Time – 8:30 to 3:05 ACTION PLAN

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Community: Our people group is extraordinary. It has numerous societies. It has numerous Hispanics from Dominican Republic. It likewise has Africans, African Americans, Southeast Asians and Caucasians. School: Our school has numerous nationalities. We treat everybody similarly. We have two recreation centers, wellness focus, library, cafeteria, two PC labs and an assembly room. Group Profile

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How does lateness influence the group? Citizens!! Peers Court Teachers School Busses Nurse Detention Teacher Guidance Late Bus Clerks Breakfast & Lunch Program Administrators School Performance Summer School Parent/Guardian COMMUNITY