Genesis and Evolution of the Female Figure in the Popol Vuh

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Beginning and Evolution of the Female Figure in the Popol Vuh by Dora Luz Cobi á n, Ph.D.

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POPOL VUH: Book of Counsel Is the "Book of scriptures" of the Maya-Quiche individuals of Guatemala. Creation Speaks of the formation of the Cavec individuals of Guatemala, from the earliest starting point of time to + 1558 amid the Spanish victory of the Maya-quiche individuals. Myths Portrays the myths and legends Of their Gods & Goddesses. History It is a record Of their social advancement, monetary improvement, and chronicled occasions (festivities and wars).

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Premise: of Genesis and Evolution of the Female Figure Women assume an essential part in Maya-quiche society. One a large portion of the content depicts ladies in their places of force. The improvement of Maya-quiche society is depicted nearby the general public's monetary improvement creation, cultivation, early agribusiness, propelled farming, overabundance generation, aggregation of riches, success. The part and force of ladies in Maya-quiche society has a plummeting impact in the general public displayed in the Popol Vuh. This is appeared in the sort of society and the heredity lines. Matriarchy/Matrilineal… Patriarchy/Patrilineal The terminology of the ladies portrays their capacity and status in Maya-Quiche society.

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Genealogical Tree of the Cavec Family Creation Ixmucane Ixpiyacoc | Gathering Xibalba Vucub-Hunahpu Hun-Hunahpu Ixbaquiyalo* Vucub-Caquix Chimalmat Deity { | | | Horticulture Ixquic ** Humbatz Huenchoen Zipacna Cabracan | Incipient Hunahpu Ixbalanque Agriculture First 4 men and their "ladies" Advance | Agriculture | |¯¯¯| Excess Times of the "maids" Production |¯¯¯| |¯¯¯| Accumulation Times of the "little girls and sisters" of Wealth Conquest Women are no longer said in content *Ixbaquiyalo is a piece of Ixmucane's Klan **Ixquic is a piece of the Klan of Xibalba Note: The even request of the characters implies that they lived in the same era.

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Diagonal Descent of the Power of Women in the Society of the Popol Vuh Creation Ixmucane Matriarchy Gathering Ixmucane Ixbaquiyalo Matrilineal Matriarchy Horticulture Ixmucane Patrilineal Matriarchy Ixquic Incipient Agriculture Ixbalanque & Hunahpu Transition to Patriarchy Advanced Agriculture First human men Patriarchy in influence Excess Production Agreeable & Desirable Male relatives Patrilineal Patriarchy Accumulation of Wealth Sisters and daughters Male ancestry proceeds

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Theoretical Analysis a Feminist Perspective The exchange of the specified calculates this work licenses us to see the dynamic relationship that exists between the diverse characters inside the story. Applying to the investigation of the Popol Vuh the hypothetical components that are a piece of women's activist feedback I have figured out how to follow a realistic outline that grants us to put all together a progression of conclusions that are the aftereffect of the utilization of such model. Solidly the model has exhibited that: Within the Maya-Quiche society introduced in the Popol Vuh , the lady assumed an essential part particularly in the underlying phases of the improvement of the quiche human advancement. This perspective has been constantly disregarded by the pundits;

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The status of the lady endured a dropping direction that took the lady from a place of goddess to one of business protest. This plummet is all the more unmistakably represented by the loss of rank of the capacities that she satisfied in various minutes, in view of the loss of force as a pioneer in the public arena, and in light of the loss of the significance of her capacity as procreator; The plunge of the status of lady is not just firmly connected to the financial improvement of the Maya-Quiche country additionally, it is the consequence of significant changes in the financial structures that created the going from an aggregate society to a class structure, and from the organization together between ladies to a situation of contention and absence of solidarity among them;

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The female figure possesses a focal place in the distinguishing proof of the diverse social structures experienced by the Maya-Quiche society. It is for instance connected to the change from matrilineal matriarchy to patrilineal matriarchy and, at long last to patrilineal patriarchy; Contrary to what commentators hold, Ixbalanqué should be comprehended as a female character, a reality of essential significance for the comprehension of the content, of the economy of the quiche-maya society and of the advancement of the female figure, in itself. On the off chance that this elucidation is not acknowledged as to the sexual orientation of Ixbalanqué one must come to acknowledge a grave irregularity inside the content as in she is a piece of the generational line of the female figure in the Popol Vuh .

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If Ixbalanqué is a male character it implies that there exists in the story and in history a break and a crevice that would be gave a false representation of by a large number of literary variables, among them the imagery connected with her name and capacity. The terminology, purpose of takeoff and vertebral section of this work, is the component that best delineates and clarifies the part of the female characters inside the story and the direction that they took after to the end of their plummet.

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