Geologic Web Services: Planning and Design

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Geologic Web Services: Planning and Design Sheena K. Beaverson

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Introduction Existing ISGS Map Services Project Planning Navigation Strategies Technical Nuts and Bolts Current Needs and Future Projects

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Introduction AXL Design Christopher McGarry MXD Design Antigone Dixon-Warren Steven Gustison Christopher Korose Database Design Alison Lecouris (Oracle) Danial Nelson (ArcSDE) Beta Testing – numerous venture members, administration

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Geologic Web Services Existing Map Services

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Introduction Illinois Digital Orthophoto quarter Quadrangles File seeing and download Released on-line June, 2001 ArcIMS 3.0 .axl document calling various picture indexes Geography Network Challenge 3 rd Place Winner Access to more than 4,100 information records Data documents contained inside .compress record groups

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Existing Map Services Illinois Historic Aerial Photographs File seeing and download Released on-line September, 2003 ArcIMS 4.0, relocated to ArcIMS 4.0.1 .axl document calling one picture list (base symbolism) Access to more than 8,100 information records (25 districts) Additional 20 areas to be included Imagery in MrSID arrange

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Existing Map Services Illinois Oil and Gas Resources Released on-line February, 2004 ArcIMS 4.0.1 and ArcMapServer 4.0.1 .mxd record calling shapefiles, Arc/Info inclusions, ArcSDE information layers Access to more than 180,000 wells in Illinois Oracle information focuses Over 83,000 well records investigated and overhauled

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Existing Map Services Illinois Natural Gamma Ray Logs To be discharged on-line June, 2004 ArcIMS 4.0.1 and ArcMapServer 4.0.1 .mxd document calling shapefiles Access to around 350 individual logs

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Existing Map Services Illinois Water Wells To be discharged on-line June, 2004 ArcIMS 4.0.1 and ArcMapServer 4.0.1 .mxd document calling ArcSDE information layers Access to more than 277,600 wells in Illinois Oracle information focuses No audit of well records included

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Existing Map Services ISGS-IDOT Extranet Not discharged openly ArcIMS 4.0.1 and ArcMapServer 4.0.1 on PC Custom applications drive reporting of Preliminary Envronmental Site Assessments (PESAs) MIDCARB – Midcontinent Interactive Digital Carbon Atlas and Relational dataBase Multi-state outline served from Kansas

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Geologic Web Services Project Planning

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Project Planning Data accumulation and appraisal Assemble information layers and evaluate information organize Modify information layers as needs be (move into SDE?) Construct information sub-sets by means of inquiry, distinguish table joins, include qualities for hyperlink field Gather data on cartographic show Existing paper maps, image sets, credit data Identify criteria to address secret information guides Identify criteria toward address country security concerns

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Project Planning Educate mapping group about contrasts between paper maps and cartographic maps Scale dependant rendering Limited survey zone Screen land Identify target crowd General open, K-12 understudies, undergrads Field specialists, drillers, investigation geologists Internal staff or between office group (private information), screen extents, quick web associations Internet, Intranet, Extranet

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Project Planning Identify changes to format delineate Are programming redesigns required? Have information stockpiling schedules changed fundamentally? Are new base information layers now accessible? Have hazards risen in unique guide benefit that can be promptly tended to? Start of another venture conveys the enticement to redesign existing guide administrations. Do whatever it takes not to be enticed by the dull side!

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Project Planning Meet with venture staff to decide: Must-have information layers Possible extra information layers Data show arrange – 'the information stack' This is an iterative procedure Avoid 'imagine a scenario where I need… " allurements Can include extra information layers in the twofold digits run Goal: manage web guests to information rapidly and sensibly

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Project Planning .mxd or .axl improvement Phase I Add new base information, re-outline show parameters Add extend particular information layers Review information stack concerning rising cartographic issues and complexities in symbology Also an iterative procedure Modifications to unique arrangement by Technical staff Preliminary criticism from mapping group

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Project Planning .mxd or .axl advancement Phase II Program extend particular customizations ArcIMSparam.js document clusters Data field property show set and field associating Enable hyperlink layers Customized information layer naming and included images Customize html outlines for website page show Resist the enticement to start Phase II programming until after the information stack is settled Gives the impression of being "done" very soon

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Project Planning Phase I Beta testing, content evaluation Solicit remarks from your mapping group on any element of the guide administration and web show. Text style choice, estimate, show Display and communication of information layers Data characteristic naming and request Appropriateness of scale dependant information layer show Completeness and ease of use of general interface This is an ideal opportunity to get nit-demanding! Have 'everything and kitchen sink' driving forces won out? Will our gathering of people appreciate the story being exhibited?

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Project Planning Complete modifications from Phase I Beta testing Phase II Beta testing, investigating Solicit remarks from your mapping group Have article focuses been tended to? Have we made new issues therefore? Did we miss anything huge in Phase I? Request contribution from guide benefit engineers you know If the catches and route don't sound good to them, by what method will a more extensive gathering of people have the capacity to utilize the guide?

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Project Planning Development of bolster assets Metadata for information layers and guide benefit itself Web pages to supply extend data Web page manual for intuitive guide parts Review of all web assets by article staff Promote On-line discharge Navigation How-To presentations to target gatherings of people

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Geologic Web Services Navigation Strategies

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Navigation Strategies Keep it straightforward Web clients are acquainted with program instruments Web clients are new to GIS devices Using ESRI apparatus GIFs helps all intelligent guide engineers teach new clients Complex information stacks can get confounding ArcIMS to ArcMapServer to ArcSDE is another setup Limit web route to guide benefit through one point

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Geologic Web Services Technical Nuts and Bolts

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Technical Nuts and Bolts Production Server and Developmental Server ArcIMS 4.0.1 UNIX machine, SunOS 5.8 ArcMapServer 4.0.1 on PC IDOT Extranet, other Developmental Servers ArcIMS 4.0.1 on PC likewise with ArcMapServer 4.0.1

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Technical Nuts and Bolts Natural Gamma-Ray Logs Map Service First guide benefit composed on PC and ported to UNIX Naming tradition errors ArcIMSparam.js versus arcimsparam.js File content errors selFieldList: #ID# and #SHAPE# versus #Id# and #Shape#

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Technical Nuts and Bolts Fix for ArcMapServer picture naming issue after effective production of guide administration with .mxd in head and site creation explore to the "javascript" catalog alter the javascript textfile "aimsXML.js: a) discover "function getURL" and "function getLegendURL". b) straightforwardly over the line "return theURL;" include the code:/* ISGS ArcMap Server settle included here theURL = theURL.toLowerCase();/* end alter

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The entire getURL capacities ought to resemble:/get URL work getURL(theReply) { var theURL = ""; var startpos = 0; var endpos = 0; var pos = theReply.indexOf("OUTPUT"); if (pos != - 1) { theURL = getInsideString(theReply,'url="',dQuote,pos,0,false); } legendImage = getLegendURL(theReply); //* ISGS ArcMap Server settle included here theURL = theURL.toLowerCase(); //* end settle return theURL; }/getLegendURL

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Technical Nuts and Bolts Customizing the Toolbar Frame yield Show one instrument for each line Insert table cell with apparatus portrayal Re-arrange device determination Insert clear table cells for legitimate dividing

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Technical Nuts and Bolts if (parent.MapFrame.useZoomIn) {/Zoom In . . . requires aimsNavigation.js document.write('<td align="center" valign="middle">'); document.write('<img src="images/zoomin_1.gif" width=16 height=16 hspace=1 vspace=0 border=0 alt=" " + t.buttonList[16] + '" name="zoomin" onmousedown="parent.MapFrame.clickFunction(\'zoomin\'); setToolPic(\'Zoom In\');" onmouseover="window.status=\' " + t.buttonList[16] + '\'">');/isSecond = !isSecond; document.writeln('</td><td><FONT FACE="Arial" SIZE="- 1">Zoom In</FONT></td>'); if (isSecond) document.write('</tr><tr>'); }

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Technical Nuts and Bolts Be watchful when remarking out the useSelect 'Select by Polygon' sub-routine Gif swapping between plain device and device sketched out in red can be broken Order for redoing the Toolbar Frame Add line remarks, instrument per line changes Save completed record as a layout Customize apparatus arrange Check regularly! Spare completed document as a 2 nd layout

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Technical Nuts and Bolts if (parent.MapFrame.useSelect) {/Graphic Selection apparatuses . . . requires aimsSelect.js document.write('<td align="center" valign="middle">'); document.write('<img src="images/select_rect_1.gif" width=16 height=16 hspace=1 vspace=1 border=0 alt=" " + t.buttonLis