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Government Emergency Shelter Grant 2009 Grant Management Training

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Dept Housing & Community Development FESG Program Contacts  Dan Apodaca, FESG Program Manager ⁃ Amanda Lockwood, FESG Fiscal Officer ⁃ Angie Ogaz , HCD Rep II ⁃ Helene Hiromoto, HCD Rep II ⁃ Justin Jeremiah, HCD Rep II Your Team

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Major Items to be Covered  Standard Agreement (Std 213)  Financial Management  Reporting Requirements  Audits  Monitoring  Grant Management Compliance  Special Terms and Conditions  FESG Checklist  Key Documents

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Standard Agreement (Std 213) By Reference, the FESG Grant App is a piece of the Contract Face Sheet incorporates the Term Dates, Exhibits and Signatures  Exhibit A - Authority, Purpose & Scope of Work  Exhibit B - Budget Detail & Payment Provisions  Exhibit C - HCD General Terms & Conditions  Exhibit D - State of CA General Terms & Conditions  E xhibit E - Special Terms & Conditions

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Standard Agreement (Std 213) - Clauses  Standard Non-Discrimination Clause  Efforts to contract little, minority and ladies' business undertaking; and work surplus territory firms  Efforts to give work to lower salary inhabitants (HUD Section 3)

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Standard Agreement (Std 213) - Conditions Prior to charging costs to the FESG Grant  Contract must be endorsed & executed by the State  All unique conditions & confirmations must be met  Contractors must begin using stores on the affirmed extend inside 180 days from date of honor notice  One Advance (30 day progress or $5,000 whichever is more noteworthy) is reasonable inside 60 days of the Contract begin date

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Standard Agreement (Std 213) - Budget Major Budget Activities are:  Rehabilitation/Renovation ( RR )  Operations ( OPS )  Essential Services ( ES )  Homeless Prevention ( HP )  Supervisory Shelter Administration ( SSA )  Grant Administration ( GA )

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Standard Agreement (Std 213) - Budget  Before presenting your first PAR frame, confirm that the movement sums recorded are precise and reliable with Exhibit B, Page 1, of your Contract  Budget Sheets will be sent upon endorsement and execution of your agreement  All washes to spending plans bed covers require HCD Rep endorsement

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Standard Agreement (Std 213) - Budget Revisions Budget Revision Request Form is required for the accompanying exchanges: Contract Amendment  Change the Scope  Make aggregate exchanges between Major Budget Activities surpassing 10% of the aggregate concede sum  Contractor Name Change Budget Revision  Revise sums between Major Budget Activities of 10% or less Line Item Revision  Revise sums inside Budget line things under a similar Major Budget Activity  Note: Include Detailed Breakdown of Individual Staff Costs and Summary of Non-Staff Project Costs

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Standard Agreement (Std 213) - Advance of Funds  Advance ask for is DUE inside 60 days of the agreement begin date  State FESG controls take into consideration a progress of up to 30 days money needs or $5,000 whichever is more prominent  Use PAR shape to demand Advance  FESG Expenditure Detail Sheet, in support of your progress, is expected inside 30 days of the end of the propel period

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Financial Management  Grantee must keep up a budgetary bookkeeping framework that gives exact, present and finish revelation of monetary status of every give bolster action  Inform your HCD delegate if there are any administration, approved agent, financial contact or staffing changes  Fiscal contact is in charge of keeping up and presenting all FESG structures and reports

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Financial Management - Fiscal Files All steady contract and financial documentation must be kept up in document and made accessible at HCD's ask for Files ought to be:  Current  In Chronological Order/PAR #  Support Expenses that were repaid  Well sorted out

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Reporting Requirements  Program Activity Report (PAR)  Quarterly Reports Annual Performance Report  HUD Section 3 Report  Audits  Monitoring  Close-Out

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Reporting Requirements ⁃ Program Activity Reports (PARs)  Submit PARs no not as much as quarterly  Submit FESG Expenditure Detail sheets with every PAR  Costs must concur with your affirmed spending sheets, including staff/non-staff cost sheets  Allow 6-8 weeks for preparing

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Reporting Requirements ⁃ Program Activity Reports (PARs) Common Causes for Delays in Processing PARs  PARs not finished accurately  Ineligible costs asked for, cost points of interest are obscure, portrayal of cost is missing, dates or potentially charging periods are missing, work grouping not noted, and so forth  Un affirmed work arrangement is utilized  Costs charged to mistaken spending action  Mathematical blunders  N ot adjusting to closest dollar Unresolved issues

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Reporting Requirements ⁃ Quarterly Reporting Due 30 Days After the End of the Quarter Quarters are: Oct 1, 2009 thru Dec 31, 2009 Due: Jan 30, 2010 Jan 1, 2010 thru Mar 31, 2010 Due: Apr 30, 2010 Apr 1, 2010 thru Jun 30, 2010 Due: Jul 30, 2010 Jul 1, 2010 thru Sept 30, 2010 Due: Oct 30, 2010  Note: Late reports result in lower scores on future FESG Apps

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Reporting Requirements ⁃ Quarterly Reporting – S A M P L E

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Reporting Requirements ⁃ Other Reporting  Annual Performance Report-Reports FESG achievements on a yearly reason for each FESG contract  HUD Section 3 Report-Reports the "Monetary Opportunities for Low and Very Low-Income Persons alluded to as Section 3 occupants

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Audits Refer to the Grant Management Manual  Type of reviews, grantee obligations in selecting an evaluator and how to get ready for a review.  Noncompliance with review prerequisites will endanger FESG financing Federal Requirements:  Must be finished by an autonomous auditor  Required if grantee gets $500,000 or more in government help amid FY  P erformed every year

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Audits Authorities  Audit necessities are illustrated in OMB Circular A-133  Can get to OMB Circulars at  State Standard Agreement  Can get additional data in the FESG Grants Management Manual

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Monitoring ⁃ Site Monitoring Programs that are chosen to be observed depend on Risk Assessment Evaluations led by HCD Rep. Records and archives HCD will ask for:  Financial records (PARs)  Audit reports  Supporting project documentation  Personnel and customer documents  Physical site for wellbeing & security

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Monitoring ⁃ Desk Audit Process Programs that are chosen to be observed depend on Risk Assessment Evaluations directed by HCD Rep  Information asked for depends on the hazard appraisal  After survey, HCD gives a letter laying out discoveries with request for confirmation of restorative activity, if necessary  Grantee reacts to HCD's solicitations quickly with composed notification of remedial moves made  Note: Consequences for rebelliousness, can be no installment of assets, return of assets, refusal of future gifts or conceivable conclusion

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Monitoring ⁃ Site Monitoring/Corrective Action Process  HCD Rep will impart any issues, concerns or discoveries with Contractor.  HCD Rep will catch up in composing of any discoveries  Verification of restorative activity will be required  Note: Consequences for rebelliousness, can be no installment of assets, return of assets, dissent of future gifts or conceivable conclusion

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Close-Out ⁃ (Due by Oct 30th)  Certificate of Completion and Certification of Grantee (Original mark required)  Final PAR submitted inside 30 days after the agreement end date – recognized as "Last"  Final Quarterly Report  All Outstanding Program Reports  Note: Late submittal will influence future scoring

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Grant Management Compliance Program consistence may affect future Rating and Ranking.  Timely submittal of PAR, quarterly and yearly reports  Collect factual data and archives supporting results  Timely commitment of assets and consumptions  Consistency in monetary administration

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Special Terms and Conditions ⁃ Equal Opportunity Requirements  May not separate in regards to work  Provide open doors for preparing and work to lower-wage people (Section 3)  Formal strategy in regards to segregation  Record Retention is 6 years

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Special Terms and Conditions ⁃ Procurement  The Grant Management Manual has rules when buying and contracting for provisions, hardware and administrations gained in entire or to some degree with FESG reserves  The purpose of acquisition rules is to guarantee an open and focused process in meeting elected objectives

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Special Terms and Conditions ⁃ Procurement Grantee Responsibilities:  Establish a code of models or morals  Competitive offering  No copy or ineligible buys  Efforts to pull in little and minority-claimed organizations  Procedures to guarantee necessities are met  Must keep up total documents to report consistence with these prerequisites  Compliance with State Standard Agreement

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Special Terms and Conditions ⁃ Procurement Grantee must present a definite avocation of the requirement for gear/apparatuses when:  Local government Purchase of $5,000 or more with a valuable existence of more than one year  Nonprofit associations Purchase of $500 or more with a helpful existence of over one year  Note: HCD must pr