Get up and go II Progress and SLAC Future

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Get up and go II Progress and SLAC Future John Seeman for the PEP-II Team Particle and Particle-Astrophysics Directorate Stanford Linear Accelerator Center KEKB ARC Meeting December 4, 2007

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Topics Highlights of PEP-II Run 6. Primary exercises for Fall 2007 down Plan for PEP-II Run 7 in FY2008 Shut down arranging Brief SLAC Overview

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The PEP-II Team PEP-II MAC 1x10 34

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New Items for PEP-II in Run 6 Advances: Two new HER RF stations. New skew quad settle for IR2 LER x-y coupling found and actualized. Particular iridescence is higher. Quick dither IP criticism in and working (10 Hz). Vertical vibration in IR bolster tube damped with BaBar's offer assistance. Issues: Vacuum spill in HER IR Q4 chamber Damaged loops on IR Quadrupole Q2 HER flex-rib seals indicate releases More PG&E site wide AC control plunges than typical.

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HER Flex spine RF seal

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Example of a softened RF seal These GlidCop fingers are brazed onto the SS mounting plate Inside of ring

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Two-crevice model of a depression Omega seal left hole right hole Novokhatski

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New RF Seal Design: Installed 187 New Seals in Fall 2007 Same as the old plan yet omega fingers made out of silver plated Inconel. The whole SS plate is silver plated.

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HER HOM control Novokhatski

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LER HOM control in runs Novokhatski

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RF LER current points of confinement with new Pre-enhancers (Rivetta)

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Measurement of stage homeless people along pack prepare LER) tail head tail 7.3 m sec Streak camera picture (Cheng)

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200ns flat scale Near the cluster prepare crevice, 1722 bundles with 24 groups hole ~ 50ps  8.6 deg 4.2ns

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Beam Aborts Statistics

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Beam Aborts

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IP Characterization Use BaBar's following determination and prime scene for measuring essential parameters at the IP Three examinations every measuring e y , b * y dLumi/dz vertexing e + e - and m + m - occasions s yLumi (z) m + m - occasions s y'Lumi (z) m + m - occasions e-pillar (determination) Production vertices (x,y,z ~ 30 m) Boost directions ( q ~ 0.6 mrad) e+ bar

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BaBar IP estimations reported online Luminous Region centroids { x, y, z} sizes { x, z } like clockwork tilts { dx/dz, dy/dz } dL/dz fit { S z , b * y , z w , z c } each ~hour Boost Trajectory mean { x', y' } at regular intervals spread { x' HER , y' HER } at regular intervals }

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s z , H L Bunch Length Extraction from d L/dz Fits D V RF b y * = 13mm S z (mm) DS z 2 = 10.3 mm 2 ± 0.4 mm 2 10.9 mm 10.4 mm 10.8 mm ± 0.2 mm ± 0.2 mm BaBar Run

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IP Beta Function Measurements (BaBar) d L/dz s y L PEP stage propel b 2 s y' B

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New Skew Magnets to Improve LER Vertical Emittance ��  10 to half pick up at altered streams Physicist outline (F-J. Decker)

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HER emittance on July 18 (red), 2007

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LER emittance in July, 2007

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Record top particular radiance acquired in 2007 in the wake of diminishing LER coupling for lower Y emittance Managed to get a pinnacle particular glow (as appeared on red) with a lower LER current. 28-aug 9:00am, peplog

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Specific Luminosity in PEP-II By-2 (By-4)

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Run 6 nos. 11.69 2650x1900 311 858

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August 2007 was our Best month New month and 30 day records

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A glance at the course of events of BaBar information accumulation versus material science yield From BaBar There are more than 200 progressing investigations of BaBar information. More than 317 papers distributed & submitted for production.

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PEP-II Parameter Goals have not changed! 4 times plan 7 times outline

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Fall 2007 Down Activities (September 4-December 3) Finished LER BPM substitution. Included 5 HER Arc HOM cries. Included 12 LER IR2 HOM howls. Supplanted 187 HER Arc flex-rib RF "Omega Seals". Introduced two new LER Q5 chambers in IR2. Introduced repaired HER Q4L chamber.

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Interaction Region Layout Summer 2007 shutdown work BaBar locator LER Frang. Connect changed HER Frang. Interface supplanted LER Q5L supplanted LER HER LER Frang Link supplanted HER Q4L repaired LER Q5R supplanted

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Side perspective of BaBar Q2 magnet

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HER Q4L chamber Installed new, bigger opening, Al chamber amid 2006 down Flexflange weld fizzled April 2007, brief repair with Vacseal Removed Al chamber and reinstalled old StSt chamber while Al chamber repaired Flexflange supplanted with settled rib New Al chamber Old StSt chamber

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HOM retaining cries Components Welded Bellows Restraint OFE Cu Prong Body Ceralloy Tile Glidcop Stub SST Water Jacket Cover SST Prong Support J-Seal Glidcop RF Fingers Inconel Spring Fingers

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HOM engrossing roars Novokhatski Weathersby Kurita Reeck Metcalfe In IR 2 we are supplanting 5 howls segments in the upstream LER and HER and 7 units in the downstream LER with roars modules that contain HOM engrossing tiles. We would like to lessen the HOM control here Absorbing tiles

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General Overall Plan for Run 7 (Dec 2007-Sept 2008) Start the linac and PEP-II on December 7. Go through the occasions. Accomplish more machine studies (MD) right on time to expand radiance toward the start of the run. Locate the ideal radiance condition by early spring. Go through September 30 with best relentless state conditions.

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PEP-II Shut Down PEP-II will quit creating information for BaBar on September 30, 2008, around ten months from now. Liveliness II and BaBar will then move quickly into a "Negligible Maintenance State (MMS)" which takes a little more than a year. In the medium time span, PEP-II will be at this MMS with some exertion going into passage upkeep, wellbeing lighting, electrical security and mechanical security. Profitable things will be saved. For long haul, D&D of PEP-II is being concentrated on. A DOE audit was held August 6-7, 2007.

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SLAC Future Options Ongoing projects: ILC, PEP-II, SPEAR-3, ATLAS, LARP, Astrophysics, EXO-200 Near term ventures: LCLS Possible future tasks: LSST, SNAP, ATLAS updates, LCLS overhauls, PEP-LS, LHC redesigns, High Gradient program, EXO2000, Super-B, … SLAC has begun a long range arranging exercise taking a gander at these future activities. Concentrate on not completed yet.

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Super-B Factory Design SLAC is contributing unobtrusively to the outline exertion for a Super-B Factory. Created a Design Report in Spring 2007 (SLAC Report R-856). The objective is a consider of 100 increment glow over PEP-II. Utilizes "ILC-like" damping rings with little emittances, crab-midriff at the IP, and littler bar streams to spare power. Supporting unassumingly the exertion of INFN in Italy driving towards a Super-B quickening agent and finder to be worked close Rome. SLAC could consider contributing in-kind quickening agent and locator segments after September 2008 when PEP-II and BaBar are killed. Maybe beginning in FY2011.

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LCLS Progress Injector introduced Spring 2007. Injector and first group compressor effectively tried by August 2007. Pillar accomplished 15 GeV. Second pack compressor introduced Fall 2007. New compressor will be tried January 2008. Downstream LCLS with undulator to be introduced spring-Fall 2008 and authorized in December 2008. In the first place clients in Summer 2009. Full arrangement of clients in Spring 2010.

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PEP-II Conclusions PEP-II quickening agent in Run 6 was more troublesome than arranged yet the run finished well. Execution of the Fall 2007 close down went well. Updates towards ~2  10 34 are finished with the point of 250 fb - 1 more to 750 fb - 1 add up to. The iridescence will be sloped as quick as would be prudent in Run 7. Kick II will coordinate however much glow as could reasonably be expected. Get up and go II will kill September 30, 2008.